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If you have a production company or youtube channel you’ll probably want an intro, so this week I’m sharing the four things that make up a good intro. This tutorial from Andrew Price serves as a great introduction to blender, of course you won’t want to copy his intro completely, but it should give you the tools to then make your own. I like the extra info in your blog, it makes me come to the website and read up on some of the articles you recommend. Support The Show!If you've enjoyed my videos, donating just a small amount is a great way to say thank-you! Though many users have difficulties creating inrtos for their movies, Thanks to Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus, this is now a incredibly simple. First, we need to place video material on the timeline, so that we will be able to position our intro before the intitial footage. However, there is one last thing I need to mention here: maybe you are not that keen on the music this program offers.

People will see it before you’re video, and possibly hundreds of times if they watch a lot of your stuff.
Since I was making my first film age 11, I have always been fascinated by the way films are produced, and the effect it can have on the audience. This new MAGIX video software offers a great selection of preset intros and outros with many different topics. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to remove the sound, since the effects and sound are coupled together as one complete element.
By the way, don’t think that the premade intro and outro sequences are only useful at the beginning and end.
You can actually use them throughout the movie, as transitions from one section to another.
By simply clicking on one, you will generate a preview of the sequences in the video window.

Now choose your intro and insert it onto the clip by double-clicking it or drag & drop. Then, you can change the sound, which is now a single element and replace it with one of your music tracks or a different sound effect of your choice – done!
You can double-click on the yellow title track to open it and insert your own text – just like with a standard title.

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