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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Every year, the A’s have among the best TV commercials in baseball – last year’s spots won an industry award for the best TV sports ads, all sports included – and we just got a quick look at some of this year’s commercials. My favorite, though, might be Brandon McCarthy and Kurt Suzuki doing everything together – the bond between starter and catcher is very important – and winding up in couples therapy.

Hub Strategy CEO DJ O’Neill directed the spots, and he said that Coco Crisp is the A’s best actor, a real natural, and that Braden should go into stand-up comedy (I think we’d all agree). He also noted bench coach Chip Hale’s resemblance to “a young Bruce Willis,” and that’s a strong call. Today there’s a promotion to find the hidden leprechaun on the team website, for instance, and there will be a Mustache Madness bracket leading up to the Fingers Bobblehead day.

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