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So what’s the first step that a local business should take when the want to be found locally? Within Google results and around the internet there are many more websites, directories, portals, niche services, apps and services that provide us with information — especially when it relates to local searches for products and services online. What you can see here is that the results are powered by secondary websites and directories, not individual business website listings. The reason that information is limited or unavailable is because these services only have the data that’s available to them. So if there are hundreds of top-tier websites and potentially thousands of portals, directories and apps that consumers use to find local business information, where do all these services get the detailed business information that powers their offerings?
The answer is that these services buy the data from top tier data distributors or they partner with a secondary website provider.
To give you a specific example, the new Apple Maps on the iPhone is currently powered by several secondary providers (Yelp and Neustar).
So how do you get listed on all these secondary websites and services without making a full time job out of it? It can be time consuming to compile all the necessary information, approve your account and actually get it submitted if you’re never done it before. Chris Auman is a veteran Internet marketer, website developer, and designer with over 20 years of experience in the trenches.
My background is in high volume retail and until a few years ago I was a senior manager in a business with a turnover of ?70m – and 200 employees.
Far from being a threat to local businesses – the internet is a powerful tool you can use to… “punch massively above your weight”. It makes me sad when I see white-washed windows – or a boarded up door, where an independent, small, local business used to be. I am passionate to champion, support and promote small local businesses… and to prove what huge part a website and a simple internet marketing strategy, can play in your future success. When the entire world is moving so fast why would you want to lag behind and watch the world progress? Yellow Pages UAE provides any information right from entertainment to business, economy, lifestyle and other things without which you can not imagine your life. UAE Yellow Pages even caters to the essential aspect of life wherein you can gather information about hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks and other facilities in UAE. Yellow Pages UAE has become a lifeline for many of us, as we all need new and old business to progress and churn out more money. All one has to do is type the name of the organization or sector that one needs, and voila!
Yellow pages UAE has come of an age; earlier one had to flip through several pages to go through a desired page or an industry but now with the advancement of information technology it has become quite easier to get information on any of the industries that one is looking for. Yellow pages UAE provides timeless information on art, music, books, photography, automotive, computers, communications, education and healthcare sectors.
The basic idea of all this search service providers is to enable you to be in control of a situation, rather then letting a situation control you.
The yellow page service providers have made things simple and one trust, that lack of information about a certain thing will never be an issue.
Browsing a business directory page exposes us to a cluster of information right from the Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers, to Service Providers and Industry Verticals. The online business directories also help in creating a platform for the SMEs; the small medium enterprises which look forward to create a niche of their own.
However, there are few things one must keep in mind while trying to advertise their business through yellow pages.
Explore a handful of Yellow Pages of your area  – If you own a local business, it is very important to have some idea about the yellow pages advertisement in your area.
Advertise consistently in a business directory – When you choose a business directory for advertisements, maintain your consistency.
The larger is always better in yellow pages  – In yellow pages, people usually look at ads which are bigger in size and are attractive. So, keep in mind these small things if you want to make maximum out of your local advertising. To conclude, B2B directories in UAE are gaining recognition in terms of delivering business opportunities in increasing volume.

UAE Business Yellow Pages Directory is a free business directory of the United Arab Emirates that offers the opportunity to find businesses in the United Arab Emirates for all industry sectors in all cities and neighborhoods. UAE Business Directory is a modern UAE online business directory that has the ambition to focus all the best that United Arab Emirates have to offer to its residents and visitors.
It’s the heart of the internet and where the majority of internet searches happen on a daily basis. In this case, the one local business at the top of the results might claim the prize but there’s a good chance that people will continue to shop and research their options using one or more of the secondary results.
Have you ever entered a business name or specific address into your GPS device or a mobile app and received the dreaded “No Results Found” message?
Business data is not universally shared and distributed and it’s highly unlikely that a business would go directly to the GPS company or the App developer and submit their information. To expect small businesses to tackle the job of manually submitting to all these sites is not realistic. Businesses can pay to be on these sites, but to provide a quality directory they also populate their site with additional information from data providers. We know what information needs to be collected, how to optimize it and we simply take care of it so you can focus on your business. Feel free to contact us anytime for a free quote and grow your visibility and reach online. As President and Senior Strategist at Sanctuary, Chris has successfully guided the online marketing efforts for companies large and small.
It provides a means for smaller businesses not only to compete with the Big Boys… but to beat them hands down.
All Companies in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah & Umm Al Quwain.
If you want to store any information about anywhere in the United Arab Emirates you know where you can find it…the UAE Yellow Pages. There was one time when you had to run from one place to the other to gather some relevant information and by the time you managed to gather any sort of information you completely exhausted yourself and grumbled about the hectic search procedure you had to go through.
It also helps in cutting more time that is utilized while looking for the desired information conventionally. In fact, it reduces time as it gives you the information of related companies and industries in just a few seconds.
These services are provided by several companies that are working towards making things easier for the public and in specific.
In fact, it provides information on hotels, shops, travel agents, restaurants, cinema complexes, hospitals, educational institutions and fitness centers. After all, this is all so easy for you and you do not even need to make huge efforts for this. It helps us in easily locating and browsing the categorized company listings for our products and services.
In UAE, the B2B directories have moved on to create a wide plethora of opportunities and contacts among the UAE manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and exporters. The B2B directories in this category ensure maximum opportunities and partnerships that promise to take them to unprecedented scales of growth and success. Such listings introduce a particular business to the public and give it an excellent look to be selected by the public. Depending on what state you live in, the directories may be different and will have business advertisements keeping in mind local people’s language, taste and other preferences. You are targeting the local people, so research on their needs and problems specific to that place. If you advertise in one quarter and get vanish in another quarter, people may think that you are no more into the business now. The corporate world have started recognizing the need of many such online directories to help build an amiable and structured network of associated businesses and their end users. All Companies in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah & Umm Al Quwain.
Share your opinion by writing reviews about your experiences with companies in your local area. Here you can find companies listing, business profiles and events posted by individuals or local businesses in UAE.

UAE companies search, UAE companies contact details, companies email addresses list, commercial companies directory & business yellow pages. BOL Local Business Listings team optimized according to customers keyword and submitted to Google Local Business Listings. Business data distribution is the first step to successfully getting your business to show where local people are searching online. Chris’ clients range from family owned & operated retail operations with a local footprint of 1-10 stores to multinational Fortune 500 companies. Precisely a directory, the UAE Yellow Pages helps you to gather information as fast as possible and that also without you having to undergo any physical and mental stress. It’s from here that you can get yourself updated about any place across UAE and even get all the accurate details of any thing at any place. But today as each passing day is witnessing technological progress, it seems that our lives are becoming hassle free and things can be easily done without many tensions to worry about. With sheer confidence to provide the best services to the users, Yellow Pages UAE promises to live up to the expectations of the users and assures availability of information at your finger tips. Yellow pages UAE is an authentic business directory on the internet today as it helps and assists in getting more business deals.
It offers a gateway to many industries, including entertainment, sports, information technology and as well as free listings of various other businesses. With yellow pages UAE, lack of time will not longer be a hindrance, rather a boon if things work out properly. The message will be delivered to the service provider and you can get the information instantly. Yellow pages are not printed in yellow pages in the traditional way anymore but are also provided through a click of the mouse or punching numbers for reaching out to people easily and effectively.
This platform provides the golden opportunity to UAE manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers to reach their domestic as well as international clients. These B2B directories contain one of the most enormous and exceptional database of well known Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters. Thus, we find that these business directories not only prove helpful to the already established market players in the sector of manufacturing, export and supply, but, also help in building a network, and hence a market, for the upcoming small and medium business enterprises. For example, if the locals are not very conversant with Spanish language, stuffing too many Spanish terms in your business message may attract less number of business prospects. Think how your product or services can be helpful in addressing those prevailing issues and accordingly prepare your business message. A local business directory listing doesn’t require huge investment while benefits are manifold that a local business can achieve. The growing scarcity of time and the increasing global and local competition widens the horizon for the UAE B2B directories, to match the steps of the foreign players in various sectors. It’s how we find what we need to know, what we need to buy, where we need to go in our community.
In this fast paced world, dependence on any person to gather information about anything is a sheer wastage of time.
Thanks to internet and various wireless services, that one can access these services offered by yellow pages UAE anywhere. Such is the power of communication that it does not takes more than few minutes to get access to information of any kind about any place you want. Portals like yellow pages UAE have made life simpler and one does not have to subscribe those heavy traditionally printed directory anymore as one can get information at the command of a button.
Serving the role of a one stop destination for any type of requirements; these business directories serve as massive amount of Trade Leads and Knowledge Pool to successfully satisfy any type of specific need that might be there.
The UAE SMEs house a major opportunity in the fields of pharmaceuticals, leather, textile, paper, telecommunications, food processing to name a few.
Therefore, a helping hand in the form of these business directories will always provide them with a support in their endeavor to succeed amidst their competitors within and outside their geographical boundaries.

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