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Fold all corners of your Minecraft mob characters cut-out template, tabs should always be folded inwards.
Before I begin to review this little gem of a movie, allow me to start by saying that the most unbelievable thing about the entire plot was, surprisingly, not the two-headed mutant shark. Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to begin my review of 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012).
Prior to starting this flick, I took a look at the reviews on Netflix and I must say, they weren’t good. The premise of the movie is that a bunch of college kids have signed up for a “semester at sea” on a boat not big enough to sleep in, let alone study and spend a semester in. A whole bunch of deaths and a horribly overacted (by Charlie O’Connell) leg injury later, Brooke Hogan fixes everything. TheBrickFan has reported that there are some new printable materials based on the upcoming LEGO Movie.
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The best review gave it minus two stars, but what I don’t understand is, what were these reviewers expecting, upon seeing a movie titled 2-Headed Shark Attack? The boat breaks down and they’re forced to stop the boat and terribly mimic underwater welding to fix it. She, apparently, has been trained in welding, boating, mechanics, shark-fighting, lip-pouting, sassy-insulting, and, of course, really, really bad acting. These printable materials are masks based on characters that we will get to meet once we get to watch the film.
Did they figure they were watching a blockbuster, mutli-million dollar movie with Academy Award potential? And by “terribly mimic,” I mean wave a MIG gun (which, incidentally, can’t actually be used for underwater welding) erratically three feet from the actual boat. If you would like to print out one of these masks for you or your children go ahead and click on them to get a full resolution printable mask.
The underwater welder gets eaten (she’s the one I mentioned earlier who was DPed by both mouths), and the boat continues to take on water.

If you would like to be notified about this updates you could follow us on Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr! You know, the ones your mom always told you to be nice to because they were “special,” but to you, special only meant that they drooled a lot, and often smelled funny. The students are forced to take a life boat to a nearby island (excuse me, I mean an atoll) and await help, but then, GASP, the atoll starts sinking too! In an aerial act so good it could have been part of Cirque du Soleil, the shark flips the guy up into the air with his tail, dives into the deep, and then takes a flying leap out of the water to catch the falling guy in its mouths, before he hits.

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