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The rise of YouTube and other popular video sharing sites have ensured that video editing doesn’t remain a super-geeky thing.
The following list talks about 8 such tools that can help you edit, add affects and do much more with your videos. Wax is an advanced video editing tool that can add 2D and 3D effects to your videos apart from doing various other kinds of video editing tasks. Stupeflix is a nice online video editing tool that can help you create quick videos out of the images you upload by adding some pretty cool effects.
If you are looking for a simple, no-frills video editing tool to edit your AVI or MKV files then you might want to check out AVITrimmer.
Linux users, if you had been feeling left out so far, Avidemux should cheer you up (of course you could go with the online tools mentioned above too).
I have used windows movie maker and like it very much, but I am looking for some software that can convert movies created by windows movie maker, that it can be played on a DVD player.
Windows Live Movie Make r 7 keeps crashing right as I try to save a HUGE project I’m working on.
Stupeflix is cool but in order to get a regular video with out the effects yo have to pay for pro.
Stupeflix is cool but in order to get a regular video without the effects you have to pay for pro. We have to possibility to apply slow motion partially or entirely to inserted videos in our project.
To do this select the video in the storyboard (1), click and drag the downpointing arrow next to the "Speed" field (2) and choose a lower number in the list.
If you want to apply slow motion to only a part of this video, you will need to split the video. As an example i will split this video in three parts of which i will apply slow motion to the center part. First i place the time indicator on the location where i want to split the video the first time (3) and click the "Split" button (4). Now the video has been split i will place the time indicator on the second place where i want to split it and click the "Split" button once more. Select the center part in the storyboard (2), and change the speed in the "Speed" field (3). When you look at the movie now you will see that a slow motion effect is added in the center of the clip. The first thing we need to do to make a snapshot is to select the videoclip in the storyboard.
Next place the timeindicator to the position in the video where you want to make a snapshot from (1). Navigate to a folder on your harddrive where you want to save the photo, and click on the "Save" button. This doesn't only place this picture in the chosen folder, but will also place it in the storyboard behind the film (1) which you made a snapshot from. Well, everyone that has paid close attention to our lessons will know that each photo or video that is used on the storyboard is also stored somewhere on your computer.
To do this click on the "Movie Maker" button (1) in the menubar, and choose "Save Movie" (2) from the dropdown menu, and choose for "For High-definition" (3). When its done you open a new project by clicking on the "Movie Maker" button in the menubar once more, and choose for "New project" in the dropdown menu. When the videoclips which you have imported in your project have backgroundsounds and you have added an audiotrack to your project, you have the possibility to mix these. The left icon (1) is for the backgroundsounds of the video and the icon on the right (2) is for the inserted audiotrack.

If you move the scrollbar to the left the backgroundsound of the video will become louder and if you move it to the right the inserted audiotrack will become louder. When you are using Windows Live Photo Gallery to organize your photos and films, you can insert all photos and videoclips on your computer directly into Windows Live Movie Maker. Navigate to the photos on your computer which you want to insert to Windows Live Movie Maker and select them (1).
Windows Live Movie Maker la ?ng d?ng lam phim da kha quen thu?c v?i nhi?u ngu?i dung v?i kh? nang t?o ra nh?ng b? phim ch?t lu?ng cao. V?i ph?n m?m lam video Windows Live Movie Maker, b?n co th? nhanh chong bi?n cac b?c ?nh va video c?a minh thanh m?t b? phim. Ch?c nang ph?n m?m mi?n phi do la nh?m th?ng vao dam dong ngu?i tieu dung binh thu?ng, Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker d? dang quay hinh ?nh va video clip vao trinh chi?u va phim tren Vista va Windows 7.
Cung gi?ng nhu Microsoft Office 2007 ?ng d?ng, Windows Live Movie Maker thau nh? hanh d?ng va cac menu c?a no vao m?t d?i ruy bang hinh ?nh. Cac hinh ?nh, trung c?p am thanh, va cac tinh nang ch?nh s?a video thua th?t - b?n co th? chia c?t video, bai hat m? d?n trong va ngoai, va ch?n m?t di?m b?t d?u va k?t thuc cho am thanh va video. T?t c? trong t?t c?, Windows Live Movie Maker la ph?n m?m mi?n phi kha s?ng len d?n l?i h?a c?a minh lam phim nhanh chong. Ch?c nang ph?n m?m lam phim mi?n phi do la nh?m th?ng vao dam dong ngu?i tieu dung binh thu?ng, Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker d? dang quay hinh ?nh va video clip vao trinh chi?u va phim tren Vista va Windows 7.
Them video va hinh ?nh: Movie Maker va Windows Live Photo Gallery lam vi?c v?i nhau nen r?t d? dang d? t? ch?c va ch?n cac b?c ?nh, video ma b?n mu?n s? d?ng trong b? phim ti?p theo c?a minh. Nhanh chong them cac b?c ?nh va do?n phim t? may tinh ho?c may ?nh c?a b?n vao Windows Live Movie Maker. Tang cu?ng b? phim c?a b?n v?i am thanh va m?t ch? d?. Windows Live Movie Maker cho bi?t them qua trinh chuy?n d?i va cac hi?u ?ng t? d?ng do do, b? phim c?a b?n trong bong b?y va chuyen nghi?p.
Sau khi b? phim c?a b?n da s?n sang, chia s? tr?c tuy?n tren Facebook, YouTube hay m?ng xa h?i khac va cac trang chia s? video.
Pinnacle Video Spin cho phep b?n t? t?o ra du?c cac Video c?a rieng minh b?ng cach k?t h?p nh?c n?n, hinh ?nh va cac hi?u ?ng 2D sinh d?ng. Pixelfusion for Windows Media Player cung c?p cac cong c? ch?nh s?a video nhu di?u ch?nh d? sang va d? tuong ph?n theo cac phan c?nh, can b?ng mau s?c cho hinh ?nh, di?u ch?nh am lu?ng nh?c, d? s?c net c?a video.
Lesop Camera Studio la ?ng d?ng b?t hinh Video chuyen nghi?p va linh ho?t, cho phep b?n quay phim Webcam va ghi am t? microphone v?i ch?t lu?ng hinh ?nh, am thanh t?t nh?t.
Easy Video Accelerator Downloader cho phep b?n t?i v? nhi?u d?nh d?ng Video t? Internet v?i t?c d? nhanh, d?m b?o ch?t lu?ng. Icecream Slideshow Maker Icecream Slideshow Maker cho phep ngu?i dung t?o nh?ng Slideshow ?nh chuyen nghi?p v?i d? net HD, Full HD theo nhi?u hi?u ?ng khac nhau. TH? THU?T LIEN QUAN Hu?ng d?n lam phim b?ng Windows Movie MakerWindows Live Movie Maker giup cho c? nh?ng ngu?i dung khong chuyen cung co th? bien t?p video va ?nh c?a h? thanh nh?ng do?n phim va slide shows ch?t lu?ng. Windows Live Movie Maker — программа, предназначенная для создания и редактирования видеороликов. Don’t be surprised if you catch your 9 year old sprucing up the video of her puppy using a video editing tool before uploading it to YouTube. You can edit videos, audio, add all kinds of effects, add photos directly from Windows Live Photo Gallery and do much more. It can accept video file up to 600 MB in size and has a range of features to cater to all your video editing needs.
It has an impressive array of features including People finder, a feature that can find faces in the video.
It is Windows only, and also comes as a plugin to popular (and costly) video editing software like Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere. This tool can trim your AVI or MKV files without any loss in the quality (no encoding or decoding is involved).

The good thing about JayCut is that even beginners can quickly understand its interface and get started with the video editing process. This full featured video editor lets you create professional looking videos with transitions, effects, music and narration in minutes, making your video look impressive and most importantly sharable! The first one below is the unedited version while the next one has been edited with VideoPad. Ph?n m?m cho phep b?n s?p x?p hinh ?nh, video, nh?c va hi?u ?ng nh?m t?o ra cac Video hoan thi?n. Them hi?u ?ng d?c bi?t, chuy?n ti?p, am thanh, va chu thich s? giup cho b? phim c?a b?n h?p d?n hon, b?n co th? chia s? no v?i b?n be va gia dinh. B?n s? khong tim th?y nhi?u cong c? tien ti?n, nhung lo?i nhi?u tham v?ng hon v?n co th? t?o ra video thu v? va trinh chi?u.
Ung d?ng nay co kho hi?u ?ng phong phu, du?c chia thanh nhi?u ch? d? khac nhau d? b?n ap d?ng cho video.
Ngu?i dung cung co th? ap d?ng hang lo?t cac hi?u ?ng va b? l?c qua nh?ng hinh ?nh tren webcam, di?u ch?nh d? phan gi?i va t? l? khung hinh cac video du?c quay l?i. Ph?n m?m cung c?p cac phuong phap keo th? hang lo?t, h? tr? nhi?u d?nh d?ng t?p tin khac nhau, them tinh nang c?t file am thanh va tuy ch?nh d?u ra. Ph?n m?m cung tich h?p nhi?u hi?u ?ng, cho phep chen nh?c n?n d? t?o video theo cac ch? d? khac nhau. B?n co th? t?o s? khong gi?i h?n s? lu?ng trang web, xem tru?c va chia s? cac s?n ph?m c?a minh. Ph?n m?m nay cung c?p nhi?u ch? d? quay man hinh, ghi l?i webcam, xu?t video len web d? chia s? va ch?nh s?a kich thu?c file du?c trich xu?t. D?c bi?t 4k Video Downloader cho phep b?n t?i video cac video co ch?t lu?ng cao HD 1080p, HD 720p hay 4K d? thu?ng th?c chung tren cac thi?t b? xem phim HD.
Ph?n m?m cung giup t?o ph? d? phim b?ng cac thi?t l?p font ch?, kich thu?c, mau ch?,… B?n s? co du?c nh?ng tac ph?m d?c dao v?i chuong trinh lam phim nay. Ph?n m?m cho phep them cac hi?u ?ng chuy?n ti?p d?c dao, them ph? d?, chu thich va nh?c n?n cho video, sau do chia s? len cac m?ng xa h?i d? dang. With the kind of free video editing software available at your disposal now, it’s not at all difficult to edit and create great videos. There’s also an interesting feature called the AutoMovie theme that lets you quickly choose photos and videos and then automatically create a movie out of them in no time. The free account limits the videos to 1 min, but that’s usually enough if you are looking to create something short and sweet.
Ngoai ra, b?n co th? tim ki?m b?t c? b?n nh?c nao v?i cong c? tim ki?m b?ng t? khoa du?c tich h?p. Xin ph?n m?m thi?t k? video mi?n phi, t?o video ch?t lu?ng?Minh mu?n thi?t k? video theo y c?a minh d? ph?c v? cong vi?c gi?ng d?y nhung minh khong bi?t s? d?ng ph?n m?m nao d? co th? thi?t k? du?c, xin m?i ngu?i cho minh xin ph?n m?m thi?t k? video mi?n phi va t?o video ch?t lu?ng Trich xu?t Video ch?t lu?ng cao trong Proshow ProducerProshow Producer la ?ng d?ng giup b?n t?o va ch?nh s?a cac Video, t?o video t? b? suu t?p ?nh.
Ph?n m?m cho phep trich xu?t ra nh?ng Video ? nhi?u d?nh d?ng khac nhau v?i ch?t lu?ng t?t nh?t. Vi?c b? sung them cong ngh? m?i hi?n d?i giup ProShow Gold phien b?n m?i thich ?ng cung nhu th?o man nhu c?u ngu?i dung. Bai vi?t c?a chung toi s? hu?ng d?n b?n xu?t S? d?ng KMPlayer d? xem video ch?t lu?ng HDKMPlayer du?c xem la s? l?a ch?n khon kheo cho nh?ng ai mu?n xem video tren may tinh v?i kh? nang h? tr? nhi?u d?nh d?ng khac nhau. Nh?ng ph?n lam t?o video t? ?nh thong d?ng nh?tB?n co th? t?o m?t video d?p t? ?nh va m?t s? b?n nh?c hay lam qua t?ng cho ngu?i than, b?n be nhan d?p k? ni?m gi do. V?i giao di?n h?t s?c than thi?n d? dung, ngu?i dung co th? nhanh chong t? t?o cho minh cac video trinh di?n d?c s?c.

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