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You’ve probably read this a million times, but one of the best things you can do to boost your business’ online performance is to participate in the world of social media.  And what HOT social media platform do you know that can help you with that?  Facebook of course!
One of the best things about Facebook ads is that you can specify exactly who you want to view your ads, based on things like age, interests, and geographic location.  For example, if you run a mobile salon business, you may opt to target your ads to women in your area who have expressed an interest in beauty, hair care, fashion, and salons. Most people these days access the web from their smart phones on a regular basis.  By using Facebook advertising, you are making your presence known to local smart phone users who only search for businesses while on the go. In addition to the previously mentioned targeting, Facebook ads also allow for a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing ads to your liking, especially when compared to Google ads (a very common advertising platform that you are likely already using).  For example, the ability to have longer descriptive text and the ability to add images allows you create ads that best suit your needs and marketing goals. For over 6 years, Lisa has been providing virtual assistant, internet marketing, social media and web design services to small businesses., coaches, internet marketers and entrepreneurs. We start with your business profile page, which is customized with photos, video, offers, links to your website social media pages, and more. Your business is then promoted and distributed across the massive CityGrid local marketing network a€” comprised of hundreds of leading websites and mobile applications, including Citysearch, Insider Pages, Urbanspoon, Yahoo! To get a free CityGrid Media advertising assessment, please fill out the form below and a sales manager will call you. The holy grail of Internet Marketing is to find a scalable way to manage the online advertising efforts of the millions of small businesses around the world. The other thing a vast majority of these small business owners fail to understand is that there is so much more to running an online ad campaign than setting up an AdWords account. Local businesses need to rely an a single point of contact to manage their entire internet presence, and as of now there are no agencies that do this (or at least none that do it well, and can scale).

One really cool feature from them is their Google Business Photos that allows small businesses to have interior pictures of their store shown for their store listings. As mobile payment develops and consumers find themselves with a portable digital identity thanks to expanded smartphone usage, we will be seeing nothing short of an advertising revolution take place. When you advertise with us, you get exposure across CityGrid®, the largest content and advertising network for local businesses, reaching more than 140 million consumers each month.
There are many reasons why this has yet to be achieved, but with some of the new technologies on the horizon this appears to be something that will be achievable at some point in the near future.
We believe we have that solution, but we’re not making any announcements just yet of course.
That generally turns them off to the idea, so the battle to bring them back online is complicated as a result. In fact, many times Google is the last place a small business owner should advertise because of the inflated bid prices they’ll find. The AdWords interface alone is enough to confuse most people, particularly with the new features they seem to roll out every month. More and more local shoppers are using their phones to research products, and find local options to make their purchases.
The possibilities for this are endless, particularly from an Internet Marketing prospective. We've been working with with small to mid-size businesses, busy professionals and entrepreneurs world-wide since 2008.

I would never expect to be successful running a restaurant or a spa or whatever, so why do so many business owners think they’ll have success with Internet Marketing? All of these free AdWords vouchers over the years have served to inflate the price of traffic on AdWords, much the way counterfeiting money would be expected to do.
Adding to that – Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of Search has gone on record acknowledging that with Google Maps, Google Places, Google Earth, Google Hotpot, Google Latitude, Google Street View, etc.
One of the features big box retailers have already started supporting, and small businesses will begin to do as it becomes financially viable, is to have real-time inventory updates so that shoppers can know exactly where to go to get what they want. Invariably most small business owners will tell you they set-up a Google AdWords account and put in some keywords but they didn’t get enough business from their efforts to justify the cost.
Google is already adding local product data into their Place Pages so we’re going to see more and more of this as time goes on.
Making sure small business owners understand this is a foundational first step, because there will be no long-term success without it. A few 3rd party sites are starting to track this such as Shopatron and LocalLocal so expect this technology to take off in the next 18 months.

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