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TechGuru is a leading technology site, dedicated to software, gadgets, tech news and reviews. Use Contact Form, if you have Comments, Problems, Suggestions, Praise, Complains about the site. This is a very small unit, but we really feel that’s no excuse for a 500GB 5400RPM hard drive. There is no discrete GPU, but the onboard Intel HD Graphics 5000 are still awesome even with modern games.
All of that being said, a Mac Mini can be built with higher specs from Apple themselves or by clicking around Amazon, but as for the base model showcased here it does leave a lot to be desired.
It also has 2 Thunderbolt ports for displaying to dual 2560×1600 monitors which is very impressive.
Apple includes a very nice keyboard and mouse with the Mac Mini, but the main attraction with one of these units is going to be the OS X operating system. If you’re heavily invested into the Apple ecosystem, or you use apps that run best or only on OS X, the Mac Mini is a great unit when paired with a large display that you may or may not already have.
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The new $499 Mac mini still comes in the small 7.7-inch aluminum box with rounded vertical corners and sharp horizontal edges.

The new 2014 Mac mini will ship with OS X 10.10 Yosemite, a significant upgrade over what we get in the older Mac mini. On the back of the new 2014 Mac mini we get, from left to right, the power button, AC cable connector and a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired networking. There are also a pair of Thunderbolt 2 ports that gives this computer fast external storage, connection to a Thunderbolt Display or other displays that work with mini-display ports. Until we see one, we won’t know if users can upgrade the hard drive themselves for less. While the cheapest Mac mini costs $500, buyers can go crazy and max out the processor, RAM, storage and add peripherals  like a keyboard, mouse, DVD drive and Thunderbolt Display and pay over $3,400. I was waiting to upgrade until this was released, but when I saw it I wound up tracking down a quad core i7 machine (2012) instead. With updated processors, backlit keyboard, and new OS (Lion) MacBook Air is irresistible for anyone who is interested in Apple products. The site offers articles, tutorials and how-to guides on all things related to personal technology, desktop applications, productive online tools, social networking sites, windows, office etc.Founded in 2007, TechGuru features audience who have the passion for Software and Technology and seeks to promote awareness about the internet and computing.
This will best the old Mac mini by a generation and mean faster processing of things like rendering video or editing large image files. For a little more power, upgrade to the $699 model to not only get the larger 1TB hard-drive and 8GB of memory, but the added Intel Iris Graphics.

To do so, buyers will have to start with the $699 model and customize it with a 256GB SSD for an extra $200. Owners could install a second hard drive or replace the installed hard drive on the old version. Sure, the single core performance may be a little weaker than the 2014 release, but I can upgrade the memory myself and from what I have seen the multicore benchmarks are way, way better.
Intel Iris Graphics are better than the Intel HD Graphics 500, but not as good as some serious computers ready for high-end gaming.
Some hoped that they would put a 128GB drive in the cheapest version and then bump that storage up from there. It has a built in thunderbolt interface so that you can connect any external thunderbolt device or any other with a convertor.
Now we finally get a 2014 Mac mini for $100 less than its predecessor, available now at the Apple Store.

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