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These six groups of marketing resources cover the major components of what you need to know to build a foundation of online marketing knowledge and create solutions for marketing problems.
There are a variety of ways to access the information, from simply reading to links to blog, videos, and infographics.
There is some critical information in these lists, such as the way Google ranks a web site in its search engine algorithm. For the future-minded, there are sites that help you get started moving forward into marketing automation and link building. In short, you will be surprised at the treasure trove of information built into this resource list. An assortment of videos, blogs, and infographics are the highlights of this ultimate list, giving you easy to access information on how you can get better rankings locally with Google.
One of the recommendations in this list is to “Keep it short.” That is what this list does in its 37 suggestions. Tools, tips, and templates are three of the groupings for this list of email marketing resources. From respected Entrepreneur magazine, this short guide moves the reader along the path of successful email marketing in seven pointed steps.
Illustrated at the top of the page by a mind map graphic, the list of blog post ideas is divided into 8 sections.
One of the most noticeable things when scanning down this list is the presence of companies and networks who names have been struck through. This is a list of 25 categories of blogs that provide a link to a detailed list of specific blogs that accept guest posts.
IFTTT is an acronym for “IF This Then That.” An IFTTT Recipe is a two-part data statement consisting of a Trigger and an Action, which together make up the Ingredients. Here you will find an organized list of assembled content from various websites that provide tools to get the job done.
Whether you are speaking in person or constructing a web site, this resource gives you a list of 30 important ways to get seen and heard to promote your product or service.
As affiliate marketing is one of the quickest ways to turn a blog or website into a profitable endeavor, this resource is an alphabetic directory of information that links to some of the most popular programs, including Amazon Associates and Google Adsense.
This site gives you strong statistical reasons why you should incorporate automation in your marketing strategy. The creator of this list was frustrated that an organized and comprehensive list of content marketing tools could not be found. Any marketing strategy requires specific tactics, and this site list some of the best and most common ones that will greatly increase your chances of being helpful and relevant to your target market.
Moving forward from the older types of visual media creation, this site covers everything from Adobe products, to the creation of infographics, collages, vector imaging, and video screencasts.
Focusing in on content curation, this is a list of links to obvious sites such as Pinterest and Feedly but also includes some lesser known resources. Scheduling tools are not the first thing that come to mind when discussing social media marketing, but this web site offers basic instruction and ideas, as well as recommending some very useful tools. This web site is an infographic categorizing the various social media tools and calling itself “a social manager’s dream come true.” It not only tells you “what” the tools are used for, but “why” you should use them. The thinking behind this list is that since digital consumption is going mobile, digital marketing should be going in the same direction. For all your Tweeting needs, this site categorizes the most useful and popular Twitter tools.
Your link building guide is a great example of in-depth and well organized overview of one of the most important topics for search engine optimization professionals and online marketers. Some are much more in depth and detailed and others provide an overview of certain vertical markets.
So all my attention is going to Twitter as we have a niche celebrity client who is attempting to build a business on top of their reputation. It is great seeing that you found it easy to navigate the different sections, and find the information that you were looking for. This service will suit the needs of clients needing to attract advertisement on their website. A blog cannot exist without community: There should be repeat visitors who are looking forward to your articles, share, comment, give you feedback, etc.
It's a very common question: Can MyBlogU be used to collaborate on other types of content apart from text content. MyBlogU is a powerful blogger collaboration tool bringing you lots of niche exposure opportunities you may not have thought of otherwise.
Together we can stay inspired to achieve our dreams and our visions and impact the world with our business.
Content marketing lets you reach a wide audience, without throwing your products and services in their face. Cadogan and Hall are copywriters based in Adelaide, South Australia, specialising in copywriting, article and content marketing, website and online content writing, press releases, blogs and social media management.
If you're marketing a business online, you need good Content Marketing tips, tools and strategies to attract and build an audience.
Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. The current focus on multichannel and omnichannel strategies, highlights the need to prioritise investment on the relevant marketing channels for a company.
Deciding which channels to use for what purposes is a critical element of business strategy regardless of whether you're an Marketer in a B2B or B2C firm.

Customer research and journey mapping is key to identify which marketing channels to pursue.
Based on the commonly used definitions;A multichannelA is considered the use of more than one channel for transaction or delivery. Given the breadth of channel availability for marketing, it is not necessary to distinguish multichannel and omnichannel. In our experience here at Rakuten Attribution (formerly DC Storm), multichannel marketers tend to be focused on their digital marketing channels, which means that the picture is still not quite full enough to fairly attribute value across those online channels. Ultimately, it’s about awarding value to all of your marketing channels fairly based on their performance in the marketing mix. Have you come across a more detailed process for assessing and then modeling the likely ROI on a “new” channel (in this case B2C)? However, this fantastic article is very, very helpful and thanks for the info and Google Spreadsheet format, and also to everyone else’s further additions.
The list of SEO tools here provides you with keyword and link tools, plus also ranks each of the tools in terms of difficulty to learn and use.
Listing in a bulletin board format are all Google’s 200 criteria for search engine rankings. If you are looking for a great resource about link building strategies, this is the site to go to. There are also links to tools for your toolkit and uniquely, a list of people whose Twitter accounts you should follow that are an ongoing source of local SEO information. The best thing about this web site is that there are active and usable bookmarklets on the web page, because seeing something work is better than reading about it.
From creating an email, to how to sell in an email, to how to get the recipient to open the email, all the essential rules of making email a viable marketing tactic are here. But he has constructed a complete list on Pinterest that you can access by clicking on the link in the middle of the page. The experience range required to use the information ranges from beginner to high level expert.
Categorized by theme, broad concepts such as Be Generous or Be Controversial are then given specifics using examples to make the concepts clearer. These Ingredients combine with an IFTTT channel such as a LinkedIn, Facebook, or an email account and allow you to automate simple tasks.
Any affiliation with the provided links is based on the sites personal experience with the tool. Including images, videos, or creating an interactive game are among the possibilities discussed here. Connections to profit choices from pay-per-click to pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale are all here in one place. The primary focus is on B2B marketing, and it cites the main reasons for failure to adopt automation as unnecessary or unbudgeted.
This is one of those sites where you can mix and match what you learn – and immediately apply it.
Instead of recommending only free apps and sites, the author included a number of paid tools. An array of content marketing worksheets and calendars from companies that have a proven track record of success means that you do not have to use a trial-and-error approach to creating your marketing strategy. Suggested tools are apps like iFlow and Flipboard, the latter which can be used to create your personal emagazine while keeping abreast of newsworthy stories.
Deciding which group of tools is best for you has been taken care of, with the author providing an “advantage-disadvantage” grid to assist you.
It also lists the names of the companies that sell the tools, whether they are paid or free, and the usefulness of the tools based on the size of your company.
Replete with infographics and statistics, the site has several action steps and strategies the reader can take to improve their mobile presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.
From advertising to backgrounds and buttons, this list has an alphabetical listing with links that connect to both free and paid tools.
Named one of the Top 50 Influencers in B2B Marketing (#14) by Onalytica and a Top 50 Influence Marketing Blogger by InkyBee, Ron is a digital marketer and conversion optimizer, focusing on maximizing ROI with content marketing campaigns. Your list of content marketing templates is a great resource for bloggers and content marketing professionals. And I’m grateful Ron for having this goldmine worth of Twitter wisdom at my finger tips to take advantage of. Twitter seems like a topic that has lots of information written about, and it certainly noticeable on our list.
Years in the field have enabled us to build a network of potential advertisers for your site. MyBlogU is the free community of writer, bloggers and journalists who are eager to collaborate, help, pick each others' brains in order to create better content, build relationships and get the word out for each other.
It describes the major features and gives an overview of how MyBlogU can help you grow your blogs and promote your website. The short answer is yes A longer answer is, MyBlogU is so flexible: You can use it to find all sorts of collaborators for all sorts of assets you are building. Please do not add sites with false promises of wealth and overnight results and other such links.
Check these blog posts for insights into what Content Marketing is, and the best practices and resources for doing it well. It's not practical for most to manage all channels and certainly you need to prioritise resources on the channels which will give the best returns.

However what is critical is that you build up a set of core services (CRM, order management and product offers) that all of your channels can consume. Often one channel is digital and the other physical (stores and an ecommerce website).A OmnichannelA is defined as the use of all channels available for service, distribution and transaction within a unified experience.
A fantastic resource for marketing channels but wanted to elaborate on the definition between multi and omni. A PPC campaign for example may impact offline sales but there is no measurement in place to capture that. Under our definition – omnichannel is measuring all of your marketing channels across online and offline, so that online marketing activity can be linked to offline sales.
Just out of curiosity, have you considered analyzing it from a Non profit Org’s point of view? If you are aware that an IP address can be flagged as spam and hurt your ranking, you are doing fine. From link building fundamentals to strategies and case studies, it is hard to find a better guide. There are categories for Google, domain statistics, social sharing, and backlink profile analysis. There are three major sections: creating the email, sending the email, and measuring the results of your email marketing program. At the end, the author challenges you to do three things to continually earn the trust of your customers – current and potential. For the reader that wants simple and direct advice on how to make email marketing work, here is the place to go.
Beyond this basic instruction, you are left to use your own imagination and interests to move your ideas into an actual blog. The list has some familiar names such as Commission Junction and Amazon, while others are definitely “mom-oriented.” There is much to discover in this 87+ item list that also includes and networks and indicates specific affiliate links.
The detailed list includes such information as page rank and Alexa rank, and the instructions on how to submit a guest post for each of the listed blogs. And there is no attempt to shy away from getting into some of the technical aspects of blogging either. Whether using email, podcasts, or a PowerPoint presentation, there are sound alternatives and tactics you can implement. There is also a section on the current trends in marketing automation and the top reasons to purchase it.
The thinking is that a combination of free and paid tools is the ticket to assembling a complete content creation toolkit. Some are downloadable, and some are complex, but for planning and organization there is something here for you.
There is not a lot of reading to do on this site but nevertheless there is a lot of good information. That work includes research, creating meaningful content, and then having an effective call-to-action. There is an “Other” category that you will have to search through and find the hidden, hard to find tool. Your community helps you promote your content, inspires you, helps with all your endeavors.
Get it wrong and you could spend a lot time and money trying to either persuade customers to shift channels or chasing a market that isn't there. Having these core services available will allow your business to quickly roll out services on emerging marketing channels. If you don’t know what the Penguin Penalty is, or what Google Penguin is, this list is required reading.
The links connect to a variety of sites that provide further instructions and examples for practical application. Everything from short, step-by-step infographs to more complicated and statistics oriented can be found to use as templates.
Ebooks and webinars are also included as resources to give the reader the entire breadth of possibilities.
The paid sources are primarily ad sources such as search engine pay per click ads and mobile ads. Tool recommendations and a number of plugins that will make your blogging life easier are also available.
Categories such as Social Media Management and Listening have been separated from Social Media for greater clarity and ease of use. This list goes into detail about how to accomplish these goals and have a successful media strategy in the end. This list is filled with tools that help with all stages of content marketing from coming up with ideas, creating content, and sharing the amazing content you're creating! To help the process of channel review and selection, I have developed this list as a starting point for a comprehensive view on all current channels available to organisations.

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