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Spanning more than 7 different sectors and a lot many more companies, Mahindra Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the country today. The fact that Mahindra started around 60 years back from an automotive business and has moved on to cover businesses as diverse as retail and agribusiness shows that the big guns at M & M would have worked doubly hard to build a strong positioning and branding strategy. It speaks about the desire to rise from the levels of mediocrity to excellence and to succeed efficiently by contributing to the growth of the organization and the society.
People shouldn’t be fixed in limits by certain rules and laws which would act as an obstacle for them to develop their creativity and serving the customers efficiently. The core values on which the entire corporate philosophy, tagline and branding campaign will be based are professionalism, improving the quality in everything the company does and putting the customer at the focus of everything. The heads of all the 7 sectors are leading the initiative and efforts on to include this initiative in the HR policies, talent management and in each and everything associated with M & M.
A move was needed from the “Indians are second to none” strategy to encompass the global community since M & M has grown way beyond its boundaries. This is probably the best way M & M can speak about all their brands from automotive to aerospace in just one breath. The fact that this is coming at a time when with scams everywhere around, even a valued person like Ratan Tata is in danger of being DEVALUED, makes one look at it with real interest.
For such a campaign to be successful, the ROI in whatever way can be calculated has to be planned. The Mahindra & Mahindra group, the $ 16 billion automotive to information technology to financial services major has unveiled a new global brand identity that depicts one Mahindra to the world. The new word mark and other elements of visual identity have been adopted after extensive research and feedback.

With the acquisition of Ssang Yong, it has given itself the headroom to expand itself internationally.
From proving that Indians were second to none right after independence to the just launched ‘RISE’ campaign, the Mahindra Group has come a long way.
When various employees, customers and other individuals were interviewed, the biggest question they asked was the relevance of M & M’s old philosophy of proving that Indian’s were second to none. It speaks about the optimism about the future by encouraging positive change and thinking out of the box. As per what Anand Mahindra says that the prime measurement criteria will be the customer promoter and employee promoter score. M & M is spending around Rs 120 cr on this and hopes to generate 10x returns which could be revenues, profits or anything of that sort.
Probably it may have been directed at the recessionary hit Western world which has sunken to record depths. Since they are so different to each other, the necessity to RISE together in all them is necessary for the success of the organization. Even though Anand Mahindra says that they thought of this three years back, the coincidence cannot be forgotten. Whether it is number of recommendations or the effects on sales or profits, if ROI isn’t calculated effectively, this would be another of those run of the mill campaigns.
The new brand architecture is a new Mahindra wordmark in a fresh logo style and in a vibrant red colour.
President Group Strategy and Chief Brand Officer, Mahindra Group said, “this is a part of our Rs 120 crores brand repositioning mission that began in 2011 with a campaign called Rise.

It is a lot more contemporary, edgy and sleek and visually represents the changes the business is making to embrace and shape the future. While corporate and mobility businesses will be all red, B2B businesses will be red-grey and B2C businesses will have different colour combinations. The group wanted a word mark which would reflect the evolving nature of the organisation, its global outlook and progressive management style. So obviously having a specific positioning and branding campaign for the international segment makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Since M & M has a 10% foreign workforce and also a strong presence in international markets, there is no sense in continuing with it. It calculates the scores on the basis of the number of people who recommend Mahindra to their friends, employees etc. We also had to ensure that it would have universal appeal across consumer and business segments in urban and rural areas, as well as overseas. We have to be able to reflect that change - it's internal, it comes from product diversification and our Indian and international aspirations. We have tried to create a modern futuristic feel, while retaining the dependability, reliability and warmth associated with the Mahindra brand,” concluded Shukla.

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