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Baby powder can be a great tool to use to make your eyelashes appear both longer and thicker.
Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow How to Make Your Eyelashes Longer Home Remedy for Making Eyelashes Grow Thicker What Vitamins Would Make My Eyelashes Grow Longer? Find out how to make eyelashes longer and thicker with baby powder with help from a licensed cosmetologist with over five years experience in this free video clip.
Today, I'm going to show you how to make your eyelashes look longer and thicker with baby powder.

Extend your lashes naturally or artificially with the helpful tips from a professional eyelash extension specialist in this free video on how to make eyelashes grow faster and longer. You're going to take like an eye shadow brush, or even like a blush brush, and put a little bit of baby powder on the brush. And you're just going to sweep it across the eyelashes, you don't want it too heavy, but just enough, so your eyelashes look nice and chalky. After you have your eyelashes nice and covered with baby powder, you're going to take your favorite mascara and you're going to apply it to your lashes, starting at the base and sweeping upward.

And it helps too, if the base of the root, you kind of shake the brush a little bit, it helps to separate the eyelashes and prevent clumping. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.

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