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A look at the latest trends in digital marketing so far in 2016: including Google search updates, more organic social media advertising, AMP and Google ads changes. One of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, said nothing is certain except “death and taxes”.
Take, for instance, the advances in social media and Facebook’s plans to take on search heavyweights, such as Google.
The undisputed leader in search engines, Google, causes marketers worldwide to hold their breath every time they announce a major update to their algorithms. A ‘significant’ update was detected early in January by search monitoring organisations such as Searchmetrics.
It’s widely predicted that a major update could appear sometime in the first quarter of 2016. In all likelihood, poor quality backlinks will be the target along with the old perennial – content.
Some 2 billion people are active worldwide in social media, so it’s an unquestionably huge opportunity that digital marketers are embracing wholeheartedly.
Social media advertising has become very sophisticated very quickly; sponsored posts on Facebook and promoted tweets on Twitter look much like organic content and are rapidly taking the place of the ‘old school’ banner ads. Spending on social media advertising hit $24 billion worldwide in 2015 – impressive, especially when a few short years ago it was zero. Search on Google and you’ll notice no ads appear on the right-hand side as previously, yet more paid ads appear at the top and the bottom with the organic searches in between in what has been described as an “ad sandwich”.
This clearly benefits larger advertisers with the higher ad spends who can afford to occupy the top places.

One of Google’s priorities is to improve the web experience for mobile users as discussed above. By using a ‘stripped down’ version of page design HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), and a version of JavaScript provided by Google, these ‘lightweight’ pages load far quicker; the emphasis is purely on readability and speed. To help fast loading further, Google caches pages so they’re effectively hosted by the search engine giant and don’t need to be ‘fetched’. AMP is, along with Google’s desire to respond to the fact more than half of all Internet users access the Internet on their mobiles, a key step in meeting the challenge of similar initiatives such as Facebook’s Instant Articles.
Web developers will be able to create AMP pages but there are strict guidelines to follow – particularly in the use of HTML. Bearing in mind we’re in the first months of 2016, there’s already been plenty of key digital marketing developments as discussed above. On the horizon, Facebook’s possible entry into the search engine arena could see an exciting convergence of social media and Internet search.
In SEO companies it’s very important for them to purchase the tools because they have to be accurate in their work. You can track the competitive keywords, back link reports, scheduled monitoring, look up organic, check for broken links and all competitive research we can find from these competitive analysis tools. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
Then there’s the relentless march of mobile Internet use and ongoing changes to search engine algorithms. But major updates, such as that of last year when targeting websites that weren’t especially mobile friendly, are the ones that gain headline news in digital marketing circles.
And, while not considered a major revision, Google did confirm that it was a “core algo [algorithm] update” concerning content.
Google wants content of an ever-higher quality and relevancy to searchers, especially as they square up to competition from Facebook and other social media.
There again, some say it is a natural consequence of mobile Internet use rising and a streamlining of the interface. These pages are presently labelled when they appear in search results and a lightning bolt logo is used to identify them.
Looking ahead there’s likely to be much more with, for example, social media rapidly maturing and growing. For this reason, businesses should ensure that they plan on how they can implement new social marketing strategies.

SEO tools will help you in finding the rank of your website in the search engine result, finding the reasons for getting your website down, keyword research, Titles selection ideas and all other things you can easily get with the marketing tools. Paid tools have some additional features like download facility, historical features, hourly stat refresh, and PDF report downloads. If you want to learn the complete details about the SEO you can join any SEO company or institute like page one engine for getting the complete detail about that and you can promote your  own websites.
These are some of the key drivers that make involvement in digital marketing a never-ending bid to keep up to date. They should make plans for their future by learning from their past mistakes in this New Year by following a few simple tips.Tips on how to implement new social media marketing strategiesReview their activities in the past year- businesses should examine their past when they want to strategize their marketing plan. Free tools have some limits in a period of time, but for paid tool we can make use of them at any point of time. They should try to find out the reasons behind their poor performance or the failure of their social media marketing by analyzing their activities for the past year.
In free tools some time there is a chance of getting a wrong result for our query, but in paid tools they are accurate. Businesses should therefore involve many people in order to understand all the social media marketing dimensions.Businesses should only set out targets for the New Year by planning properly and engaging the services of experts.
They should have a proper strategy by using all means even if requires them to reach out to their clients or customers. Targets that are achievable within a short time are a better option for them and hence, they should set out such.Using personal presence to humanize social media- Marketers and companies usually make many mistakes such as that of using Twitter or Facebook to run their campaigns without considering the importance of the human touch when using social media to market themselves. For this reason, since people need to feel that their interaction is with a person who has a human touch and not software or an autopilot program when they visit Twitter and Facebook, they must create their personal brands of these websites. Hence, they should make people to feel that they are listening to them by building personalities.The exploration of all local social and targeted social networks- Businesses get ideas about the current happenings in their surroundings through social networks in their localities, towns or cities.
For this reason, they should try to find the best ones in their niche.The most important social media marketing aspectBusinesses need to combine online and offline advertising because their combination is the most important social media marketing aspect. Guest PostGreg Michael is a known blogging expert and internet marketer for the longest time.

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