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After you’ve finished reading this article you should be able to determine which company suits you best. According to Wikipedia, the first successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface (GUI) was the Apple Macintosh, and it was introduced on the 24th of January 1984. The Apple Macintosh continued to sell successfully through the second half of the 1980s until its sales began to decline in the 1990s when the market shifted towards the IBM PC that was running a Microsoft Windows operating system. In the other hand, Apple designed its software for close integration of computer hardware and software, which means it’s not compatible with other computer hardware. Statistics show that Microsoft Windows has approximately 91% of the market share, while the Apple Mac OS has around 5% of the market share. To be a little more specific, here’s a graph that illustrates which operating system versions are most popular in the market share. The graph below gives you an idea about how the market was moving between the different operating systems, starting from September 2009 to July 2010. Media choices and preferences vary greatly between the two groups, with Mac People trending toward more independent films, specialized comedians and design-centric magazines, and PC People trending toward more mainstream alternatives as well as sports.
Some Apple users claimed that there aren’t any PC laptops that can compare to a Macbook or a Macbook Pro! Here’s a closer look of the comparison between the typical Apple Macbook and other similar Windows-operating PCs.
Well, the sole purpose of this post is to show you all the facts about both companies, and let you decide. I have given you a little overview on Apple and Microsoft’s histories, a glimpse on who was more successful and why, statistics on which is more popular and who is using what, and a detailed comparison on the features of similar products.
If you are considering a switch, check out these two official articles from both Apple and Macintosh to help you decide.

I kind of tripped over the ads a couple of days ago on youtube and they just rub me the wrong way.
Hehe, now I don?t agree with you on the Mac vs PC thing… since I’m a switcher ?? But still I want a Batcomputer! You can always do what I did and buy a cheap PC-laptop and then dual-boot Win7 and OSX (Mac operating system). I won’t say one is better than the other though as they both have their strengts and weaknesses. King of Slackers is powered by WordPress with ComicPress heavily modified by Andreas Svalås. We will first understand which company started first, then the reason of the more successful entity. Because after all, we are not trying to convince you to change what you find suitable for you.
About a year later, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Windows in November 1985 in response to the growing interest in the GUIs. In 2009, Microsoft was reported to have approximately 91% of the operating systems market share.
The reason for this domination is simply because; Microsoft designed its operating systems to be compatible with various hardware created by a wide range of computer companies such as Dell, IBM, hp, and Sony, etc. So I went to the Microsoft website, hoping to find something about their users and where they work, but I couldn’t find that much either. The report focused on their personalities from 3 perspectives: aesthetic preferences, media choices, and personality traits. After further research, I came across many PCs that are, in fact, very similar to Apple’s products.

Keeping in mind that all the data was collected from the official product’s websites. I advise that you read BOTH articles as they are both trying to persuade you to switch to their company! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We also discuss which company is more relevant today and who are the majority users of both PC and Mac. All we want to do in this post is lay out all the facts for you, the consumer, so that you can decide all on your own!
In the mean while, Apple has strictly designed their operating system to fit perfectly in their own hardware.
And we are now engaged to be married I wanted to do a comic about that, but because of the lack of time this week, I’ll probably do that next week instead. We will also take a closer look to evaluate the important features and technical specifications in both; Macs and PCs.
Nina is currently studying Information Systems in Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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