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In the fifth episode, Sun Hi loses her voice because she is just a lame human being who fucks up constantly, but it somehow magically appears again when they have the their first performance in front of the whole school, which just reinforces to our youth that you can make terrible decisions and everything will work out in the end. Oh yeah, White Guy 2 is in love with his chin, because who isn’t infatuated with their own chin? White Guy 1 also has a mysterious boss, who is obviously Nick Cannon … but he also could be Corki’s murdering companion.
Within Jodi’s storyline, we come across Valerie and Heather, two girls in the cheerleading squad and the year above. No, we don’t actually see the murders, but she even wears a mask during their “debut”, and becomes like half Jason Voorhees and half Michael Myers, which just confirms my suspicion.
Created by the team at the Microsoft Research Labs, Kodu is a super simplified version of any old map editor (except you can also add scripting to the map without having to use any other application). It strives to be easily accessible and feature tons of replayability through allowing the player to make more stuff. These gamertags act like community bulletin boards and allow you to upload anything that you’ve made to the tag. Kodu is limited in how many things you can have on the map, I would think it would have to be because of hardware limitations, but I can forgive Kodu for such problems. Kodu comes with a bunch of maps and tutorials right in the box, and it makes it totally worth the 400 MS points I paid for the game. Latest CommentsTom k2bew: These are getting more collectable since this was published, now in Oct 2014, I have been watching them sell for over $200 on a regular basis on eBay. 2.) The storyline characters can't really do ANYTHING to your character, because apparently you're just GOD after a while. Posted by Brendan Griffiths (bggriffiths7) on April 16, 2013 - 7:34pm ESTWith so many games being over in the blink of an eye, sometimes you just want something that demands an immense proportion of your time.
Terraria’s rocking a very retro 8-bit look that despite adequately serving the 2D design is sadly something of an eyesore. The game has been out on the PC platform for a while now, but there have been some tweaks to make the game more console-friendly. From the start, you select a difficulty from a range of options that include various punishments for death. During this early construction project, you’ll get to grips with the analogue controls for placing objects. The game’s inventory system can be a nightmare to navigate too, with you having to move objects into the top bar to use them in the game itself.
Wine makes you feel like a grownup, so when there’s a moment in the show where you feel like “shit, I am too old for this”, take a sip of wine.

The dudes on this show are like those 40-year-old creepers who fly halfway across the world in search of Asian brides in terms of creepiness. Kodu, while a tad limited, is so accessible I would say that it’s right up with commercial game editors.
Kodu is focused on just making games and introducing people to the concepts behind game flow. For starters, there’s now something resembling a tutorial, which walks you through basic crafting, exploration and combat. The friendliest takes some cash, the middle your inventory items too, while the final one permanently kills you. There are two modes; the first is useful for mining and digging as you point the right stick in the direction you want to hack. This top bar of items can be selected from with the shoulder buttons outside of the menus, but the response times can be sluggish, which is annoying when you want to swap from a mining tool to a decent weapon upon a surprise attack.
Undiscovered areas of the map screen are blacked out so where you head next is entirely up to you. Under 18s or whatever the age limit thing is in your land, just buy a greasy burger and a really sugary acid-y orange juice — both things destroy your stomach. One moment you feel like a pre-teen, and one sip later you’re a lonely 25-year-old with no life. Also, in the second episode Sun Hi thought it was an excellent idea to practice singing in a fucking science lab, so well fucking done on that front, idiot. Well, he’s willing to put the groundman’s dick in his mouth and dude nearly breaks his neck whilst finding out he can’t be Dorothy in the school play. They’re so iconic that I feel like Jodi is gonna start a movement of freedom thinkers. Not to say that all community games are bad (I personally enjoy the ones that actually have put in a bit of work into them) but there is one game that shines as a great example of the community games section of the marketplace. Kodu basically allows you to create games in the form of map files that include AI and level scripting. For example, Trials HD only allows you to share your tracks with only your friends and only those that are online.
The Kodu community feels so open and friendly, just patiently waiting for you to upload some of your works. I’ve seen Halo remakes (that are actually really good), Left 4 Dead (not as good as the halo ones), racing games, top down fighters, football simulators, Zelda remakes, Portal (with dynamic portals) clones, and much much more made in Kodu Game Lab.
Grind and upgrade your parts manJohn Merdo: maybe you just suck at the gameMax Urquhart: This is the hardest freaking game I have ever played!

Dark is always cooler, what can i say , by the way there's a flash version, it has less features and options but its nice when you're bored. Comparisons have been raised to Minecraft and if you flatten the game into a 2D playing field that’s not a bad place to start.
Click the R3 button and you can target specific squares (everything is made from square blocks). While heading down into the ground is where the game ultimately wants you to go, there’s a surprising amount of land to discover on the surface too. Watching all the episodes in one go might help too, because I don’t want you to be tipsy every night for four weeks.
Then, in order to top herself, she somehow also convinces everyone that White Guy 1 (that guy from the last review, whoever) owns a club. I was like this as teen too, so the connection between Jodi and I is only growing stronger by the episode. Kodu Game Lab figures that most people will not have friends that also play this game, so there are three default gamertags called KoduZones.
Put simply you need to dig downwards from the surface, take on a few bosses, until you reach Hell and take on the final boss. Playing on the nicer settings at least lets you pick up your loot if you make it back to where you died, Demon’s Souls-style. Using these items you can make a square outline (or any shape you want) to make a building.
The later allows more precision, but is often very unresponsive as I frequently discovered when trying to place objects; doors were particularly reluctant to affix. You’ll also choose the size of the world you want to create from small, medium and large. Then fashion a table from the wood, which is from where Terraria’s crafting system unfolds.
But to make up for that, Kodu automatically creates thumbnails of all the maps so that you can decide what you really want. From here, create and attach a door, lighting, wall panels and a chair to confirm it as a residence so a wandering NPC can move in and offer advice.
Each property you build will potentially be adopted by NPCs, some of whom will be merchants.

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