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Producing High-Resolution Blu-ray AudioLearn how to create the ultimate listening experience with our Audiophile’s Choice Bundle. Advanced DVD and Blu-ray menu designIn this webinar you'll learn how to create custom buttons, add custom artwork, create menus with motion buttons, build buttons that expose advanced features, and more.
Squeezing in a few words during a packed roundtable interview, I recently asked Captain America: Civil War directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo a quick question about the characters in the film. He continued: “Just to speak specifically about why we brought Spider-Man in, for instance. DLNA-certified devices use UPnP — Universal Plug and Play — to discover each other on your network and communicate.
A digital media player can find content offered by a digital media server and play it back. A digital media controller can find content on a digital media server and instruct a digital media player to play the content. A digital media printer is a DLNA-enabled device that can print — for example, you could print from a Wi-Fi-enabled digital camera to a printer.
This isn’t a complete list — DLNA also defines other device classes, including different types of handheld devices. DLNA devices should automatically locate each other on a local network, assuming their DLNA feature is enabled.
This system was made for a time when you had locally stored media, which you stored on a digital media server — your PC with a big hard drive or a NAS device. DLNA is still offered by a variety of common devices, being built into Windows Media Player, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and even the Xbox One. DLNA was built for a world where local media was king, not a world of online video services, music-streaming sites, photo-sharing sites, and a devices with their own screens you might want to share.
Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. Consequently, most 4K video in the home comes from local repositories and storage, and plays just fine on 4K TVs as HEVC-encoded MP4 files. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. UPnP stands for “universal plug and play” and provides a set of standards for the hassle-free sharing of media without the need for manual setup. Smart TVs such as the Vizio E320i-A0 smart TV can be a great addition to any room in your house.
The intention of this tutorial is to introduce the rather complex Windows Registry subject to the average user.
The Windows Registry is a special place where Windows stores configuration settings for device drivers, applications, system services, the Windows Desktop and the user interface. Before the Windows Registry, both program applications and system components stored settings in special text files with the extension ini.
Both problems could be solved while keeping .ini files, but Microsoft has decided against it.
The intentions behind the Windows Registry were good, but the concept had not been completely thought through. Another problem with the Registry (as opposed to .ini files) is the difficulty of transporting program settings from one computer to another. The Windows Registry is spread across different folders, in data files which are hidden by Windows.
The easiest way to do this is to take the hard drive or solid state drive (SSD) out of your computer and put it in an external USB or eSATA case. Since the Registry files are hidden from the user, you must access your hard drive or solid state drive from another Windows installation (so that Windows is loaded from another hard drive). With Outertech's Cacheman utility you can right-click a Cacheman tray icon and select Create Restore Point, which includes a full Registry backup.
You can create a new Restore Point (which includes a full Registry backup) by going to the Windows Start Menu, right-clicking on Computer, selecting Properties from the menu, clicking on the System Protection label, and clicking on the Create button in the new window that opens, and entering a backup name. If you have a backup copy of your Registry, you can restore an old configuration in the event that something goes wrong after you or an application changes the Registry. Just boot up the other Windows installation (on another hard drive or another computer), attach the hard drive with the faulty Registry files, and replace them with the backup copy you made of the intact Registry files. Go to the Windows Start Menu, right click on Computer, select Properties from the menu, and click on the System Protection label. Select the Cacheman Restore Point (if you don't have Cacheman choose the restore point you've created manually) and click Next followed by Finish. The Windows Registry consist of several sections called hives, which are arranged in a tree-like hierarchical structure.
A key can contain multiple values of different type; these are comparable to the files on your hard drive. Contains desktop settings, application settings, and file association configurations of the currently logged in user. Contains system settings, device driver data, system services configurations, boot options, and application data that apply to all users (not only the currently logged-in user) of a Windows computer. This is a virtual hive that links to different sets of HKEY_CURRENT_USER hives (one for each user of the Windows installation). Binary Value (REG_BINARY): Binary means that the value can contain any type of computer data, up to a maximum value size of 16 KBytes. Multi-String Value (REG_MULTI_SZ): A text list of multiple strings with an additional null character on the end. The simplest way to edit the Windows Registry is to use the Registry Editor, as in the following examples. Some users don't like this addition and prefer just "Control Panel" instead, so they have to rename their shortcuts immediately after they create them. Make sure that you have a backup of the Registry before attempting to make any changes to it.
On the left side of the Registry Editor screen you can browse all the different hives and keys of the Windows Registry.
If you don't want to mess around with the Registry directly, you can achieve the same result with Cacheman, by going to the Usability Tweaks tab and unchecking the Shortcut text checkbox. From now on, if you right-click a file in Explorer, you will see the option to copy it to a different folder. To import the content of the exported .reg file to the Registry on another Windows computer, just double-click on it.
Windows Registry optimization refers to tweaking of Registry database values to increase performance and to make the computer faster, or to change the usability of Windows. Windows Registry scareware refers to web sites or program applications that pretend to have found Registry errors, and offer fake solutions for them. If your Registry question is still unaswered, you can contact us, and we will expand this tutorial. Its clean, drag-and-drop interface, powerful layout, and incredible authoring tools make it easy to develop dynamic menu-based Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD projects.

With DVD Architect™ Studio software, you can swiftly create professional-looking DVDs, even stunning widescreen productions, on your home computer. DLNA-compliant devices can stream local video, audio, and picture files to each other over your network.
Software can also be DLNA-certified — Windows Media Player can use DLNA to communicate with other networked media devices. Rather than each manufacturer creating a proprietary protocol for streaming media files on a network, DLNA-compliant devices can communicate with each other.
For example, a game console or home theater system could browse a server’s media files and steam them.
For example, you could use the Play To option in Windows Media Player to a play a local video file to an Xbox or other game console.
Common formats like MP3 audio, MP4 video, Windows Media Audio, and Windows Media Video 9 are all included. You can’t use DLNA to stream the contents of your screen from one device to another, as you can do with Apple’s AirPlay, Google’s Chromecast, or the finicky Miracast wireless display standard.
If you use local media files at home, you can still use DLNA to play media files — at least some of them — across your devices. Frankly, with the rise of 4K video (and soon, 8K video), most people’s home bandwidth is not really sufficient for online streaming of content. Direct Streaming these via DLNA to these new TVs is the best way of having and playing back 4K video. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. As Windows became easier to use with network attached devices, and hardware prices fell, this term started to be used in the consumer market.
We will illustrate it with screenshots and meaningful howto examples, followed by a Frequently Asked Questions section. The settings are stored in a tree-structured database across several files that are hidden from the user. For example, one important Windows settings file, system.ini, was located in the Windows folder.
The original Registry was created in Windows 3.1 to store settings for COM (inter-process communication) components. It can be done, but is often rather difficult, as applications tend to spread their settings over different section of the Registry database. Now, if you connect the hard drive to another computer (like a notebook) and browse to the folders where the Registry files are located, they will be visible. Take your hard drive or SSD out of your computer and put it in an external USB or eSATA case.
A new window will open where you should select Create a restore point, click Next, give it a name of your choosing and click Create.
If you copied the Registry data files manually by booting from an alternate Windows installation. If you have created a Registry backup using Cacheman and can still boot into your Windows Desktop. If you cannot boot into your Windows Desktop and are getting an error message that you think is Registry related.
About a minute later you may be asked about your keyboard layout (click on Next) and user password (enter your password, or if you don't have one, click Next).
The computer will restart, and the Registry and application files you had at the time you've created your backup will be restored. But you can change a value in the Windows Registry such that Windows will create all new shortcuts without the "- Shortcut" termination. Mark the number 16 by selecting it with the mouse, and type 00 (two zeros) to replace the 16 with 00. Your existing shortcuts will not have changed, but the new ones you create will not have the " - Shortcut" text added to them. But if you want to change certain Windows behaviour, apply some tweaks to make the computer faster or add new functionality, it may be necessary. They are scripts that can apply specific tweaks to the Registry with a simple double-click, bypassing manual editing using the Registry Editor. Optimization can be done either manually (RegEdit) or automatically (by means of .reg script files or optimization applications like Cacheman).
Usually an alarming warning accompanies an offer to fix the fictional problem (which does not exist). When they are serious, however, they can hamper Windows functionality or even prevent Windows from booting to Desktop.
Create multi-menu projects with movies, picture slideshows, and music compilations.Professional DVD layout and designAuthor menu-based and single-title DVD and Blu-ray Disc projects using preset backgrounds, motion menus, buttons, and effects.
Because he’s once removed from the central conflict, we could have a little fun with him on his own. It’s a way for your TV to stream videos from your media server and your smartphone to act as a remote that can play a file from one device on another device. You can buy a device from one manufacturer and use it with a device from another manufacturer, even if those two devices were never tested together. DLNA support is built into Windows Media Player, XBMC, Plex, and other media center software. Your PC would notice the game console, display it as a possible playback destination, and then tell the game console to start streaming the video when you press play.
However, DLNA devices don’t support Windows Media Video 10, the MKV or AVI containers, or FLAC lossless audio. You can’t play a game on a device and stream the output of your display to another device, give a presentation, or mirror your display for any other reason. The Xbox One also didn’t support DLNA — until Microsoft added it in an attempt to one-up Sony and please the Xbox users they alienated with the Xbox One’s original design. But DLNA hasn’t evolved to support modern types of media consumption and streaming, and it’s being left behind.
Nor have the online content providers been able to offer very much 4K content — they pay for that bandwidth at the datacenter level, and the 4x higher data rate eats considerably into their gross margin. The reason the author states that it is on its way out is because makers of devices and software are battling for control of content and distribution dollars. However, Windows includes an editor application called Registry Editor (Regedit), which allows users to audit, import, and export the contents of the Windows Registry. With the introduction of Windows 95, it extended the use of this database to replace the .ini files. It's not uncommon for an application installer to read and write a thousand values to the Registry during setup.
This also makes it more difficult to use applications on the go (on a USB stick), as portable applications must be independent of the Windows Registry.
For example the 0x0000007B Inaccessible Boot Device Blue Screen is caused by a missing device driver path in the Registry (we are preparing a follow up tutorial on this subject).

If you now connect the drive to another computer (e.g, a notebook) and browse to the folders where the Registry files are located (see the above section), they will become visible and you can copy them. Alternatively you can go to Backups section of the Cacheman configuration window, and click on the Create Restore Point button there. From the resulting list, select the backup with the name you've created before and hit Next.
Select Restore my computer to an earlier time, click Next, select the backup with the name you have created before, and hit Next again. If you don't know the exact time when the F8 key needs to be pressed, just keep hitting the F8 key as the computer boots until the boot menu (screenshot below) shows up. When the System Recovery Options window shows up, click on System Restore, select the Cacheman Restore Point (if you don't have Cacheman choose the restore point you've created manually) and click Next. There are reports that it's still there, and you can smash F8 or Shift + F8 during boot to get it displayed, but in our testing this was not possible on any of our computers. For example, the %TEMP% environment variable contains the location in which applications place temporary files. A new shortcut will appear as "Control Panel" right away, without having to have the extra text removed. The Registry Editor will create a file called CopyTo.reg, a text file that can be viewed or edited with a text editor like Notepad or GetDiz. Solving serious Registry problems is not trivial, and usually cannot be done by the so-called "Registry Cleaners".
In addition to these presets, you can import your own layered Photoshop® (PSD) files for use as backgrounds, buttons, and graphics. You'll be creating picture slideshows, single-movie DVDs, music compilations, and menu-based DVDs on your computer in no time!Choose a themeSelect from 56 beautifully designed DVD backgrounds with coordinated menu buttons. So, in order for us to balance the story we knew we needed to bring in some characters who – while they had a very good reason, specific reason for being there – they didn’t have all the emotional baggage that all the other characters had. You can’t use DLNA to control playback of videos from Netflix or Hulu, or music from Spotify or Rdio. DLNA also defines certain types of “profiles,” so some MP4 files might not be supported depending on their resolution, bitrate, and other details.
The main advantage of .ini files was that you could easily move application and system settings between different computers. The new database offered a separate section for each user, and also separated system and application settings while still storing them in a central place. This is one of the reasons why installing and uninstalling programs can take minutes on Windows compared to few seconds on most other operating systems. This is why some applications (for example the bookmark manager Linkman) offer the option of using an .ini file. The registry files can be seen if you access your current hard drive from another Windows installation. Windows will reboot and restore the Registry and application files you had at the time you've created the backup. Windows will reboot and restore the Registry and application files you had at the time you've created your backup. Windows will reboot and restore the Registry and application files you had at the time of the backup creation. In the new window select Restore my computer to an earlier time, click Next, select the backup with the name you have created before, and hit Next again. If you run into such a problem try using Google to search for a solution, or consult a Windows expert. Enable your DVD content to play back in a loop, hold, or time out at the end of a scene.Easy DVD previewThe Preview window enables you to preview your project on a simulated television screen with a virtual remote control. You can also import your own images and graphics to create your own custom themes.Menus and buttonsCreate menus for your movies so viewers can jump to their favorite scenes or chapters. And Captain America and Iron-Man and The Winter Soldier were going to go to a very intense and complicated place. You can buy DLNA-enabled network-attached storage (NAS) devices, televisions, speaker systems, and more. Device creators can’t add support for these because that would violate the DLNA specification. The main disadvantage was the risk of data inconsistencies if two applications wrote to the same .ini file at the same time.
Windows 2000 improved Registry access performance by defragmenting and indexing the Registry.
Some programs make constant reads and writes to the Registry during normal operation, which can slow down the entire system and even prevent the hard drive from going into low power mode. Otherwise you will need a Windows 8 installation medium (DVD or USB stick) to access system restore. Use a .reg file only if you completely trust the source you have received it from, and be certain that you have a backup of your Registry.
And give the movie a more well-rounded experience, from our point of view, in terms of what we look for. If you boot from the Windows 8.x installation medium (DVD or a USB stick) you will be asked about your language.
We really liked the idea of bringing in a third party who had his own, very strong emotional motivation that brought him right to the centre of the plot.
Some DLNA server software will transcode media on the fly from an unsupported format to a DLNA-compliant one — they have to do this because that’s the only way you could stream such files with DLNA.
With scripting, you can build robust interactivity into your projects.Keyframes and transformationAdd keyframes to the DVD Architect Pro timeline to animate objects such as buttons and graphics.
Use the same drag-and-drop motion to place buttons, text, backgrounds, and more to create a professional-looking discs in minutes. So that was funny, to complicate things for each side, all the while pursuing his own agenda.
It's the complete experience, fast and easy!Professional resultsAuthor DVDs of your movies, slideshows, and music compilations with professional polish. Apply a name to each region in your Vegas project and then export the names as a text file, which can be imported into DVD Architect Pro software as frame-accurate subtitles.
You can include a wide variety of media formats, including standard-definition and high-definition video.
Add behind-the-scenes features, director's cuts, outtakes, bloopers, and more.Perfect previewWith DVD Architect Studio software, you control the DVD experience. Use the virtual remote control to simulate how your project will look on a television screen and how it will function in a DVD player.Fast burningBurning Discs in DVD Architect Studio software is fast and easy.
Helpful text dialog boxes, pointers, and guides will show you what to do and where to click.

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