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You Make Me Want to Shout Birthday Card - This adorable baby is singing it's heart out to you! Usually I add ribbon around the edge of the board but this cake didn’t really need it. When I have a fondant covered cake board, I cover my bottom layer not on the cake board but just on a piece of foil.
If you make a mistake (I did…a few times) just wipe the buttercream off carefully with a damp paper towel, let the fondant dry, and pipe again.
If you have extra cornstarch on the cake, now is the time to clean it up with a damp paper towel or a paintbrush and water.

I just love each and every cake you do… How long does it take you from start to finish to do one like this and also, what is the recipe you use for your chocolate butter cream. Then I cut out her name and placed it down flat on the edge of the board with another color.Make sure you use a board big enough to allow room for the letter. Then after the cake is covered I put some buttercream on the board, and lift the cake off the foil and onto the center of the board. But then I used my rolling pin and I flattened the numbers out a little thinner, to make the black numbers bigger than the pink ones. I tried the Wilton one last time and let me just say I about gave up on the cake all together.

Whether they play drums, guitar, pianoor any music instrument, we have a unique music gift for them.

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