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We are Canada's source for the products, skills, expertise and experience, to ensure you get the job done right!
NewTek Certificate Testing available from our qualified industry specialists, at your location or our studios. Videolink has several Video Production Studios for rent in Toronto, Winnipeg, Montreal and Edmonton.
Videolink provides integrated hardware and software systems to help a diverse range of customers to produce live video events and stream them to the internet. We design and build custom-tailored, turnkey video production systems that are broadcast-quality, low-maintenance and versatile. With our wealth of expertise and access to our network of professional partners we consult on all aspects of video, audio, lighting and webcasting for corporate, educational, broadcast and religious production needs. We provide on-site equipment and support for video productions ranging in scope from single-camera shoots to multi-camera live streaming events. Have our highly qualified and seasoned experts ensure your next production is not just a success but a Major Success!
We build and manage eCommerce solutions for our partners creating valuable direct-to-consumer revenue streams. Our award-winning directors and producers breathe new life into libraries creating the content needed to engage your audience.
We liaise with venue, event organizers, speakers, and technical stakeholder to understand the requirements of the live stream. Artists and record labels have come to us for help designing concert visuals, tour scenography and videos. Use the built-in scaler and video mixer to create custom picture in picture layouts from up to four HD video sources. With built-in support for SDI (3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI), HDMI™, DVI and VGA, Pearl can capture just about any video source you have. Stream to local viewers using browsers or media players or use Pearl’s CDN integration to share with a large audience.

Recording control is independent from streaming control – do one do or both simultaneously, your choice. Use Pearl’s touchscreen to scroll through your channels to monitor what’s being captured, streamed and recorded. Let Pearl set everything for you automatically, or take advantage of the web UI to configure bitrate, frame size, layouts, overlays and more! Use Pearl’s built-in streaming server to share via unicast or multicast stream to up to 50 viewers. Publish your live video stream to a large audience using an enterprise streaming server or CDN using RTMP or RTSP. Show content to front of house or send it to a larger confidence monitor with Pearl’s two video output ports. Stream your content picture in picture, with any desired resolution, while also recording original, high quality ISOs for post-processing.
Pearl integrates easily with content management systems (CMS) and with learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Kaltura, Mediasite and Moodle. Using incoming signals over the HDMI, SDI or TRS ports, Pearl embeds high quality encoded sound into your video stream. The portable version of Pearl comes with a lightweight, hard-shell custom carry case to protect it while traveling.
The rackmount versions of Pearl are designed from the ground-up for rack installation and include integrated power supplies and front-mounted USB ports for easier access. Broadcast your event See our past work Chicago’s Live Video Production and Live Streaming Service ProviderWebcasts, Webinars, and Live StreamsMainstream Media specializes in producing full HD broadcasts and streaming them directly to your website. We provide complete systems in our custom road cases that secure, and protects equipment and allows for production without requiring a dedicated studio or high ongoing costs. Leclerc), Dot Conferences have asked us to live stream conferences, classes, events, shareholders meetings, town hall meetings, across various media channels and connected devices – desktop website, tablet, mobile, Facebook.
You can also configure automatic file transfer to a local USB drive or to a network drive using SFTP, FTP, RSYNC, SCP or CIFS.

Pearl also has configurable video recorders that group multiple streams together for synchronized recording. You can configure how large or how long the files are before a new file starts, and you can customize the filename prefix too.
Select from live streaming formats including HTTP, FLV, ASF, MJPEG and HLS to stream video to media players and web browsers or UPnP and SAP sharing to stream to Smart TVs and set top boxes. For high-density solutions, we suggest using Pearl Rackmount Twin with one embedded Pearl doing streaming, and the other dedicated to recording ISOs.
For maximum compatibility with video players and superb encoding performance, Pearl’s default video codec is H.264, backed with hardware-accelerated encoding. Use the default AAC audio at 320 kbps, or select from AAC, MP3 or PCM audio with stereo or mono with bitrates up from 32 to 320 kbps and sampling at 22 to 48 kHz. This version also has an optional rack-mount tray to secure it to a portable or fixed server rack. Changes are reflected immediately in your video stream and on displays connected to Pearl’s video output ports.
No problem, duplicate the channel and publish the same stream to both places simultaneously.
Whatever your preferred platform, we can help!Request a consultation Our live streaming services include everything you need to have a successful event. Additionally, post-production services are available and the recording is always delivered in your desired format.
Connect your live creative content to the world in real-time!We specialize in producing broadcast-quality events at a fraction of the costs of traditional video production.

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