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You may have twigged to the fact that without a Firewire port the MacBook can’t do target disk mode as we know it.
According to Geoff Winder Product Manager for Hardware at Apple Australia Target Disk Mode relied upon part of the Firewire standard which isn’t replicated in USB.
Winder said that Apple now believes that there is no real need for Target Disk Mode anyway – there are alternative methods for everything people would want to do with it. This is definitely a debatable point — Target Disk Mode is a key part of the special sauce that makes maintaining Macs much easier than PCs and Migration Assistant does nowhere near as exact a copy as something like SuperDuper cloning between two Macs with one in target disk mode. According to Apple (not tested by us yet) the version of the system migration tool that comes with the new Macbooks is now considerably faster than it was before.
Apple has made a big deal of changing from the Intel integrated graphics to the NVIDIA 9400M on the MacBook. The MacBooks may be running an Intel CPU but they’re not running an Intel controller chipset any more.
Then again the Mac product manager demonstrated the stiffness of the aluminium plate backing and also showed the screen flexing under some pressure without cracking. Coming from the point of view of someone who has never liked the chicklet keyboard on the MacBook the latest gen version of it is surprisingly good.

Even comparing a Pro screen next to a standard MacBook screen with ideal viewing angle it’s clear that the Pro screen has considerably better colour vibrancy and contrast. MacBook Pro on the other hand seriously requires disassembly by an Apple qualified technician or you run the risk of damaging the case irrepairably as you try to prise it open adding to the cost of a hard drive upgrade by $100 or more. Apple is not providing any video port adaptors with either machine which is outrageous grab for cash considering this is the first machine on the market to come with DisplayPort Mini which means you WILL need a video adaptor to plug it in to an external monitor.
The MacBook Pro now has the same superb design for accessing the hard drive as the MacBook (described in point 10 of our list above). There’s Boot Camp for backup and the Apple Migration Assistant for full-disk cloning. You can also pause it so that if you accidentally disconnect the two Macs from each other you can resume the process. One particularly prominent one (resolved now) was with NFORCE 680i chipsets — the SATA controllers were actually causing disk data corruption. It sits next to the battery so all you have to do is pop the metal battery cover off undo one screw pull out the existing hard drive and slide the new one in. This means that if you were prepared to jerry-rig it up you could actually take out the optical drive and put a second hard drive in there.

Note these are likely to be nothing too high tech — just a couple of paper dots stuck inside the machine which are chemically treated to change colour when they come in contact with moisture. The most expensive adaptor (DisplayPort Mini to Dual DVI) costs $AUD149 which is a considerable extra cost on top of the machine. This means no more technician involvement in changing the hard drive making the MacBook Pro one of the most easily upgradeable laptops with RAM & hard drive easily user accessible. Should you drop the machine and bend the aluminium or break the glass fascia you’ll have to replace the entire screen and top case. Apple has made this abundantly clear by using 56 screws to affix the keyboard to the top case.

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