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Today, everyone has the capability to stream live with little or no cost- but how do you get internet to a pressbox, a gym or field?
The temptation when trying to obtain internet for streaming is to run out, grab a hotspot and do it over cellular. Our very first game, we had no internet connection and the football pressbox was 600 feet from the nearest building. If your school or organization has lots of money, the best option is to have buried fiber optic cable running to your outdoor pressbox or in conduit in your gym. We’ll discuss some options for streaming hardware at a later time, but for now lets assume you have a great internet connection and your video equipment is setup, and you have software like Adobe Live Media Encoder (free) ready to send your stream. In the past, Youtube only allowed streaming to people with a certain amount of followers; now anyone with an account can stream.
There are other players out there; a google search will bring up many pages of stream providers. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Managed stream hosting with SLA, auto-error detection with instant troubleshooting, no bandwidth limitations, unlimited number of viewers, easy setup and free technical support. A live webcam stream on your website provides you with a wealth of opportunities to promote your business. Streamdays is a low cost, highly effective tool for online marketing, contibuting to social media sharing, engagement, brand awareness and delivering real ROI. You can use your existing camera, or if you don't have one, choose from our IP camera store or check out our bundled camera package.
If you need any help, or would like to discuss the best solution for you, give us a call on +44 (0)151 633 2111, or send us a message.
We ran a mic cable 400 feet to the school, through a window, and into a computer and broadcast audio only using a shoutcast server. This article aims to discuss some of the solutions for getting internet to remote locations and sharing it across the world. After all, the carrier says there is great coverage in the area, and you don’t have to worry about being blocked on your school network. Even if it is secured with a password, wifi access points are constantly getting polled by phones and other devices that are in range.

Set the security so it does not broadcast SSIDs, and that will reduce the traffic on the access point. We participate in the federal eRate program, so we wired 6 pressboxes and 3 gyms, and the eRate program picked up 85% of the cost because it provided connectivity to locations owned by the school. Although an unauthorized connection is refused, the wireless access point can get bogged down with thousands of attempted connections as will happen during a well attended football game. So if you have a scenario where your football field is a mile away from your school, how is it possible to have internet?
This is accomplished with a Live Stream Provider – Basically, this takes the bits coming from your encoder computer, processes them, and provides them to your viewers. My personal preference is Youtube because it does and excellent job of re-encoding the streams.
Its big advantage is that it can be the home for your video program- live streams, archived broadcasts- documents– its more of a webpage provider that just a live stream portal. If you have some experience or a small amount of technical expertise, I would go with YouTube.
He has been a great help to our audio broadcasts and frankly, we would not exist without him.
A typical sporting event will involve hundreds of people wanting data from the same tower, and while short term bursts of data are common, sustained bitrates over several hours are difficult to achieve.
With that said, if a reliable connection can be achieved, school wifi is a better option than 3G or 4G.
One radio connects to your school network, the other radio is located at the press box and provides a hard-wired connection. Typically, internet provided by school systems is much more consistent for the simple reason that it is not shared with residential users.
Do this several times, as burst speeds may be good but sustained bitrates are key to a solid video stream. There are several players in this space including YouTube, NFHS Network, The Cube, UsEducationtv, Livestream and some others.
The implementation of live streaming will take some coordination with your IT department, as many of the ports and addresses used by stream providers are blocked. Now, over 100 live broadcasts later, I still get excited when we get tweets from thousands of miles away appreciating the live HD video stream of our three local high schools’ sporting events.

I will confess I used 4G once at a game to do video with success after a wired failure, but it was spotty, and there were only around a hundred people there. When dealing with wired internet connections, every time a connection goes through a switch or a router, the 330 foot limit starts over.
In my opinion, this is the best solution hands down for anyone needing internet for distances over 300 feet. This combined with the fact that internet traffic over school networks ramps down after hours, makes your school internet much more preferable to residential internet- but DSL and cable solutions are viable options.
Options for stream providers are such that you should not have to pay for this service unless you need special features or support, although your viewers may be subjected to ads. The Cube archives as well, although I have seen evidence that payment may be required to archive past 30 days in the near future. Prior to your first broadcast, set up multiple tests to ensure all is well with your connection.
Using cheap switches, one can run cat5 several hundred yards without issue- BUT those switches do need power. Most of our point to point radios operate at 85% of the capacity of a wired connection in our facility. This is less than ideal because of the likelihood that damage could occur to the exposed cable.
This solution is a very cheap for gyms and other events within the building; just run a cable to the nearest connection and you are good to go. The cube also includes a scoreboard that overlays on your stream so you can get a professional look without any graphics software. This is great if that is all you have, but the same challenges with wifi bandwidth as mentioned above apply.

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