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The company that hosts your website has to really rise up to the challenge, or your website will go offline and take your finances down with it every time it does. KnownHost’s administrative responsibilities include control panel installation and initial optimization, cost-free migrations and backups, management of the operating system, account protection, and hardware and network maintenance. KnownHost has a Network Uptime Guarantee of 99.9%, and there is every reason to trust it, because even the most insignificant downtime incidents are substantially compensated through KnownHost’s Service Level Agreement credit.
Users who’ve only just started hosting their websites with the help of KnownHost can quit at any time during the first 30 days, and be reimbursed in full. WebFaction is one of the best web hosts in the industry, and a free 48-hour trial is available for the creative professionals who are thinking to give it a chance. WebFaction makes sure that its clients have full SSH availability, while its own engineers apply security patches, configure, backup, and monitor hardware, and also update existing tools. As for WebFaction’s pricings, there are two principal ways to partner up with this company; interested creative professionals can either choose a monthly, or take up a yearly subscription. The company’s cross-platform and award-winning customer support team is another crucial element which adds to (mt) MediaTemple’s spotless reputation. Flywheel provides creative professionals with top-grade web hosting, and for that matter, the free demo experience speaks for itself.
HostGator is unique by the way in which it relies on wind energy to power up its 12.000 servers. FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers.
As these days, people starting their own blogging and take a lot of interest in hosting their own websites, featuring their organization, products, and services. There are hundreds of web hosting companies you can find in India however as my personal experience, the hosting companies located in US are much better in terms of Technical Support, Server Up-time etc.
Therefore I have listed the top 5 hosting companies for Indian offering reliable and affordable hosting services.
Excellent Customer Support – They have 24 hours email, ticket, live chat and Toll free Support. Bluehost is another complete professional company that gives you the whole range of services in web hosting and related services. Support – Bluehost customer support is team is good however not much friendly as the Hostgator team are. Server Uptime – Their server uptime is excellent, during last 4 years I have hardly seen downtime (except 3 times). Control Panel – The Bluehost using Cpanel which is one of the most popular & easy control panel available today in market.
The Dream Host offering Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting however if you have small to medium scale website with less than 1,00,000 hits per month then Dreamhost is best option. Cheap Web Hosting:   The Dreamhost shared we hosting is cheap however VPS and Dedicated server are expensive.
Justhost is another promising site that can provide service with as low as $ 3.99 per month. Note: Justhost and Bluehost companies are same, therefore all features and support services are same to Bluehost.
Thanks for providing insight details of best shared hosting account, will buy from mentioned hosting account in coming 2014 year. Most Reliable and Best Web Hosting Service Provider is very important if you're Blogger, Web Developer, E-Commerce Websites Owner, Website Owner, Business Owner, Web Programmer, Web Service Provider etc. TechGlobeX provide news, reviews and updates on latest innovations of Technology, Gadgets and Internet Trends!

I’ve put together a top 10 with the most wonderful web hosting partners that you could possibly decide on at the present moment.
According to this SLA, within 5 days of when clients’ websites experience downtime, a ticket must be submitted to the company’s helpdesk. Lastly, whenever someone decides to enlist one of KnownHost’s VPS-2 hosting services (or larger versions), code KH15LIFE brings about a lifelong discount of 15%, which would eventually scale along with any enacted future upgrades.
This company offers hosting which is somehow converged from Shared, Dedicated, and VPS hosting features. The lengthy list of pre-installed developer tools that WebFaction deploys for developers includes Django, PHP, and Python.
The company would make an ideal web hosting partner, and this is true not only for web designers and web developers, but also for medium- and small-sized businesses. As a matter of fact, the company invests much effort in constantly improving user experience, most of all by anticipating its customers’ needs and updating the existing hosting parameters to deliver top-quality services. Flywheel’s mission is to alleviate overwhelmed designers’ burden of dealing with administrative concerns, as they would much rather focus on design. The company has 16 long years of experience in providing Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud hosting for bloggers and web designers.
The company provides creative professionals with Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated hosting options.
It was created by designers and developers for the use of other like-minded creative professionals.
It has the experience of being a proficient web host and a responsive assistant whenever its customers come across technical challenges. The best part is that you can call them any time including Sunday or holiday from Skye at free of cost.
They are currently offering Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated server hosting and their all 3 plans are very affordable. They are expert in Shared web hosting and recently started offering VPS and Dedicated server in 2013 year.
The web host dreamhost describes its services as blazing fast and flexible, providing unlimited resources in its work,  it can give its great valued services in its designed web services that can be wonderful for the content creators, entrepreneurs and developers at  minimum prices. If you are not very technical then initially you might feel bit tough to figure it out however once familiar then it’s very easy. Justhost is old player in shared web hosting industry however in 2013 year they started providing VPS and Dedicated server as well. The web hosting company’s uptime reliability is widely acclaimed, and so is its email and ticket support system. An uptime failure of up to 0.9% is compensated in this manner, and anything beyond that value has never been registered so far. As a matter of fact, I’ve never come across any other web hosting provider like WebFaction.
In addition, around 50 applications are ready for 1-Click Installation, and after installation they run really fast. Once you’ve actually started to host you websites here, there are 60 days to give everything up and recover all investments, so there really is nothing to lose. What is more, the company’s retinue reaches even farther, as global and firmly established brands like Volkswagen, Sony, Adidas, and Red Bull have chosen to host their websites through (mt) MediaTemple.
Just recently, the flagship GRID shared platform was improved to make websites go 6 times faster.
Therefore, the company launches and manages its clients’ websites, conducting regular updates and backups, and ensures website security.

The Shared hosting offering is just $8.95 per month, and in this case a 30-day free trial stands by for anyone who wishes to test the service. Thus, the price of Dedicated hosting from this company is now discounted to half of its usual value, and using the code “resellerdeal” when placing the order for a Reseller plan would drop the first invoice to $1.
It matters not whether you’re a seasoned developer or a rookie, because there is much to gain from hosting your websites with HostGator in both cases. My first impression about Pixeno was drawn from its headquarters, which relies on state-of-the-art technology to secure an unfaltering uptime.
In fact, if downtime happens, the compensation policy clearly states that every hour of reported downtime is allotted a whole day of hosting, which is deducted out of the next month’s invoice. The prices start right from $ 4.99 and there are varieties of services like domains, personal websites, dedicated servers, and e-commerce sites. With its services, it can give free installation of wordpress,  joomla, yahoo, and e-commerce solutions.
So Which Web Hosting Service Provider is Best and Reliable for General Web Hosting, VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers), Dedicated Server Hosting and for Reseller Web Hosting?
KnownHost really stands out, as it provides only Managed VPS and Dedicated hosting services, which means that customers have chosen to move past the inflexibility and scant resources of shared hosting, and settle on the limitless power of KnownHost’s Virtual Private hosting. If any kind of technical issues appear during hosting with WebFaction, the company’s support team is certain to solve them in no time at all. All things considered, I believe that the option of hosting a website with WebFaction would be cost-effective and very rewarding. This company offers web hosting which is thoroughly responsive to the needs of both freelance designers, and creative agencies.
Partnering up with WebHostingBuzz would be an inspired idea due to the company’s accessible prices, and most of all because it has a reactive customer support team. At the present moment, all of the company’s Shared hosting options are attached to a 20% discount for the first invoice. In addition, the first 30 days of hosting are eligible for a 100% money-back guarantee, and dropping out of the hosting deal is also possible after the 30 first days, and in that case Bluehost pays back the remainder of users’ prepaid investments. On top of everything, fresh users have nothing to lose by entrusting HostNine with their websites, insomuch as they are at liberty to call it quits anytime during the first 45 days, and they will be reimbursed completely. Moreover, the fully Managed SSD VPS has low latency, which reflects directly on your website’s performance. As such, Flywheel offers the best online platform for resellers who need to manage their own clients’ websites, and also for coworkers who can easily interact without having to use many passwords and usernames.
On top of everything, the company has a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee, and if offline episodes do occur, one day of hosting is gifted to compensate for every hour of downtime.
Finally, HostGator has a 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee, and when users drop out during the first 45 days of hosting, they receive all of their money back. The Personal and Reseller hosting, together with the Cloud sites and Cloud servers, are correlated with an unlimited number of subdomains, email addresses, and MySQL databases. And finally, new users are free to quit and receive full refunds in the first 97 days of hosting. Moreover, Pixeno conducts 4 backups every day according to schedule, and the information is stored for 2 weeks, so there are 56 possible restore points at any given time.

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