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This was me last week because someone made a flip, passive aggressive comment about how "our office should be more diverse because the moms had to pick up kids."I went in. I was talking with my mom this weekend about women's issues in the workplace, and she told me how when me and my siblings were young she was passed over for a promotion and told by an upper level executive that they couldn't promote her because her husband would be upset that dinner wasn't on the table and her kids would be crying because they never saw her. I was passed over for the director of our unit recently and when my boss gave me feedback, he said he didn't think I'd be able to tell people in another unit what to do because I already had a positive working relationship with them.
I turned down my dream job because they point-blank asked if my husband was really willing to take on more of the childcare duties to accommodate me.
But it's just as ridiculous in the year 2016 to find a certain familiarity in these same concerns voiced by women.Global advertising agency network TBWA, whose clients include Apple, Gatorade, Disney, Adidas, McDonald's, and many more, enlisted 100 dudes in all its global offices, from all levels, specialties and backgrounds—including ad legends like Lee Clow, Jean- Marie Dru and John Hunt—to read actual quotes from their female peers.
She quit shortly after and cited that among her main reasons for quitting in her exit interview.
Well, it was sales, and it was for the paint and custom decor (window blinds, wallpapers, etc.) section of a home improvement store.

I was interviewed and asked various questions, including one in which the store manager called me out as being absolutely wrong but when he asked the department head who was co-interviewing me, the DH agreed with me. I interviewed with 12 different people over the course of my two days there, and none of them were women. My kid was home with a fever for 2 days and no one knew because my ass still showed up to work.2.
Because they don't is why this is still an issue and there's still a "Bro Code." We have "Run Like a Girl" instead.
I've yet in the two years I've dealt with these new assholes to miss A SINGLE late night meeting. She was all "Oh, I didn't know you'd be upset, I thought you'd brush it off and laugh at it." No. But they promoted a male from the customer service desk because "he shouldn't be working up front with all the women.

Because I have two kids and I bend over backwards for MOFOs who don't seem to appreciate shit.
He should be here in sales." Another time, I was walked to my car by the same manager, who told me that "as a woman, I just have to work twice as hard and I can't afford to make mistakes. My wife did it, and I'm sure you can too." Not when you're holding me back from even approaching that glass ceiling, asshole.
How is someone with hobbies gonna tell me that my kid doesn't get to participate in a hobby?

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