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All versions of the Office System use a document-based metaphor rather than a program-based metaphor.
OPENSTEP as the basis for their new version of MacOS they maintained a PC version for some time. Rhapsody also included a number of demo programs (some of which were also present in OPENSTEP). Apple´s answer to the long awaited call for a next generation Macintosh operating system. Apple´s new 'family pack', which allowed five installations on separate computers in one household. Jaguar was the first Mac OS X release to publicly use its code name in marketing and advertisements. Join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Google+, or subscribe to our RSS news feedCharles Moore has been a freelance journalist since 1987 and began writing for Mac websites in May 1998. Unfortunately, the most significant drawback to using OS 9 on an Internet-connected computer these days is the lack of any really up-to-date and satisfactory web browser.
UPDATE: Although every mainstream browser left the Classic Mac OS behind, Classilla has come to its rescue. Whether you really can get along without the ability to boot directly into the Classic OS is an important point to consider these days when planning a system upgrade, and Intel Macs don’t support Classic Mode at all. System requirements for OS 9 are a Mac or compatible clone that shipped with a Power PC processor and has an optical drive, 40 MB of RAM (32 MB of RAM set to 40 MB virtual memory qualifies), and 150 to 400 MB of hard drive space, depending on installation options.
Another caveat: Your Mac must have the appropriate Mac OS ROM file for the version of the Mac OS that is installed.
Apple has posted a chart, Mac OS: Matching Mac OS ROM File to Mac OS Version, showing the applicable Mac OS ROM file for the applicable Mac OS version. Mac OS 9.1 is the final version that Apple allows to install on anything previous to the Beige G3.

The NuBus Power Macs (6100, 7100, 8100 series, and the Duo 2300) have only been a limited success using OS 9 Helper, and the Power Mac 4400 and Motorola StarMax Mac clones are not supported.
Speaking of OS 9, a reader question that crops up fairly frequently is where to obtain an OS 9 install CD.
HardCore Mac still has a pretty comprehensive selection of OS 9 (and other Mac OS back to System 7.5) CDs (or floppies for older system version), but their prices are very high. Also see Low End Mac’s Best Classic Mac OS Deals, which is updated a few times a year. Apple generally provides excellent software, but sometimes a third-party app turns out to be a better solution – especially if you want to use a multi-button mouse.
Clean-Install Assistant makes migrating to another Classic Mac OS machine or a newer version of the Mac OS a lot easier.
MenuChoice provides a better implementation of a hierarchical Apple menu than Apple’s Menu Options. This document is that latest in a series of Mac OS 9 compatibility, upgrades, and resources guides that Charles Moore has been updating since May 2003. As I mentioned in my prior post about this project, I partitioned the Lombard hard drive into three volumes, each named after the codename of the version of the Mac OS I was going to install onto it. This was a fun project that provided a quick tour through three versions of older Mac operating systems and reminded me of many reasons why Mac OS X Snow Leopard is something that’s benefited from many years of user interface development! It was mainly released to keep the Mac OS moving forward during a difficult time for Apple. Mac OS X introduced the new Darwin Unix-like core and a totally new system of memory management. You should be able to use your Apple gear as long as it helps you remain productive and meets your needs, upgrading only as necessary.
Classic Mode is not supported in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on any Macs and was never supported on Intel Macs.

The most contemporary option is iCab 3, which was last updated on January 1, 2008, but iCab 4 is not being developed for Classic, so the writing is on the wall even there. Launched in mid 2009, Classilla is built around Mozilla and its Gecko rendering engine – all ported to PowerPC Macs, primarily by Cameron Kaiser. If you try to run the standard version on these models, they will be missing some crucial ingredients. Some of these additional items are available separately at Apple Software Updates or from third-party websites (non-Apple software).
Using the wrong Mac OS ROM file can cause the computer to behave unpredictably and may even prevent it from starting up.
In particular, the Finder is incredibly responsive, and Open Transport networking is vastly more stable. Compatibility is excellent, and if you have a dual-processor Power Mac G4 or G5, you’ll see top notch performance. All in all, Classic Mode is an excellent way to use that old Mac software on Macs with more power than ever booted the Classic Mac OS natively. If you install, it’s a good idea to drag a fresh copy of the OS 9 System Folder to backup media, which will allow you to restore it by simply dragging it back to your hard drive, instead of the tedium of running the software restore CD or DVD. This has been the most popular topic in the history of the Miscellaneous Ramblings column; earlier versions have been viewed over 170,000 times.
When I do, I’m always gratified by the speed and responsiveness compared with OS X, but I do miss the OS X feature set, especially preemptive multitasking, Spotlight, and Spaces.
That can really tie things up on a single-processor Mac, but on a dual-processor machine, the second processor is free to do all the other work, keeping you productive even when OS 9 has completely taken over the other CPU.

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