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Livestream offers event owners a complete set of hardware and software tools to share their events with a growing community online. The Basic service plan has all the award winning features of the free Livestream Platform with the addition of local publishing points for increased reliability, Google Analytics support, unlimited archiving and without any viewer login requirement. You can’t always have all of your gear with you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use Livestream. Easy embedding, simple sharing – that’s how we help you connect your live event to the masses. It is very important that before you go live broadcasting the interview, you have the opportunity to test that everything is going to work fine. In the situation where the guest will be sitting with you in a facility that you know well (e.g.
If you are using Google Hangouts, ensure that the guest has a Google + account and knows how to operate it.
So we have created a test mode that will allow you to simulate the interview without the need of making it public.
If you are using Google Hangouts, bear in mind that Google does not allow you to make the broadcast private, so your test will be open to the public, from your Google+ page or from the YouTube channel linked to it. Wether you are an amateur or a pro, the providers we are going to analyze offer you suitable choices.
Desktop: This downloadable applications provide a more powerful environment, normally give you the choice of selecting between various camera sources, and you may be able to make a bit of production, changing angle of recording. Mobile: in many cases the camera of your phone is far superior in quality to the webcam, it is a great alternative to broadcast using it. Encoders: We refer to hardware encoders, since we are including the software encoders in the Desktop category. In this case, it is recommended to use the browser with webcam or the mobile application and maybe the desktop application as well, if the user is an advanced user. In this case, using external pro equipment, encoders and the most advanced desktop application is highly recommended. Ustream and Livestream are close competitors, and both are aiming at the more professional market with similar tools, so we will start with these two.
Starting with your own channel is very simple, and you can use your Facebook, Google or Yahoo account to start broadcasting. You will have a landing page or channel page where all your videos will be broadcasted and stored. In the old Livestream free version it was possible to embed the video in another web via the provided iframe code. At the moment of writing this post, it is not possible to make a Hangout On Air (live stream version of a Hangout) private. This means that when you start broadcasting it will be posted in your Google+ timeline and it will be announced in your YouTube channel. You’ll be prompted to invite your friends or circles before you enter the Hangout On Air. On the other hand, once the video broadcast is finished, it will be kept in your YouTube account.
1 – You want to have freedom to move the camera, something a bit cumbersome when you need to move the laptop or the separate webcam. 2 – The quality of your webcam is poor or even worse, you have a laptop without an integrated webcam.
Other cameras that might be available are options provided by video capturing programs such as ManyCam.
We learned in Techcrunch today that YouTube is expanding its YouTube Live streaming capabilities to all accounts with more than a hundred subs. Let’s not forget that YouTube Live has a superb quality and has powerered the largest live video broadcast in the Internet such as the Baumgartner jump. In the recent Google IO conference announcement where Google Hangout was re-launched, there have been changes on the interface as well, so now this is what you need to do in order to start a Google Hangout on Air.
And you can add to Google Hangout a lot of cool apps. You can share presentations with SlideShare or even play ping-pong.
We are pleased to announce that we have made available to the public our application for Google Hangouts. In order to use this app you will need to have a Qstion account in order to create the interview, receive and manage the questions you want to make during the interview. This will help you to diagnose the performance issues of your server, and find solutions to improve it.

Here is the link for the event and below we added some of the prizes that are up for grabs tonight. We’ll be giving away some insane prizes during the 2 hour live show, all you have to do is participate in the chat and watch. At the core of this ecosystem is the Livestream Platform; an ad-free, unlimited and highly scalable service packed with all the features you need to reach audiences across the web. That’s why we’ve created an ecosystem of tools for producers to take their events to the next level. Enjoy easy, fast mobile broadcasting with the Livestream for Producers iOS and Android app. It’s a professional software encoding solution that lets you stream live from USB cameras, FireWire, HDMI, HD-SDI, Composite and Component video sources. Livestream Studio combines multiple HD-SDI inputs, an integrated graphics editor, media players, and audio mixer into an elegantly designed easy to use production switcher, available in a range of hardware configurations or as standalone software for use with any Blackmagic Design® video ingest device.
Any text, images, or videos you post are instantly available for your viewer without having to refresh the page and each post can be shared across the web and major social destinations. With Livestream, viewers can post comments live, interact with events and exchange ideas with each other. With Livestream, you can gain more of both by integrating your Google Analytics account with your Livestream account to learn more about your audience.
Embed your on-demand video on your site, Facebook or Twitter, and your followers will have a robust viewing experience no matter where they are watching.
Whether you use our Live Video Tools or Live Blogging Tools, your event can be distributed across the web to almost any device .
The moderator will decide when to start and finish the broadcast (this is like Hangouts) but the guest will have to click on each question and read it loud before start answering. You can send questions from there, and then approve them to have them on the queue ready to be triggered during the interview broadcast. Now with 3g and 4g networks, and a myriad of mobile devices featuring powerful video capabilities, there is no excuse not to broadcast live events on the web. Starting with free plans and reaching professional options, you set the limit, that will depend on your needs and budget. The encoder is the piece of hardware you connect to the camera and does the dirty job of converting the signal to a highly optimized for internet broadcasting. The only way you can avoid this is if you have a YouTube account with more than 100 subscribers. Please note that you can’t invite the public to join a Hangout on Air but, you can open the broadcast for public viewing by clicking Start broadcast from within the Hangout On Air window. I wanted to make a live q&a session with someone that was sitting in front of me, while I was moderating the questions with my laptop. For historical reasons, Flash technology was the only one able to offer a camera selection. Most of the times, is you check this setting you will find that there is only one camera source available, which is, you guessed it right, the webcam. The main requirement to use it is to have a wifi where both the mobile device and the computer are logged in. Just click it and you will go to the next screen, where you will be prompted to put a name for the Hangout On Air, and eventually add more people to it. Here are some of the amazing prizes we’ll be giving away to viewers, you’ll want to watch! Platform Nation is a collaboration of several gaming podcasts who decided it would be best for our gamers, the podcasters and the rest of the gaming community if they came together to share efforts. In Zusammenarbeit mit der Community haben Publisher 1337 Games und Entwickler FIX Korea stetig an der Umsetzung eines optimalen Turniersystems gearbeitet, das nun erstmals offentlich zum Einsatz kommt.
This solution gives you the highest quality H.264 video, AAC audio and HD multi-bitrate support, plus the software offers real-time updates on the quality of your stream. Built and designed by broadcast producers, Livestream Studio was created to be the most dynamic line of production switchers for any professional, no matter the budget. It has never been easier to keep your fans engaged than with up-to-the minute coverage of your event.
With PhotoPro, you can also send high-res photos to your CloudApp, where press teams can edit and distribute them immediately. Encourage your media partners, sponsors and viewers to share your videos and watch your audience grow. Whether you have a switched feed from the event or you are broadcasting live from the Livestream for Producers mobile app, simply go live, and the video player will drop down on your event page.

Pages can be customized to align with your brand and feature custom tags, so your event gets discovered.
The video supports HTML5 (HTTP Live Streaming) and automatically detects each viewer’s device. But otherwise, if you are going to broadcast from a new place or your guest is in a remote location, you should spend some time with the guest to get familiar with the interview flow and the tech stuff associated to it. Another important limitation of the free plan is that viewers need to have a Livestream account to see the video. In such case you will be able to change the status of the video broadcast to private, as explained in this tutorial post. Making it private gives you the chance to select who can access the video, you can enter the authorised email accounts (they will need to have a google account) or the Google+ circle that is authorised. This is going to change soon as html5 will have a livecam source available using the WebRTC standard. We need to have the app installed in the mobile device and also need to have a desktop version of the app that is available for both Apple Mac OSX and Windows platforms. And becoming a YouTube Partner is somewhat complicated unless you are an established media or a very successful YouTube channel. We have now made available a Google Hangout Extension that integrates the Qstion management screen into Google Hangout. Together we have a larger voice in the community for the gamers that we strive to speak for. PhotoPro and Livestream are perfect for all kinds of events, including sports, fashion and music. The technology delivers a consistent viewing experience across all destinations, including your website, your Livestream Event Page and Facebook. The upcoming WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) represents an non-flash based technology.
Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) broadcasts your video to an audience of any size, all around the world.
Our Live Blogging Tools and Live Event Pages let you create a completely immersive, social experience for viewers. Though a very promising technology, it is as of today in an early technology stage of adoption, being Chrome and Firefox the only two browsers supporting it. As of today, only Chrome allows it by default and Firefox has this feature hidden in the menu. We record your live stream in the cloud, allowing you to post the recording immediately after your event ends.
Normally with the browser you will use the webcam, but there are some solutions that allow you to use the camera of your mobile device, such as Moviola app.
Zu dem E-Sports-Festival werden 3.000 Teilnehmer und jede Menge Tagesbesucher erwartet, die gemeinsam spielen, sich austauschen und feiern wollen. Publisher 1337 Games nimmt dies zum Anlass, den Startschuss fur das erste offizielle Tactical Intervention Turnier zu geben!
Und auch Spieler, die nicht auf der NorthCon sind, konnen ihre Fahigkeiten unter Wettbewerbsbedingungen prasentieren. Teams treten  in verschiedenen Bomben-Szenarien des Taktik-Shooters gegeneinander an, die Gewinner werden mit Cash-Preisen belohnt.
Neue Missionen Mit der Einfuhrung eines Quest-Systems wird Tactical Intervention noch abwechslungsreicher.
Durch das Erfullen von Auftragen konnen sich Spieler zukunftig wertvolle Abzeichen und Items verdienen. Die Aufgaben variieren dabei in Dauer und Umfang: tagliche Quests werden mit Game Points erworben und beinhalten kleinere Missionen. Hier sind die zu erfullenden Ziele weitaus umfangreicher und schwieriger zu meistern, versprechen aber auch eine gro?ere Belohnung! Funf Neue Maps Wie angekundigt arbeiteten FIX Korea und 1337 Games stetig an der Veroffentlichung neuer Karten.

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