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Apple told us all about its new features a long time ago, and opened the doors to its first truly public beta shortly after that. However, ever since Apple made new versions of OS X free, it seems like the bar for quality has dropped a bit. We’ll come out and say right away that most Mac users should go ahead and upgrade to Yosemite. Some users might want to hold off a little bit until their apps and other favourite tools catch up. Similarly, others have complained about sluggish or poor graphics performance in Yosemite, probably because of the new OS’s shiny (but graphically demanding) translucent windows and effects.
Most of the improvements in Yosemite are interface and graphics improvements, but that better look and smoother feel come with higher demands on your system.
I've been running the betas since number two on a (two?) year old mac air and if anything it has made it better. I'm normally a genesis googler but today, i can not find out of my mac mini 2009 version can be updated or not? So even if it say's Beta version 6 when I did the update it's the now full version of 10.10?
Dutch ovens are fantastic tools in the kitchen, but they can be pricey and not everyone has one. Apple events always generate a disproportionate amount of media attention, even its developer events such as last week's WWDC 2014.
On my Surface 2, if I set my Lumia as a Bluetooth device, it will automatically enable Wifi sharing and have the Surface connect to it (if no other Wifi is around). Also incoming calls could be handled the same way, as in your phone rings in the other room and you get a notification on your Mac with caller ID on your Mac screen. On a completely different note - is there any chance we'll see Microsoft allow other online storage services, like Dropbox , to be used instead of Onedrive?
So, there are some aspects to OneDrive integration in Windows that are inevitable, and won't be configurable for other services. But as far as integrating with the file system and accessing your files from anywhere, there is nothing stopping you from ignoring OneDrive and using Dropbox or whatever. Maybe that's not the best of ideas, but it seemed cool when I was thinking about it at the time. The point is only that iOS 8 isn't a full version upgrade, but is rather an evolutionary update to iOS 7 and that, as such, it should be versioned accordingly. When I was shopping for a premium laptop, I found the Mac options to be a better value than the variety of Windows ultrabooks and Surface.
More important (from a "value" perspective rather than pure "cost"), Windows cannot and does not run optimally on Mac hardware because Apple does not provide the most efficient drivers for the system. There are numerous excellent Windows Ultrabooks that are much better values than MacBooks and are just as well made.
Or, is it time to stop thinking of Apple as a company that just sells hardware in the same way that it's time to stop thinking of Microsoft as a company that just sells software?
In the most recent quarter, ~$41 billion of the firm's $45.6 billion in revenues was derived from hardware sales. I think at the time Paul missed the news because he was travelling and then did not follow up on what I think was huge news.
It is unfortunate that Microsoft did not place a greater than one year non-compete contract on Sinofsky in exchange for an estimated $14M of Microsoft stock – maybe 2-3years would have been more appropriate. I really hope your give the 1.5+ billion users respect by allowing us to be part of the process (in developing Windows and Office and even listen to us when we talk about best implementing the stylus pen in Surface devices) because we are and will remain very diverse, in how we customise or put the “P” in our PC’s and help our clients, family and friend do likewise. Even though Stephen Sinofsky and some of his former lieutenants such as George Grant, Jon DeVaan, Antoine Leblond, and Tami Reller have joined Apple now there is still much to do to restore our former MAJOR allegiance and fond regards for the company. The best thing that could happen to Microsoft is for Stephen Sinofsky to go to work for Apple. What's most upsetting about some of the integration features is that Microsoft has all the pieces, and should have gotten there first. The "better together" thing is far more important for Microsoft, given their dominance in desktop software, to drive adoption of Windows tablets and phones.
As Microsoft is stupidly pulling integration stuff OUT of their OS, others are putting it in. Microsoft has either done most of this already (and stopped) or has all the pieces and just isn't making them work together. Paul I think you understand the real news from WWDC more than most Apple leaning blog sites.
It did have lots, I mean lots of little tiny improvements across the board on all platforms. The big news is the continuity of their products and how they leverage the Apple ecosystem. I am not sure why you think they should have called iOS 8 7.1, all new versions have jumped a number.
Also iMessage on the Mac came with Mountain Lion I think, so they were moving to this integration already. Paul, why haven't you included Apple's new features on the backend (Apple allows developers to use their backend, up to a certain usage for free)? Paul, you are forgetting iDisk (part of .mac) which predates dropbox and anything comparable from Microsoft. To me the silence is deafening as to whether Apple has any plans to introduce touchscreen to its desktop OS. Actually OS X has touch, its just implemented smartly through the best glass trackpad on the market. Paul, for your next Compete Report, may I suggest Siri (in the public release of iOS 8) vs.
To see what year your Mac was made, click the More Info button and you'll see a bit more system information, including your Mac's era in gray lettering below its name.

The latest version of Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) offers a lot of new features, including a new design and the ability to make iPhone calls from your browser.
Jennifer Kyrnin has been building websites since 1995, and teaching others how to do it since 1997. It looks like it has some great features, but it’s still an upgrade, and any upgrade has a chance of going bad. Thousands of Mac users have been running the Yosemite beta for months, watching the operating system evolve with each patch and update, and get ready for today’s release. Mavericks had real issues when it launched, issues everyone glossed over because, hey, it’s free! Many of Yosemite’s coolest features show up in the way your mobile device and your computer talk to one another, especially if you leverage features such as Handoff and Call Answering, as well as iCloud Drive.
Notification Center itself is finally actually useful, and not just a list of things you’ll ignore forever.
In our tests, we haven’t seen too many issues, and many devs have already pushed updates to fix post-upgrade bugs. People running pre-Mavericks versions of OS X and are happy, and people whose Macs don’t meet the basic system requirements. Some users may see some slowness at first, but that’s to be expected, especially on older hardware. Informally, I asked friends and followers on Twitter what their experiences with Yosemite have been, and the response was almost universally positive. The Nintendo 3DS is a great little system, but with a maximum resolution of 400 x 240, it's not exactly a looker. If you want to cook some classic Dutch oven recipes with a slow cooker instead, here's how. At this conference, Apple announced new versions of Mac OS X and iOS that it will release later in the year. I don't quite get why you'd bother doing that, as OneDrive integration in Windows 8.x in particular is amazing, and the service is available broadly everywhere. But unfortunately, its apples way of tomb-stoning older devices so it does not follow the normal conventions like the Mac OS does. Most people can overcome the keyboard differences quickly enough, but once you've installed Windows on there you can't "fix" it: The way the OS is applied to the system can't be undone. Microsoft really needs to start to innovate on a much, much, grand scale now with updates to Windows 8 and later with the next version of Windows code-named "threshold" or what will likely become Windows 9.
This would have given Microsoft time to really innovate and considering how far behind they are in the mobile and portable spaces, would have been wiser. The Desktop Taskbar: where icons images on pinned shortcuts are not customisable (try right clicking on any taskbar shortcuts and you will see there is no (right-click access to properties) to customisable or “change icon” etc. It is not possible to customise the date and time on the lock screen – which should automatically happen dependent on the country you reside in. This applies only to the Apple can do no wrong crowd, not to a technology enthusiast who's actually tried it all and made the right decision for them. I'd think this is particularly interesting since there are rumors that this runs on Azure just like some other Apple iCloud components. Apple integrated two platforms in a way that sharing and communication is seamless, you start in one device and finish in another one but yet not compromising interface for two completely different devices, phones and PCs. Microsoft's problem is that they were not in the Mobil market so there was nothing to integrate. Any Apple developers out there know whether there's any nascent touchscreen code buried in Yosemite? Apple has these touch gestures on the mac for years now, 4 finger swipes, pinch to zoom, 2 finger rotate and all kinds of other stuff. Make sure you have enough memory and hard-drive space Among Yosemite's general requirements are a minimum of 2GB of memory and at least 8GB of available space. Click on the Free button and enter your Apple ID username and password to start downloading OS X Yosemite.  This will take several minutes, and it will first close out all your open apps and restart.
Look at the About this Mac (in the Apple menu) to see that you now have Yosemite installed.
She's written several books on the topic, and is probably working on another one right now. The install process only took me about a half hour, and part of that may be because I’m using a slightly older Mac. The new Safari, for example, is faster, more streamlined, and makes it easy to get back to sites you visited on your phone or tablet, which is a nice touch if you’re not already using something like Chrome Sync or Firefox Sync. However, some popular third-party apps, most notably Chrome and Firefox, devour RAM and CPU time in a way they never did in Mavericks.
Beyond those obvious users, anyone with an older Mac, by which we mean more than five or six years old, should think twice before hitting the App Store. We’re betting much of it will be patched out as developers (at Apple and elsewhere) get together and update their applications. Not all businesses require a huge amount of money to get off the ground -- or even an office space.
Citra is an emulator that's still very early in development, but features a way to upscale 3DS games to 1600 x 900. And while neither is all that interesting on their own, Apple has finally adopted the integration strategy that makes Microsoft's products and services so interesting. As Windows 8 integrates with OneDrive for online document storage, I was musing on how nice it would be if you could have that same level of integration with other 3rd party services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iDrive, etc.
But if you already had GBs of stuff in some other service, there's no reason you couldn't keep using that instead.
The funny thing is MS tomb-stoned wp7 and took a beating for it and apple does it every year lol.
Not all software will work on Yosemite, so you should make a note of the apps that won't work, so you can update them or remove them.

Is it ready for prime time, or should I wait for the next patch to fix the bugs people will inevitably find?
Occasionally, my secondary display would just get covered with visual artefacts for no reason. If you’re worried performance may suffer on your Mac, consider a clean install (which we generally recommend anyway) to root out the cruft from versions of OS X gone by. Here are eight tips that can help you turn your startup pipe dream into an affordable reality. So for the first time in any meaningful way, OS X and iOS will actually work better when they're used together.
Like, for example - using your Dropbox credentials to log into Windows and having your docs automatically sync then with Dropbox.
The goal is to evaluate something a competitor makes by comparing it to Microsoft's products and services. To see how much space you have on your Mac's hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD), click the More Info button again and then click Storage at the top of the window. In addition to a few minutes of your time, you will  need 2GB of memory and 8GB of available disk space.
It’s actually quite similar to the Wi-Fi issues in iOS 8, such as disconnecting every now and then, weaker signal reception, and slow speeds. All in all, if you live in Apple’s garden and have up-to-date devices, Yosemite will make your life easier and more convenient. Airmail, for example, works well in Yosemite, but for some reason after upgrading, global search stopped working.
These sporadic issues are my anecdotal experience, but a little digging says I’m not alone.
For the rest of us, or those of us who are cross-platform, dual-boot other operating systems on our Mac, or use it for work? A quick search shows other people have the same problem, but luckily the Airmail team is already working on a fix. Users from various parts of the world have reported facing the very same issues.Quite a few unofficial fixes are available for the problem, but unfortunately, not all of them work, and some that do work don’t fix it completely or permanently.
Before you do anything, back up your Mac If you have determined that your Mac can run Yosemite, then (as always) your first move before upgrading should be to perform a system backup to protect your data.
The Apple support website is filled with dozens of complaints on the issue by frustrated users.There are a lot of tweets on the issue as well, including one by Flipboard head of product, Eugene Wei.
Should the installation go awry, you don't want to lose important documents along with your photo and music libraries. According to Sophos’ security expert, Paul Ducklin, Apple could perhaps not be at fault here – the issue could be due to some flaws in third-party hardware and software that could have been exposed by the Yosemite OS update.
He might actually be right, but Apple’s reaction to this whole issue has been quite disappointing.Even if the issue is caused by third-party hardware or software flaws, Apple needs to come out with a working fix. Unfortunately, it hasn’t even responded to the numerous complaints users have made on its support discussion forums and other mediums. Most of the time you can find him hunting for the latest tech news, and new things to experiment with his gadgets. The big issue, I think, is that Apple had already figured out that these kinds of translucency effects didn't work in earlier OS X versions and had scaled back those efforts.
This is a change I like quite a bit, though there are some weird inconsistencies in that some icons are just flat while others are flat but tilted to the left for some reason. But the Dock finally loses the silly 3D-looking shelf and is now just flat, as it should be.
This is the type (ahem) of thing that keeps Mac users up at night, but I think it looks great. The iOS keyboard is now customizable, so developers will be able to replace the stock keyboard, as is possible on Android, and finally bring Swype-style keyboards to the platform.
I had expected a lot more here, like third party app support, but it appears Apple is moving slowly in this regard. Instead, Touch ID will be able to unlock apps that need to verify your identity, but no personal data is transferred out of the device's trusted module. If you're doing something on the phone and a pop-up notification for a new text message appears, for example, you can pull down the notification to open an inline reply box. And it also works on the lock screen, where you swipe horizontally to get some new, large action buttons (which appear throughout iOS 8 now). It's really a set of different features, or services, that will work across both Mac and iOS and help users transition from device to device. This is especially important on the Apple side, because that firm believes you need three devices: A smartphone (iPhone), a tablet (iPad) and a computer (Mac). On the Microsoft side of the fence, we think most people can get by with two, where at least one is a hybrid (phablet or 2-in-1 PC).
Apple's strategy makes sense for Apple since they make all their money on device sales. AirDrop is basically cross-device sharing, and you can share photos, videos, websites, locations, and more. But it also works with phone calls too: You can use your Mac to display caller ID or as a speaker phone.
In the past, iCloud worked pretty well, but apps had to be written specifically to allow this device-to-device integration, whereas OneDrive drops right into the Windows file system and works with everything. Your iCloud Drive-based folders and files are available from Finder (Mac's File Explorer), eliminating the need for developers to hand-craft each app to use the service. Only an Apple audience could applaud the addition of such a feature this late in the game, but whatever.

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