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The row 1 units will be connected to each other using these units and are hence referred to as connector units. When you are done making the first ring, you would have used up 30 units for Row 1 and equal number of connector units for Row 2.
It is tough to uncover knowledgeable men and women on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!
I sort of found your web site accidentally, but your web site captured my attention and I thought that I’d post to let you know that I like it.
As serious as the rest of the Okino WEB site is to our professional customers, we thought we would write this interesting and off beat tutorial for those who still yearn for their earlier days of playing with LEGO. To show how to slightly clean up the imported scene before rendering or re-export to other 3D programs. The following screen shot shows the results of importing the "car.ldr" file (that comes standard in the LDraw program's distribution) into Okino's NuGraf software using the methods outlined in this tutorial. First, you need to understand that the LDraw program is at the center of the 3D LEGO parts modeling universe. In general you don't need the other programs, and you don't need the POV-RAY software for this tutorial. Many of the utility programs, such as MLCad, require that the LDraw program be first installed. Second, you need to download and install the "LDraw to Lightwave" free converter program for Windows ("LDraw2lws").
The most convenient place to find some basic 3D LEGO models is in the "LDraw Parts Catalog". If you wish to have the "LEGO" name appear on each tiny stud then checkmark the "Create LEGO-Signs on Studs". Now, it's time to import the converted Lightwave .lwo files (1 or more of them) into Okino's NuGraf or PolyTrans programs. When the Lightwave importer option dialog box appears press the "Reset" so that all options are sane. Execute the "Optimize Hierarchy" command from the "Win" menu of the "Selector Window" in the upper right side of the screen. First, execute the "Add Empty Folder" command from the "Win" menu of the "Selector Window" in the upper right side of the screen.

This tutorial depends upon the freely available "LDraw to Lightwave" converter program for Windows ("LDraw2lws"). First, make sure you have downloaded and installed the "LDraw" software, especially the LDraw Parts Library.
As a work-around for a bug in this converter, copy the "lego_sign.lwo" file from the newly created directory to the top-most directory.
LEGO is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this site. We know you’ve collected all kinds of LEGO minifigures as a big LEGO fan, we also know you may like to make a LEGO minifigure paper craft by yourself. The interesting papercraft is created by DrakerDG (Have you remembered the Super Mario papercraft). Last year, Bryan Oknyansky launched the Shoes by Bryan website, which offers a range of different 3D printed high heeled ladies shoes. Bryan’s released a new set of shoes for the MUUSE x VOGUE Talents YOUNG VISION AWARD Accessories 2014 competition. The winner will be given the opportunity to collaborate with MUUSE and design a MUUSE Editions capsule collection produced and sold through MUUSE under the designer’s own name. It looks really cool and is simple to make – all you need is a little more patience than usual.
For each row, you will be adding one unit less and by the time you reach Row 20, you will add only one unit to each side. These cracked cement photos will make great urban 3D game textures or video background textures.
I also tried taking a concrete texture photo myself and it simply didn’t turn out as nice as these.
The image shown is a just real-time OpenGL display; the Okino ray tracer can subsequently create a nicer image with full reflections, transparency and glass refraction (see the last image shown in this tutorial).
This is because the LDraw program also includes the all-important and all-mighty "LDraw Parts Library". This is located in the "parts" and "models" sub-directories of the LDraw program's main directory. This will remove all the redundant yellow grouping folders which were created because we imported multiple .lwo files.

Basically you have to highlight all the "Turquoise" 3D models shown in the right-side "Selector Window" and drag & drop them onto the new "Yellow Folder" you just added.
To change the scale, left click the mouse over top of the yellow grouping node folder in the "Selector Window" (the parent grouping node of all the objects). NuGraf contains all the functionality and all the data conversion capabilities of Okino's PolyTrans sibling product.
This is several directories of ".dat" files which are the 3D models of each known LEGO part. We found that this produces the most acceptable conversions from LDraw format to the format Okino customers need (Lightwave will be an ideal file format); it converts the data into 3d model geometry, assigns materials (with color, transparency and reflectivity), and sets up the lights.
The easiest way to do this is first highlight (left click) on the top-most model name (a turquoise icon) shown in the list (the one contained as a child of the "world" green node).
However, it is slightly tricky to install and use just based on the instructions provided with the converter.
In spite of lack of a sci-fi gizmo, the minifigure looks really like the Spceman from 8683 LEGO minifigures series. The shoes were a massive hit at the 3D Print Show in London last November and now Bryan’s ready to take on the world. While the metal shoes were selected for round one of the competition, Bryan has still got to garner enough votes to advanced to round two. From there, Vogue Senior Fashion Editor and Vogue Talents Editor, Sara Maino, will select the winner. It is recommended that you return to the LDraw WEB Site and update your parts library every now and then.
Now, scroll down to the bottom of the list, press the SHIFT key and at the same time left-click the mouse over the name of the bottom-most object name (the last turquoise icon in the list). Now, drag & drop the highlighted list of object names on top of the new yellow folder you had just created. Click on the screen snapshot image below to show what the "Selector Window" and its contents should look like after this simple operation is done.

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