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In an age when we can download lightsaber sounds in a single click, ita€™s easy to forget their origins. Perhaps the largest lesson learned from the Star Wars sound team is that two sounds are often better than one. Sure, YouTube and junior high cafeterias are ablaze with screaming impressions of everyonea€™s favorite Wookie.
This same mixing technique is, of course, responsible for the origin of the lightsaber whoosh as well. However, the sounds alone needed something more: the buzz of electronic feedback that Burtt recorded from the back of an old television set. To make the light swords whoosh as they were swung in battle, Burtt simply ran this hum through a speaker and swung a microphone by ita€”creating a Doppler effect as the microphone recorded the track while passing back and forth. Or, of course, you can let others do the work and just download the results royalty-free from our library. The example I'm going to use is a very quick and simple effect featuring a person turning on and waving a lightsaber.
Scrub through the timeline and find a good frame near the start to match the beam to the stick.
In the Effects Controls panel, adjust the Starting Thickness and Ending Thickness until the beam takes the correct shape. Click the Outside Color selector and choose a more saturated color for the outside of the beam.

Hit your keyboard Page Down key a few times to move the composition forward a few frames (until the stick moves a little). Click the Starting Point button in the Effects Control Panel and move the beam's starting point to the new position. Vary the start and end widths of the beam as it is pointed towards or away from the camera. In combat scenes you should try to add flares or sparks when lightsabers contact each other. However, therea€™s a lot we modern sound mixers can learn from the 1970a€™s practical sound effectsa€”and game-changing remixing techniquesa€”of the original Star Wars saga. However, nothing quite measures up to the real thinga€”which, in the Trilogya€™s case, is not a single human impression, but a mixture of bear, walrus, dog, and lion roars mixed together by original sound designer Ben Burtt. Quite similarly, they were created by layering varying tracks over top of a standard elephant call. Creative mixing can turn even the most ordinary sounds into effects so original and successful theya€™re still being mimicked thirty years later. It might save you from having to explain to the police why youa€™re smashing someonea€™s radio tower with a hammer.
There are a couple of different ways to do this but the best results involve setting regular keyframes for the start and end points of the beam. It's the wrong color and size so we need to use the Effects Control panel to adjust the beam's properties.

Crosshairs appear in the Composition panel — click the base of the stick to make this the starting point of the beam. In the same way that we set the start and end points above, we need to do this every few frames as the lightsaber moves. To do this, drag the in-point of the beam layer to the point where you want the effect to begin. We are passionate about providing amazing resources, inspirations for web designers and developers. With only minor adjustments you can make a convincing lightsaber in whatever color and size you like.
For fast action and smooth movement you will probably want keyframes at least every few frames — often every single frame. Set both the start and end points of the beam at the base of the stick, then create a few keyframes with the beam steadily extending.

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