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Many software issues are resolved by simply updating to the latest version, below are resources to help you keep Lightroom up to date. Launch the Creative Cloud app from your Applications (Mac) or Programs (Win) folder if it’s not already open. Click on the Creative Cloud icon in the top menu (Mac) or the system tray in the lower left (Win) to open the Creative Cloud window. You’ll need to find a computer that is connected to the internet, and download the update to an external drive or media that you can move to the computer that’s not connected. Visit this page then sign in with your Adobe ID (if asked) before clicking any of the download links above. Download an installer – click or right-click on the desired link above and choose “Save Link As…” from the popup menu – and save all files to the same place (e.g. For help installing after downloading the files complete , see this document: Start the installer after downloading. If you use Photoshop and Camera Raw together with Lightroom, head over to Jeffrey Tranberry’s article for instructions on how to verify that Photoshop and Camera Raw are up to date.

Hello, I have installed the update version of Lr 5, but now I am missing the tone curve tab in the development module.
Please download and use the DNG Converter to get support for the Nikon D7100 in Lightroom 3. Alternatively you could sign up for the Photoshop Photography Package to always be up to date with the latest. I have version 2.7 running on an older laptop with windows vista (32 bit), but now want to move to a stationary PC running windows 7 (64 bit).
Sorry for the trouble and lost business, we don’t do any sorts of auto-uninstall during OS updates. If you’ve already installed Adobe Flash Player, then System Preference will display the Flash Player icon. Adobe has a page (link here) which details out the version of Flash Player installed on your Mac.
To check if an Flash Player update is available, open System Preference, click on the Flash Player icon, go to Advance and click Check Now.

When I go to Check for Updates, it says that my software is up to date, no updates available at this time.
Something must have either rolled back if the software was completely gone from your system. You need to go to your Creative Cloud application and click on Apps and install Lightroom 5. Whether you are watching videos or playing Flash-based games in your browser, having Adobe Flash Player installed on your Mac will streamline your computing experience. If no version number is shown on the page, then a message should appear that your Mac OS doesn’t have the Flash Player installed. Before executing the file which is in .dmg format, make sure to close Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari browser and everything else that relates to Flash.

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