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Slideshow DVD Creator is the best program to make DVD slideshows and video slideshows on your Mac computer. Set Time For Slides and Transitions: The default time for all slides is 4 second, and 2 second for transitions. Sync Slideshow To Music: To make slideshow time match music time, you may need to sync slideshow to music.
You need to select TV system and DVD video aspect before burning a slideshow to DVD for playing on TV. There are 10 DVD menu templates available for your choice in the current version of DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac.
You can set the same duration for each photo and transition, or customize the duration for each of them individually. Besides, DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac lets you burn photo slideshows to DVD discs so that you can fully preserve the best moments. You have a lot of pictures on your Mac computer and want to watch these pictures on TV or DVD player with music and transitions. To create a slideshow, we recommend HD Slideshow Maker, which is a professional slideshow maker for Mac.
For Mac with Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion without iDVD, you can use Burn to burn the slideshow made in step1 to DVD.
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Drag your photos into the program, customize it with kinds of effects and style, then a slideshow is ready to watch and share. Bring all your best memories back and present them to friends and family with eye-catching and extraordinary musical video slideshows. With all of the personal details, you can of course customize a slideshow that reflects your personal style. Slideshow DVD Creator allows you to burn a slideshow on a DVD for watching on TV and DVD player.
So here I want to show you how to make your own slideshow  and encode it to the MP4 format.
Next, decorate your slideshow by using the transition effects and themes which the software provides. This entry was posted in slideshow dvd mac and tagged mp4 slideshow, slideshow mp4 Facebook, slideshow mp4 Youtube on September 17, 2013 by Sarah Jablich.
Last time, we talked about how to use Slideshow DVD Creator to create stunning slideshows using photos or music. Here we want to show you how to add mov videos files and burn them onto DVD without photos and music. First, of course, you have to download Slideshow DVD Creator to your Mac and click to launch it.
This is about how to add photos and videos into one project, add music as background music and make them into dazzling slideshow in a few steps. Slideshow DVD Creator is a slideshow application, which can help make slideshow simply with the featured transition effects, themes, DVD menu, sync slideshow & music function and other convenient features within minutes. At the same time, it is a user-friendly application, even people without any slideshow background knowledge can use it to create professional-looking slideshows.
A slideshow made by still photos and music is good for viewers, and you can also have fun by making it.

Here I will show you how to make a slideshow using photos and music, and export the slideshow as MP4 video format.
There are button between photos in the bottom panel, you can click them to select transition effect for you photos. There are default display time for photos and transition effects, and you can set them by yourself.
Besides, you can at the same time use some transition effect and so on to make your video look professional, and eye-catching. Besides all the function mentioned above, Slideshow DVD Creator also have many other functions, such as set order for images and songs, select transition effect for images, or make texts into the photos and so on. Switch to the Music tab, and you will be able to add music from iTunes library to the timeline. The anyone-can-master DVD photo slideshow making software that lets you weave photos, video & music into a stunning DVD slideshow.
Bring your holiday memories back to life and astound your friends and family with exciting travel documentaries. Birthdays, Christmas, and weddings: preserve your most treasured moments and memories of your children.
Present your favorite leisure-time activities or impress clients with multimedia presentations. With it, you can easily make photo slideshows with music, videos, transitions, pan & zoom, text and more effects easily. Simply drag your favorite photos to the timeline, pick one or several songs, select from dozens of optimized themes, and you will get a slide show ready to be playing.
You can pick one to easily create birthday slideshows, wedding slideshows, Christmas slideshows and more.
There's also the option to sync music and slideshow so that you can easily create a music slideshow.
It can create a HD slideshow with music, transitions, theme and encode the slideshow to a movie file. You just need to add photos and music to the app, choose an album theme, sync slideshow to music. Import the slideshow to Burn, it will convert slideshow format to a compatible mpg, then burn it to DVD easily. Slideshow DVD Creator lets you turn your photos ,music and video into a personalized, stunning slideshow DVD. Your fun vacation and holiday, the memorable wedding day or family party, an exciting birthday or graduation party, use photos to share and keep these good moments. Save a slideshow as HD video and share it to Facebook , YouTube, Vimeo, Myspace with friends.
But you may be headache when you want to upload the slideshow to, such as Youtube or Facebook, or when you want to sync the slideshow to your mobile phones so you enjoy it on trip and so on.
If Mac prevents you launching the application, here is a guide to pass the problem : How to install application on to Mac.
In the bottom panel, there is icon between each thumbnail of video which is transition effect.
The slideshow can then be exported to mov or mp4 video format, so they can be shared to Facebook and Youtube, or they can also be burned into DVD to be played through DVD players. The built-in DVD burner can also help burn the slideshow video into DVDs to play them on TV.

Click the name of the music in the bottom to change orders of music in the popping up dialogue.
Click the button between the photo icon to add transition effect, click the time in the bottom of the icon to set duration time of photos and slideshow.
We also like to share it with friends or family, so they can know our daily life even though we are far away from each other.
About order of the music, click on the name of music, then you can make change in the poping up dialogue. We take photos to help us remember the good times, and we show them with others to share the happiness. Click icon which appears in the last of the right below panel, which looks like this , then you can manage the photos. Of course, the software also have transition effect, theme, sync the music and images function for you.
But it will even better to make these photos into a slideshow, and burn it to DVD for sharing with families and friends. Add unlimited photos, videos and music to create your show, you can share high-quality DVD on your DVD player and videos on YouTube, Facebook & virtually anywhere. Besides, there are options to apply transition effects, set photo and transition duration, sync music and slideshow, loop slideshow, and more.
In this article, I will show you how to create a slideshow from your photos and burn it to DVD.
So if your Mac is with 10.5 version OS X(Leopard) or lower, iDVD will be a good choice to burn a slideshow to DVD.
The software I chose to use is Slideshow DVD Creator.  According to its name, you can know that it is a dvd photo slideshow software.
So you can not only add videos the same as photos and music to make them into one slideshow, but can also only add video files and burn them onto DVDs by the built-in DVD burner. I think that it is a good option to make the photos into video, then you can enjoy it in big screen with your family at home, or upload it to Internet to share with people all over the world. Just add the photos and songs you likes into the soft, and add transition effects, themes, DVD menus, and so on into the photos, a professional-looking slideshow is done for you to burn to DVD. After adding songs, you can see the music listed at the bottom of the sreen(below photo thumbnails). Convert your photos to a stunning slideshow , and copy memoriable photos to DVD or save as a video, then watch them on large-screen TV or publish to YouTube and Facebook. Just click the name of songs you can have a dialogue pop-up where you can set order of songs. You can even send the slideshow to your iPad, iPhone and other devices for viewing whenever and wherever you like. Of course, it is convenient if you also want to burn your slideshow to DVD, for it has the built-in DVD burner. After outputting video files, you can share with friends by uploading to Facebook and YouTube or emailing them as enclosures.

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