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The new OS X Reminders app is iCloud enabled, and much like the Notes app, it lets you pin a list to the desktop. The task list will update without splitting it from the primary app, but the pinned Reminders lists take up much less space and are cleaner looking, making them more suitable for leaving around on the desktop. Place the floating Reminders list anywhere on the desktop and now grab an iOS device to make remote changes to the list. I don’t see why you say the new Reminders window is pinned to the desktop, or even floating. Impact: A man-in-the-middle attack may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution. A CoreMedia bug is similarly labeled as affecting Windows customers, as well as Mac OS X Snow Leopard users.
We hebben maandagavond natuurlijk allemaal de WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) keynote bekeken waar Steve Jobs en zijn collega’s weer allerlei gave dingen hebben onthuld.
Voor de echte liefhebbers kun je op de site van Apple de complete keynote nog een keer op je gemak bekijken. Apple heeft vandaag een keynote gehouden tijdens de Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple heeft vandaag Mac OS X Lion gepresenteerd met meer dan 250 nieuwe functies en 3000 nieuwe API's. Maandag 6 juni zal Steve Jobs het Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) openen met een keynote waarin onder andere iOS 5 zal worden gepresenteerd. Als je net een nieuwe iMac hebt aangeschaft dan is het natuurlijk geweldig om deze op je bureau te zetten maar je loopt de kans dat je krassen maakt. Op 6 juni 2011 zal Steve Jobs samen met een team van Apple de jaarlijkse Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) openen met een keynote.
There are many reasons to not jailbreak iOS, with the two primary concerns typically being a reduction of device stability, and the loss of Apple support for a jailbroken device. Maybe for OS X Yosemite so we could change the horrible font and window dressing and UI, that would be something! I really have had no problems whatsoever, so I’d say if you were holding off, go ahead. I feel like a spy coming in from the cold (Windows) after far more than a decade following my departure with Apple’s severance of third party hardware licenses.

Yesterday, Apple launched OS X Yosemite which brought a complete redesign to the OS and a number of features like Continuity, an enhanced Notification Center with widget support, iCloud Drive, and more.
Popular password manager 1Password has received a number of new features that integrate with OS X Yosemite including support for Dark Mode, iCloud Drive compatibility for enhanced syncing between devices, and Wi-Fi sync which now works with attachments.
Daft Logic Studio brings its iOS currency converter to the Mac with a flat look that is in line with the rest of OS X Yosemite and a Notification Center widget that can display multiple conversions at once. Read-it-later service Pocket has received an update that now features its own share extension that allows users to save content in a number of apps, and a new design that gives a flat look. Developer Junecloud has launched a Mac version of its popular Delivery Status touch app, and features its own Notification Center widget that allows users to track their packages along with the ability to share a shipment over email, iMessage, or AirDrop.
Advanced calculator PCalc is now compatible with OS X Yosemite and includes its own Notification Center Widget to perform calculations, Handoff support, and the ability to import custom calculator layouts created on iOS via iCloud. Monity is a system monitoring widget made for OS X Yosemite which can be accessed in the Today view inside of Notification Center. File and screenshot sharing app CloudApp has received a new update for OS X Yosemite which allows users to record their screen at 60 frames a second and a share extension that allows users to share content from their Mac to the service.
Taking the functionality of Dashboard and cramming everything into a thin vertical strip of screen ranks up there as one of the worse UX ideas Apple has come up with in the past few years.
Anyone wishing for a control centre equivalent where we can easily toggle music controls from the notifications panel? You can change this back to the pre-Lion way of doing things by going into Mission Control prefs and have the Dashboard show as an overlay (Apple have changed this .. These two features combine to bring a synced and automatically updating To-Do list right to the Mac desktop, meaning if you change or complete a task while on the go from an iPhone or iPad, it will reflect instantaneously on the Mac and vice versa. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Lion zal verkrijbaar zijn in juli voor € 23,99 en alleen in de Mac App Store gedownload kunnen worden. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Jailbreaking is generally best reserved for advanced users who have a compelling reason to jailbreak their hardware, though the Pangu8 utility is easy to use, untethered, and preinstalls Cydia.
Additionally, having a recent backup makes it simple to restore a device to prior working condition in the event that something was to go wrong during the jailbreaking process.

Though the jailbreak is untethered, you will need to connect the device to the computer with a USB cable to complete the initial jailbreak, launch the Pangu app, and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the job. I feel like the whole internet jumps on this band wagon whenever Apple releases something new. A number of developers have updated their apps to take advantage of those new features, and we've rounded up some of the most notable apps for Yosemite below.
The 1Password mini menubar attachment has also been refined, bringing faster access and new shortcuts. The full version of Coinverter for Mac will launch soon, and interested users can participate in a free public beta. The service has also now integrated some of its premium features like full text search and suggested tags, along with a number of improvements like a dark mode for reading. The widget can monitor a number of OS X statistics including system uptime, app processes, memory usage, battery life, network activity, and more. Unless there’s some hidden preference(s), it may just be a matter of confusing terminology, but I sure would love to see those two features as well if they exist. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Once the device is jailbroken there is no further need to use a computer, unless a user intends to undo the jailbreak and restore to normal iOS functionality. The current one is a bit ugly I know, I sort of rushed it when Apple announced I can submit my app. Am I missing something because I would love to have more control over Reminders’ windows.
Does anyone else experience the default going back to an overall list every few seconds on their app? Its my personal opinion that many of these bugs the media speaks of are related to outdated or poorly written apps.

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