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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. You can control eMotion LV1 using industry-standard hardware controllers, multi-touch screens and diverse portable devices, ranging from four touchscreens to a single laptop or tablet.
When rapper Pitbull gave a 7-night engagement at The Axis, Las Vegas, his FOH engineer Will Madera chose the eMotion LV1 live console to mix the shows. It means you have the sound quality you’ve come to expect from Waves, right there in your console’s mix engine. It means you have all the flexibility that software allows when it comes to operating your console quickly and easily, whether you are using multi-touch screens or any other control surface. And it means that your console is 100% portable, helping you be 100% prepared in advance for your show.
The mixer has a 32-bit floating point mix engine that represents the pinnacle of Waves’ accomplishments in the field of audio. Each of the mixer’s channels has its own plugin rack, with room for 8 SoundGrid-compatible Waves or third-party plugins. Up to 64 channels, 8 plugins each – you do the math of the massive mixing possibilities open to you, and what they can do for your sound. Every aspect of the eMotion LV1 interface has been designed to meet your needs when it most counts.
The main mixer window gives you all the most important info you need at a glance – all channel inputs and parameters, routing, plugin inserts and more – with additional windows providing more detailed views.
Channel window for focused control of your plugins, including a Touch-and-Slide slider for quick & easy control of all plugin parameters.
Flexible control of your plugins racks – instantly switch the order of plugins within each rack, copy plugins and their presets from channel to channel, add hardware processors as external inserts on your plugin racks, and much more. Support for up to four multi-touch screens, as well as diverse industry-standard control surfaces.
The exact same user-friendly interface, no matter which display or control device you are using. All digital mixers with a software interface let you edit your sessions offline, without audio, when you’re away from the live venue. This means that you can always take your full mixing system – as many as 64 stereo channels, limitless processing – in a small carry-on bag or even a backpack. Host computer: Controls the eMotion LV1 mixer as well as the SoundGrid network that connects all devices. When multiple devices are used on stage, it is advisable to connect all of them to a single Ethernet switch that connects to the main switch.
All product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Waves. Specs wise it can run on a modest dual core XP machine with a decent mid-range consumer 3d graphics card. I am now wondering if there is any interest in this sort of software being made available commercially?
It is currently being used to queue up video clips at my church and has been used to output a three camera live production in the past.

Hi Martin, I've been looking into software to do multi-camera switching to disk of DV cameras connected over firewire. Mixing DV inputs as you describe would be possible, but since the program doesn't mix the raw dv data directly (as that dv filter does) it would require a pretty powerful machine to decode those streams and re-encode them to dv on the fly.
The idea of my program is to mix live streams for live display with minimal delay using analog sources. I have sent emails to tha company but no response not even an auto response, so don't know if they are a for real company or recently closed. I think an interesting feature would be to provide a program that take video from a capture device, a let you superimpose some text or logo, or make windowed video on a background. Keeping output to VGA is gret since you can display high res graphics that would be impossible with video.
I know i can use very expensive hardware to do that, but i think a simple eee Pc would be very cool. The following system has been tested with 2 HD sources at 1080i mixed to a 720p CineForm output (and 720p screen output simultaneously) 25fps.
DV Info Net also encourages you to support local businesses and buy from an authorized dealer in your neighborhood. Stage Research, theatrical sound-and-lighting treasure-chest for a discerning industry-at-large, proudly offers a complete range of Theatrical Design Interactive discs (the cross-platform learning software) on their website.
Each selection is a comprehensive package designed to help students and stage-tech crew members attain and retain theories, concepts, facts and figures vital to their intricately-labored craft(s).
Topics include fundamentals such as functions of light and the properties affecting them, how lighting is used in the theatre, electricity and power, and lense options. Available for Windows and Mac, this exemplary DVD introduces beginners and pros alike to designing audio-for-stage, and explains complex ideas and equipment through practice materials and clips.
Included are sound basics, ear fundamentals, mics, recording, mixing, playback and effects-processing hardware, speakers, cables, script analysis and production development, creation and procurement, implementation and Cue Plot. This CD provides a virtual tour of a well-equipped theatre complex, and describes various entertainment industry tools and techniques. Affordably-priced and at-your-fingertips, these amazing software tools (available through Stage Research) afford encyclopedic learning environments, and are pleasant-to-use. As novices and seasoned veterans come closer to a full understanding of the nature and flavor of their particular field(s), new horizons for pioneering these technologies will bring forth further contributions to the vast theatre-craft storehouse of knowledge. Based on Waves SoundGrid technology, this software mixer delivers the superior sound quality for which Waves is renowned, as well as the quick and convenient workflow needed in demanding live environments. Each of the mixer’s channels has its own plugin rack capable of running up to eight Waves and third-party plugins. No matter which device you are using, eMotion LV1 has the same intuitive workflow, with a user interface built for flexibility and speed. It lets you be very creative, very imaginative, and I think it just puts a musicality into it. This provides optimal CPU and disk performance on the primary computer that is running eMotion LV1. It also means that you have pinpoint-precision control over your sound by running however many plugins you want from the console itself. This means that nothing stands between your mixing console and your processors—all your plugins are now controlled directly from the mixer itself.

To use eMotion LV1 with audio, you need to connect the PC or Mac running the mixer to SoundGrid-compatible devices – an audio interface and a server. Run a pre-recorded audio session on the LV1, and work on your actual audio mix well ahead of the show – anytime, anyplace.
The eMotion LV1 application is located on this computer, as are your plugins and preset files.
I downloaded the demo but i can only see the top portion of the interface the bottoms camera monitors are barely viewable. We want mix 2 or 3 cams (crossfade) manually or (scheduled if possible) and use the output to broadcast to ustream or mogulus.
After testing it with a live production back in December there were a few issues that needed to be fixed before public beta testing could begin. As end-users of the program(s) develop and hence broaden their skills, their arsenal of knowledge and depth (attuned to the arts and sciences of the stage) is slated to grow insurmountably.
So much more than a step-by-step teaching tool, this software offers diagrams, definitions, hints, tips and tricks that each viewer can use later on in the real stage-world. Also offered are a look at angles and basic light systems, the lightplot, color, eye characteristics, play and production analyses, special effects, and how other elements (such as scenery, costumes, makeup, hair, sound and movement) should be taken into account when preparing lighting.
With teacher-as-model, each disc contains 2 or 3 complete lessons for approximately 54 minutes of creation-inspiring video. Each disc also contains "There's nothing wrong with your face", the skull, facial photography, facial rendering (with outline sheets), choosing base color, removing makeup, cleaning brushes, makeup morgue and makeup kits.
Videos contained therein include band saw, drill press, mitre ("chop") saw, painting techniques, radial arm saw, standing sander and table saw. They also provide welcome sensory stimulation which will enrich any theatrical-based educational program, as well as the individual viewing experience.
The people at Stage Research are glad to help bring the scope of this vision a huge step toward reality.
This means you can mix live with hundreds of your favorite plugins—all running inside the mixer itself. This means you can easily carry your mixer with you and run it anytime, anywhere—at home, in your hotel room, on the tour bus, or at the live venue. But here’s the beauty of it: these can be any computer, any SoundGrid interface, any SoundGrid server – not necessarily the ones you’ll be using at the actual show. As a bonus, alternate designs and time lapse looks are included to help one note the variety of choices available as well as transformations. This way you can have all the time you need to work on your sessions, whether offline or with full-on audio, and make sure you are 100% ready for your show. At the venue, your computer may be a desktop with large touchscreen monitors – but at home, you can use a small laptop or tablet. But at home, in your hotel room, or on the tour bus, you can use as little as a small server and a compact, lightweight interface in order to mix.

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