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Spring break is around the corner and it?s time to start planning some fun boredom busters and crafts to do together!  Therefore, I created a mega list of kid crafts, sewn activities, and boredom busters all complete with pictures tutorials.  Happy playing! 4. How to Make a Paper Crane ~ This pictured step-by-step tutorial will teach you and your child how to fold a paper crane. Painting and art activities with full pictured tutorials so you can do them at home easily. How to make fun and engaging outdoor activities for Spring Break, Summer, or any day of play. Nutrition resources for parents and grandparents of children looking to maintain a healthier diet.
37.  Portable Tea Party ~ This adorable portable tea linen party set is complete with placemats, napkins and a tablecloth.
50.  Simple Cowboy & Cowgirl Costume Pattern ~ Even a  novice with a sewing machine can sew these simple costumes in just a few hours time!
52.  Magician Cuffs ~ I just fell in love with these cuffs when I saw them and thought they?d make the perfect cuffs for a magician. Free coloring pages for kids that you can print out and use as a game at a party or as a quick afternoon activity. Letters of encouragement and other positive reinforcement ideas for parents and teachers of children.
How to make dolls and stuffed animals with how-to ideas to make homemade toys for your children. How to make memories games with free printable memory cards to play as a family, play group, or play date. How to make these activities for children to help them master their skill and aim during play time.
Also, don?t forget to check out the Tip Junkie Facebook page for even more crafts, activities for kids, creative ideas, and free tutorials. For more free tutorials, craft, holiday, printables and DIY projects sign up for Tip Junkie's email with new How-To projects daily! Pull the glove back towards the open end of the tube with the “fingers” pointing out and use the straw to fill it with air. With the glove full of air, change the tension on the glove until air begins to escape through the tube and makes a sound. Cut a piece of foil that is a little longer than the tube, squish it up a bit so it fits into the tube and feed in down until it’s all the way in.
Creating homemade instrument offers students a chance to work towards a goal, follow instructions, add a personal touch, and ultimately gain satisfaction in completing a task.
Challenge students with finding ways to play together, you might help them sing a favorite song and accompany it with the instruments.
Play a ‘Sound Scape’ where different instrument groups are cued to play at different times. Sign up to receive the DCM Newsletter, a resource of useful information for anyone who uses music, movement, and laughter in their work.
Full Online Courses for: Congas, Djembe, Native Flute, Ukulele, Drum Circles, Rhythm Games, Songs, and More. Kids love music, and what better way to introduce them to a lifetime love of music than to make your own musical instruments? Kids will be familiar with the square, rectangle, and triangle shapes used in this Star Wars craft. If I were having a group of children or was working one on one to craft Chewbacca together, I would take a moment to go over each of the shapes. If I were placing this in a craft center, I would have a copy of the finished craft on display. Last week I shared a four calling birds craft  as a part of the 12 Days of Christmas series I am participating in with a number of kid bloggers. This week I was given day 11.
The next best thing to make was a homemade musical instrument that is in the shape of a pipe. I searched for directions on how to make a homemade instruments for kids that would actually make music and found a few.
We started by cutting out a cardboard circle (plug) just about the size of the opening at the bottom of the cardboard tube.
Red Ted Art  has a wonderful post on 10 Homemade instruments for kids you can make at home. Welcome to day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas Series, a kid-friendly activity to celebrate each of the 12 days! When you are done, if you have some posts that you would like to share please add them to the link up below. Living Montessori Now has gathered together an awesome round up of owl themed learning activities and printables. The Kids Activities Blog has a really cute skip counting activity that features cupcake liner owls. If you are here for the first time please read this informational post on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas’ site  for the full details.
Hand and Feet- The hands and feet were cut out of top  section of the carton that doesn’t open.
When all the all the skeleton’s body parts were  cut out, the skeleton was painted white with tempera paint. During the story the skeleton named Finnigin looks forward to arriving in the town and getting a great meal.
Finnigin tries to get someone to open their door and feed off his hunger, but he does’t have any door open for him. I have paraphrased the story to show you various ways the various parts of the Halloween crafts’ arms can be move to retell the story. The various soup ingredients can be cut out of construction paper ahead of time and children can add them to their paper soup bowls.
Before we started our hunt for ingredients at your local grocery store,  we needed to create a chicken soup hunting bag. We will be dropping the bag of chicken soup ingredients off this week at our local food bank.
Create a food hunting bag that features the main recipe ingredient or is decorated with a fun design.
Preschool activities that involve reciting rhymes like Five Little Apples and creating props to go with them are fun. While I created this apple tree craft, I totally think it is one of those activities kids or adults could do.
Put one end of the pipe cleaner into the egg carton apple and bunch it up so it will stay in place. Paint three of the cardboard tube sections red and one of the tubes blue with bingo markers. I like to dab bingo markers when I paint with them. While you are waiting for the paint to dry, you can cut out stars out of the white construction paper. This American flag craft can be displayed with all the tubes lined up in a row or with tubes arrange to look like the flag is waving. For more American flag and red, white, and blue activities, please check out my Red, White, and Blue Pinterest board.
If I don’t see you before the 4th of July, I hope your family has a wonderful holiday!
We ended up not having white Styrofoam cups under the sink so, I borrowed some from my mom. Frozen Olaf’s nose had glue placed on only the top half of it before it was added to his face. One of the fun things about our Frozen Olaf craft is that you can turn the cups back and forth until two cups are  placed where you want it to be.
The second fun thing about it is that you can stack the top part of the head into the bottom part of the head. The third fun thing about keeping the two sections separate we didn’t have to worry about attaching them. We started by creating a simple cone shape with brightly colored construction paper.  Then we cut vertical slits near the top of the cone to thread ribbon through.

Then we added foam sticky backed flowers that I had punched out of sticky backed foam with an Ellison press.
We could hold the foam flowers down on the inside and outside of the paper when it was cone shaped. We could easily see what the May Day craft basket was going to look like when we completed it. If you are looking for other Spring themed crafts for kids, you may want to visit my Spring Crafts board on Pinterest. This Earth Day craft for kids helps illustrate that the effect doing something to or for the Earth in a big or small way can spread quickly. JDaniel and I talked about these topics as we worked on creating coffee filter Earth Day crafts. If you are looking for more Earth Day activities to do with kids, you may want to check out my Earth Day  board on Pinterest. And, if you can find all the materials you need to make a new musical toy or rattle for your child around your kitchen or craft area – all the better!
What do you use to fill the rattle?  Practically anything that will fit in the space for the eggs.
And, we’ve given you some fun designs to so each rattle can have a personality of it’s own.  Pick silly or scary, choose a full color monster or print out the black and white version and color it on your own. This entry was posted in Babies and Music, Multicultural Music, Simple Instruments and tagged babies and music, Daria, Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou, dariamusic, family fun, Green crafts, kids music, multicultural music, Music for children, music for toddlers, musica infantil, musical crafts, quijada, world music with daria.
Sandwich the last toothpick at the other end of the Popsicle sticks, and wrap with a rubber band. My son found it worked best when he placed one toothpick on top of the paper and one toothpick under the paper. I am always on the look out for musical projects – there are a ton of shakers and drums out there but this is unique! Paper Plate Fish Craft {Kids Craft Projects} ~ This art project is easy to set up for and super fun for your kids to make! It's a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials that you are looking for. Help your participants construct and decorate their own instruments as art projects, then come together in a community music jam. Find the key elements (characters, events, nature sounds, etc.) and assign a different instrument group to each. Over at Homemade Simple, I show you how to make your own musical instruments such as a drum, cereal box guitar, tambourine and rain stick from recycled materials.
I recently came across a super cool Yoda shape craft on Toddler Approved. It got me thinking. I am not talking about long discourses. I am just taking a few second or minutes to work on vocabulary and listening skills. There is nothing wrong with placing this craft in a center or a craft table and just building it. We have tons of paper towel rolls at my house, because we go through a ton of paper towels. Some of them even used paper towel tubes!  While they all had great directions, none was just what I wanted to make.
A rectangular whole was cut about six inches from the top of the tube with scissors. Then we used scissors to create round holes about an inch apart down the length of the cardboard tube. Since a child would be blowing over the top of the flute, I wanted to make sure that the paint was non-toxic.
I found a number of owl themed activities and crafts on The Sunday Showcase link up last week.
The skeleton’s arms can be arrange so that it looks like he is looking ahead and thinking about a meal.
There would be no way we could donate chicken from the meat department at the grocery store.
Every good food hunter needs to have list to make sure they don’t forget a key ingredients. There are a number of us in the blogging world sharing ideas of ways your family can join in. JDaniel was introduced to Frozen Olaf while watching in on DVD at a friend’s house recently.
Our nose is a little bit wider than Frozen Olaf’s nose was in the movie, but I think it still looks great. We wanted to be able to disassemble cup craft and stack the cups together when we stored it to enjoy later. After cutting the pipe cleaner into fourths, we poked a small hole in the bottom of the cup with the scissors. We could have tried to a traditional glue stick, but I wasn’t sure how long they would have held together. Really any type of store bought sticker could have worked for this project.  We could also have cut our shapes out of the foam. If you don’t have eye droppers available to you, you could try using small spoons or a turkey baster.
Look for 12 items that can fit into the carton just like teeth.  Jingle bells sound great – they jangle as you hit them. Or design your own face and send us a picture.  We’d love to see the wonderful things that you can do when you combine being creative, silly and musical at the same time!
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You can read more about us or catch up on our favorite experiments, projects + art activities. Like one of the above posters, my dad taught me to do this with a blade of grass between my thumbs.
With this great tutorial you?ll learn how to create a cute little jar filled with great activities to keep the kiddos busy!
Kids of all ages will love this treasure dig, depending on the age you can hide different things. Goes perfectly with the book ?Ten Little Fish.? An educational yet fun activity perfect for preschool aged children!
Instead of giving them a tray of paints that tend to end up other places than just the canvas, just put blobs of paint right onto the canvas!
Once your fossils are made and dry, bury them in the backyard for the kids to find, excavate and break apart. You could take one to a new neighbor, have the kids make them as a party craft, or fill them with treats and give as favors. You can choose whether they get a punch for a book read, or for a certain amount of time completed. By Eric Carle to your little one, than you want to check out these fun free printable activities for your kids. This is a great post with lots of ideas of ways to get them to not only eat better but enjoy it! Kids will love to sew their own projects, plus you can create any shape project using cardboard or plastic canvas. This homemade set includes felt cut out cookies kids can roll out, cut out, bake, and frost all on their own! Little ones will be so excited to see this little horse propped up with a cowboy hat and scarf. They come in tons of colors, are cheap and readily available at your local craft or dollar store. This project is great for young children, allowing them to be creative without a big expense. Here is an easy chore system that includes free printable chore charts, as well as work for hire & chore of the week sheets! Perfect if you homeschool to cover art and geography, or just a fun way to occupy an afternoon.
From just giving your child a globe to making and trying foods from another culture, they?ll get a fun dose of a geography lesson!

As an alternative to a floor puzzle, apply Velcro to the back of each square and then mount them onto the wall as a movable art piece for hours of fun. Not only will it refine their senses, but you can teach them about different emotions as well. All the activities will to help build strength and dexterity in the finger and hand muscles. This is also an inexpensive project and can be created with everyday items you find around your home. These Q-Tip painting projects are great because not only do they serve a function but they?ll also look great hanging on the fridge and to keep as memorabilia! Perfect to take up an afternoon with activities that they?ll enjoy while also working on their gross motor skills!
This way the boys would be in charge of their own calendar and know what to expect each day. This post features a printable version that is actual pictures of various daily activities that you can personalize to your child?s routine.
This is a great tutorial on how to make magnetic paper dolls or whatever characters your kids are in to!
Children will also love the opportunity to help make their own instruments before practicing their beats.
Children and students will love to explore the different sounds each instrument makes and will spend hours creating their own music. This craft could be created with marshmallows or pom-poms, as is the perfect boredom buster during spring break. With the help of baking soda and vinegar the balloon inflates, leaving you with a fun toy and a great hands on learning experience! Have students take turns “conducting” the group by pointing to the different graphic symbols. Use a variety of art-making materials including pastels, crayons, paper, glitter, cloth, natural materials and anything else you like.
Assist in creating movements that reflect the qualities of the sounds (high-low, bright-dull, loud-quiet, etc.). The art teacher at the school I teach at pointed me to a brand of acrylic paint that would be great for this project. If you do, please use on non-toxic markers or paint near the areas your children might place their mouth. The chicken would have to be able to stay fresh until it was place in a food bank visitors food bag.
We weren’t hunting for many ingredients so they all fit in our chicken soup hunting bag. I tried to cover some discolorations on the egg carton cups with paint, but they still made an appearance.
We have it on  displayin our kitchen, but I think it would look great anywhere you would like to display it. I need to be honest and tell you that we printed the stars out on construction paper and then cut them out. The mouth is made of a large fun filled sort of pocket shape made with black felt and a white tooth.
The hole was just the right size for pipe cleaners to fit it and not large enough for them to wiggle around it. This year we made a May Day craft baskets to hang from the backs of our kitchen chairs to celebrate. After teaching in Virginia for twenty years, I was a stay at home mom learning and growing beside my son JDaniel the 4th for five years. You can also use pebbles, marbles, macaroni or bottle caps.  Each one will sound a bit different when placed inside the rattle.
My best memory was when I was about 6 years old and I had to make a music instrument from household items for a school project. She even includes a printable of all the activities so all you have to do is print and cut them out! This method teaches the concept of abstract art all while hopefully keeping the mess to a minimum! I wouldn?t even mind using one myself as a bookmark to help me keep track of the progress of my reading list. Add a few storage accessories and you have a perfect table to let your kids go wild playing on and a place to store all the pieces once their done!
Create the play tunnel with the help of this tutorial, then sit back and watch your baby explore and develop without even knowing its helping with their gross motor skills! A great way to teach not only a daily schedule but also over time help with their literacy skills! This story sensory box encourages children to learn the elements of the story like characters, setting, problems, and solutions.
She also has great ideas for making furniture and accessories, like turning an air freshener into a lamp ? so cute!
These cool crafts are easy to make allowing older children to help build their own instruments. Experimentation is a big part of music making (and art-making in general), so allow lots of time for trial and error! Some of these include volume (loud-quiet), instrument groups, tempo (fast-slow), and texture (various combinations of sounds). Lead a discussion about how musicians create music by combining lots of different instruments, as in an orchestra or a band.
I didn’t want to pass up the chance to have to lesser known shapes appear in this craft. I found some really wonderful crafts and great learning activities that I think you are going to love. Please take a moment to check each of them out. I have selected just a few to share with you that I thought would go well with the apple tree craft I created.
We glued the ribbon on so we would have red on the bottom of the tube and on the top just like the Amercian flag. I decided it would be fun to make Frozen Olaf at home and we hunted through our craft supplies and under the kitchen sink for cups to make him. We looked carefully at the tooth Frozen Olaf had in the movie and decided it had rounded sides rather than straight sides. Sometimes I slip up and am absent minded about putting recyclables into their bin in the garage.
I was very poor and I was worried what my friends would think of an idea my Dad and I came up with. The 11th day of Christmas is supposed to be pipers piping.  I just couldn’t come up with a way to make bagpipes!
I wondered as we sniffled and coughed if we could find a recipe for chicken soup that consisted mostly of ingredients that we could donate to the local food bank. They all worked and we even constructed an orchestrated version of a few of our favorite songs. He took 3 pieces of trimming wood about 4to 5 inches long and nailed them together to make a triangle frame. It includes step by step photo instructions and a PDF printable of the cutting measurements and apron applique patterns.
It  fun to make homemade instruments for kids instruments that they can actually make music with rather than make a craft for. On one end of the frame he cut a piece of chicken wire or something like that and we nailed it. He gave me an old hairbrush and a few items to strum the wire and I took it to school the next day.

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