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A recent survey of nearly 2,000 B2B marketers found that LinkedIn is the most valuable marketing channel — even better for getting leads and networking than Twitter and Facebook. Here is a screenshot of my Linkedin profile, which I am constantly tweaking for greater performance.
Apply for access to LinkedIn Publisher, which will allow you to post long form content and exponentially increase your audience size.
LinkedIn essentially created showcase pages for B2B marketers to generate better leads, segment inbound traffic, and create long-term relationships with prospects. For more advice on rocking your LinkedIn showcase page, check out this article from Social Media Today. You want to avoid direct sales pitching in your emails — rather, keep them low-key, but informative.
When new members join your group, send out a welcome email, let them know you’re there for assistance, and ask to add them to your professional network. LinkedIn ads appear as text and a photo along the sidebar or as plain text at the top of the page. You want the content of your ad to have a sense of urgency, be useful to readers, showcase a unique benefit, and explicitly detail the action you wish viewers to take. If you require further assistance with your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy, we’d love to help! Founder & President of Mod Girl Marketing, a digital marketing firm that utilizes inbound strategies to help modern companies grow and thrive! Modern marketers understand full well that they need a successful content marketing strategy for online lead generation. I constantly come across companies that look for groundbreaking, out-of the box marketing strategies to win over customers. There are close to 200 million business professionals active on LinkedIn Influence and that means potential business opportunities! Hubspot research shows that profiles that are complete and have a profile picture have more connections as compared to those which are incomplete because people assume incomplete profiles to be inactive. To boost success on LinkedIn, it is important to connect with people relevant to your business. Find the groups that people in your network are members of and invite them into your hosted groups.

It helps to join groups that talk directly about your industry and industry-specific professionals. With a good number of connections, it is the right time to create your Company Page on LinkedIn (interests, click on companies). It is easy to start a profile or company page on LinkedIn, but in order to see consistency, you need to have a plan and a content repository to ensure that you optimize results from LinkedIn without wasting time.
A good practice is to build a calendar and to pre-decide the posts at least a month in advance.
The content could be original content that you create, or content that you curate from third party sites.
We hope this post helps you understand how to leverage LinkedIn for your company and to rope in new business.
Join a few of these to post discussions, participate in relevant conversations and show off your business acumen. A good initial mode of contact is to reach out to someone to join your group or read your content.
Build rapport with group members by emailing about what’s happening in the community, common business pain points, and invitations to consultations or webinars. Not every conversation will convert into a sale, but the important thing is that you’re making the connection, providing value and flexing a bit of expertise that makes an impression that could lead to a future sale.
You’ve got 25 characters for the headline and 75 characters for the description, so make every letter count. Lead with a question or exciting headline, provide a brief description of your offering, and wrap with a clear call-to-action.
Contact Mod Girl Marketing for a prompt response to your biggest digital marketing queries. We lend valuable expertise for businesses looking to bolster their brand’s presence in-house. Mostly, large and established brands rely on television while some companies feel that print gives them a wider reach. LinkedIn can also be an excellent tool to direct and qualify leads to build sales pipelines. Start a conversation with an introduction that expresses interest in a persona€™s role within a business.

Marketing firms, including Mod Girl’s team of digital marketers , use the following strategies to get the most bang for client buck out of their LinkedIn B2B marketing efforts. Share lessons learned in the field, comment on upcoming legislation or current news stories pertaining to your industry, write about industry trends or changes, and offer advice. A showcase page is a little different than your profile, as it: offers a larger hero image, provides a two-column newspaper format to highlight your content, and centers focus on your homepage link. We offer one-on-one consultations, as well as fully implemented marketing plans, depending on your need. Contact me to learn how Mod Girl can help your company increase revenues through strategic digital marketing.
Download my free eBook and check out my blog for the most up-to-date marketing advice. However, with increased penetration and presence of relevant target groups, B2B companies of all sizes are experiencing a great deal of success on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. According to Fast Company, you should consider the upgrade if you’re looking to expand your business network, land a job, recruit talent, or conduct sales. You can text several variations of each ad to see what drives the most click-throughs and leads. Our professionals have over a decade of experience working with B2B platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, not to mention a proven track record of improving search visibility and sales conversions.
When time is an issue, we provide full-service consulting, social media management, content creation, SEO, online advertising, Wordpress services and more.
Focus on the center column, which lets you filter your search by location, connection level, current and past companies, industry, school, and nonprofit interests. Contact me directly to discuss how Mod Girl Marketing can transform your business presence online.

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