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When a company pays for a spot on a local television program or in the local newspaper, the advertisement will only last for as long as you have funded it.
Contact us for more information on how we can help you get more leads and more sales for your business. The Link Wheel strategy is a very powerful link building concept because it tries to imitate the natural internet pattern and search engines always love natural link building. I just don’t know where to start…don’t they have Search Engine Companies that do this for you? But YOU, as the owner or marketer of your Construction Business, has the power to generate the most powerful inbound links to your Contractor Website!Websites that are of Relevance, Quality and are Trusted are the most beneficial websites to link to your website.
Here are a few websites that you should consider having inbound links to your contractor website by updating your profile or asking the website administrator to update it for you.
A sure-fire way to achieve and maintain high rankings in Google and other search engines is via Link Building. In the current age of Google choosing the wrong link building company and going down the 'cheap path' could see your website disppear from Google altogether, settings you back years.
Our team’s expertise can ensure an effective link building strategy to help to get to the top of the list. The graphic below represents a good example of various avenues to be considered in an effective link strategy. Because search engines look at how many links point to your site to rank you, the more the higher up your site is. Sites that may be credible today could enter into blackhatSEO at a later stage, and if their sites are hit by a Google update, that could pass along a negative value to your site.
Directories –Although these tend to be a smaller number these days due to Google heavily targetting these.
Many SEOs and website owners take a hasty approach to being penalised, and remove all links by using the Google disavow tool.
Step 1 – We collecting all available data of backlinks pointing to the website from Google Webmaster Tools and other resources.
Step 3 – With any bad links found, we send a request to the website administrator of that website to remove the backlinks.

Step 4 – Where we are unable to delete any bad links pointing to the website, we write a report for Google and disavow through the Google disavow tool. Step 5 – After completing all of the above steps, we will request Google to reconsider the website.
If you've noticed a decline in your Google rankings and traffic in the past 1-2 years, you've likely been bit by a Google Penalty.
There are loads of aspects that come in conjunction with advertising a business, and some of the biggest sometimes get lost in the shuffle. There are lots of strategies to promoting a business, but some of these aspects have been overlooked with the rise of other marketing fads. 90 percent of traffic received from Google comes from the first page so it is important to understand this strategy. For example, a salon may strive to establish backlinks from modeling and photography pages to draw in clients.
On the other hand, upon getting a backlink on a page, it is there to remain unless the page owner manually goes in and gets rid of it. You should always be focused on all facets, including link building, so you can keep the site essential. Over 90 percent of online traffic coming from Google is motivated by the first page of results.
A bait and tackle shop, for instance, would probably work towards having backlinks from professional fishermen or others inside their industry. Instead of concentrating on one aspect, make sure you encompass link building and other great marketing elements to draw targeted traffic to your site. This is one of the best ways of building links in the most natural way and Google will love your website just for that. Rather than getting links from unrelated websites and dubious sources, link wheel tries to get their links from related niches on the internet.
This is based on budget, types of content available to us to use, and the types of content that match the industry. Google is constantly focussing on different methods used that they feel may be for SEO only, and things like articles, guest blogging and press releases don’t have the value they once did (and can hurt you) if the right kind are not utilised.

Link building gets top quality backlinks that lead to your website making it an important element of search engine optimization. Meaning getting on that first page is vital, and the the easy way do that is through optimization measures such as link building. This equates to targeted people being shown these links, and having the right people come to your website is half the battle. Yes, more and newer backlinks are very important, but the first backlink to your site will probably remain there. Where there are no borders – no limits – and where the possibilities go beyond your imagination. Link wheel is certainly the most powerful way of making use of the power of multiplication to build links for your website.
A site might have a high number of quality backlinks, and removing all links, removes both good and bad links. When search engines see more quality backlinks going to your site, they recognize that you are operating a quality site. As Google sees more quality links going to your web pages, it will notice that you are running a quality site. The Link Wheel strategy doesn’t provide the highest PR links however it does provide a large number of hugely relevant high quality links from different root domains.
Previously, network websites were created in an effort to boost the ranking of particular websites but the problem with such websites were that they easily raised the suspicion because it looked very artificial as they did not follow any link wheel pattern but all of them just pointed to one website they targeted.
Google's Penguin updates mean the wrong link building strategy can cause significant damage to your website.
Although newer links increase search engine optimization, even links on older pages help your SEO. This is how you move up in the rankings, and consequently, it will definitely boost exposure.

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