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Do you want to quickly create some eye-catchy animated GIF images without using any professional image editing software like Adobe Photoshop  or Ulead GIF Animator? Imator is a free and user-friendly tool which lets you create GIF animations.  A maximum limit on the number of uploaded images could not be found on the website. Imator gives you an easy way to create Ad banners of different formats and sizes like the commonly used Leaderboards, Skyscrapers, Large, Medium and Small Rectangles and Square Buttons.
Gickr uploads the image to it’s server and gives you an embed code to quickly post to any blogging service or social networking site. With Picasion, you can quickly create animated GIF pictures by grabbing them from your PC, Flickr or Picasa Web, and post it to MySpace, LiveJournal, Bebo, Digg, Facebook etc. Picasion uploads the created GIF to it’s gallery and gives you an easy to embed code for your use on social or blogging sites.
GifNinja uploads the created GIF and gives embed code to paste it into your blog or social networking site. If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it.
We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It.
Unique feature of this service is that it is integrated with Facebook, thus you can upload your Facebook album photos to create animations. Supports multiple photos with different formats (jpg, gif, png, bmp and more) for creating animated gif.
On its interface, you can either drag n drop photos, or can simply use upload photos tab to upload images from your computer.
You can draw anything with the selected color and can even add text to your input images to make your output gif more beautiful. Once you have added text and drawing to an image, then you can save it and close the pop up window.
If you like your animation, then you can download it, or can get direct link or HTML code for your animated gif. Make Animation Online is a nice service that can help you to create a beautiful animated gif with multiple photos. Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter. Creating your own customized animated funny GIF is really a cool way to express yourself and your creativity. Therefore, today TechCricklets came up with some of the best online tools with which you can create animated GIF online for free.
LooGix puts few restrictions over to you as it needs at least 3 images to make a GIF you can maximum add up to ten images.
Just capture photo with your webcam or select any picture from your computer and rest gifup will itself.
Filed Under: Applications, Free About SahilSahil has over 5 years experience in blogging and is a web developer by profession. Thanks for sharing these useful tools to create gif, besides, you can use tools like Recordit, GYAZO to record screen in GIF format. EduSync is a new company developing products to help teachers organize daily lesson plans and products to help students keep track of those plans.

October 12, 2015 Gamestar Mechanic is a gaming platform where students grades 4 to 9 get to learn how to design their own games using the learning principles of game design. You are using an outdated version of Firefox which is not supported by ResearchGate anymore. Last week, we presented a handy reference chart of our Gamer Motivation Model based on our data from over 140,000 gamers. June 30, 2015 Clarisketch is an interesting app that enables you to create animated sketches by combining speech, drawing and photos. All stories written in this game are automatically published to The Coop Times newspaper - read them here.
GIF animations are a nice way to show off your creativity in the form of Avatars or Logos on forums and social networking sites.
You can quickly create a 125×125 button to display as an Avatar on a social media or micro blogging site like Twitter. Loogix uploads the created GIF image to it’s server and gives a permanent link to embed it.
But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. It is an easy to use online gif animation maker which provides simple tools (free hand drawing tool) to edit your input photos to create nice animated gifs. Moreover, no sign up, no email verification, and no other process is required to use this service. And if you want to upload your Facebook photos, then you need to sign in with your Facebook account. But if you want to enhance your animation and want to adjust output size, speed, background color etc., then you can use available options for that. After performing the changes, hit the same Make Animation button and it will provide output animated gif to you. There are many tools to create animated GIF online for free and there is always a GIF that can express your mood perfectly, no matter if you are feeling sad, fancy or anything you feel.
You can also directly add the URL of a video file from the web like from YouTube videos or upload any video of yourself. It includes more than 400 of the most popular Python packages for science, math, engineering, and data analysis.
Gamester Mechanic features three main components to engage students in game-based learning: the Quest, Workshop and Game Alley. As a teacher, you can use Clarisketch to create flipped classroom videos, explain a complex process or illustrate a given topic using both annotated commentary and recorded audio. For creating effects to your animation, choose any of the displayed effects from the Loogix’s main page. You can publish the embed code directly to any web sites like Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, HI5, Bebo, Blogger, Live Spaces etc with a single click.
If you want to quickly create an animation from a short YouTube video, then Gickr is the right choice. You can quickly apply a few effects to your image like color tones and rotation while resizing it. Once after creating an animated gif, you can save it to your computer and can also get HTML code for your webpage.

Once you have uploaded photos, then you can simply hit the Make Animation tab and it will generate gif animation for you with default settings.
The things make different Gickr from others is that it allows you to create custom speeds for your animated GIFs. TeacherCal provides you with a calendar on which they can organize a schedule of lesson plans, quizzes, assignments, and projects.
In the Quest, students get to interact with challenging games and get help from a budding game designer character who will walk students through the core principles of game design. You will be able to walk the students through your explanations using features such as highlights, drawings and audio prompts.
Some of them let you create simple animations whereas some let you apply  special effects in quick and easy steps.
A good thing is that you can position the frames inside the GIF image by simply dragging the image around. This will take you to the page where you can upload an image and apply any one of the 12 animation effects. The animation speed can be set to any value between 0 and 10 seconds, with a 0.1 seconds grading. The animation speed can be set easily with a scroll bar and the live preview shows you exactly how your animation looks before creating it. By registering with the website you can comment and rate the publicly available GIF animations. I love the idea of the married couple making a business success together and I hope you really are doing well.
It also provides a direct link for each of your animated gif which you can share with your friends.
Although you can directly work with it, but if you create a free account with it, then it will also save history of all the animated gifs created by you.
To get most out of the Youtube through my videos, I would have to use lot of Youtube tips and tricks.
Instead of just searching and playing here are some top Youtube URL tricks that you should know about: 1. The image size can be set to a maximum of 400 pixels wide.  Also you cannot upload images from any photo-sharing site or web URL.
You can even convert a 4 second avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, 3gp, flv, or an mp4 video to a GIF image by uploading the video from your PC. You can either grab a photo using your phone or tablet camera , import a photo from your photo library, or use a blank canvas. You can start annotating your picture by drawing on it, adding lines and shapes, highlighting specific parts, while recording your own voice as you work.

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