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The resulting cross-integration of TriCaster with the robust capabilities of Easy Worship and will provide virtually any church a new comprehensive and seamless end-to-end solution for reaching worldwide audiences over the Internet like never before.
NewTek TriCasters have helped churches reach countless worshippers around the world and enhance the experience of parishioners within their sanctuaries. is a low cost, high quality, advertisement free live streaming platform enabling churches to broadcast their worship services across the globe, in both standard and high definition. The latest strategies for sound, lighting and facilities can help you better attract and engage with your congregation. Web content including full screen YouTube videos,  CDs, DVDs, PowerPoint presentations, and more!
NIV, MSG, NLT, RSV, NRSV, KJV, NKJV, ASV and others included with site-license and available for purchase with single-user license.
If this panel is empty and no groups are listed in the Slide Group Panel, there is no Presentation opened or being built.
While you have Screen 2 enabled and you select a slide thumbnail, this slide will be displayed on Screen 2 (monitor or projector). There are two different view options (these are toggled back and forth using the View button in the toolbar) for how slides thumbnails are displayed in the Presentation Panel. To change the order of a slide within a Slide Group, simply drag and drop the slide into it's new position.

These affordable, easy-to-use and flexible systems can simultaneously stream content over the Internet and to an onsite projector, while recording it for later editing and video on demand presentations. With Worship Facilities’ insights on leadership, communication and administrative tools, each issue shows you how to design and maintain your facility and how to adapt it to meet the changing needs of today’s members. Click HERE to save time and pre-register for your free access Streamspot’s streaming during WFX 2015. This panel can display slides thumbnail images from all groups or an individual group within a Presentation.
Either select a saved Presentation using the Media Panel or begin dragging objects into the Presentation Panel to start creating a new Presentation. You can reorder slides within a group by dragging and dropping the thumbnail image of a slide inside this panel. The slide that is currently being displayed will be indicated by a green border around the slide thumbnail in the Presentation Panel. If you are viewing all groups, all slides that are not part of the highlighted group will be shaded. If you click inside the Presentation Panel but not on a slide, you will be able to either create a new slide or a new Slide Group. This slide will then have a red border to indicate that it's the slide that is being edited.

Slide names show up in the tooltips while hovering over the slide thumbnails and can be useful when you have your thumbnail image set to smaller sizes. Each slide is a part of a Slide Group (groups of slides are listed in the panel directly to the left, called the Slide Group Panel).
If you do not have a second screen attached, selecting a slide will select it for editing and you will see this slide thumbnail marked with a red border. You can also select the Edit tab from the Preview Panel to see which slide is currently being edited. In version 1.3+, you can also drag the thumbnail image into the Preview Panel to edit the slide. A slide that is being edited while also being displayed on Screen 2 will have both a red and green border around the thumbnail image. Changes made to this slide will not be visible on Screen 2 until you re-select the thumbnail image in the Presentation Panel which will re-display this slide with any changes.

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