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However, there are some situations where it may become a short-term win, but eventually a long-term loss. As the native mobile app market becomes increasingly fragmented, it is becoming clear that there needs to be a solution which can re-use code and designs across platforms, and which eases deployment headaches.
Desktop web apps are far from a new idea — Rich Internet apps have been around for a while. Apple’s App Store was not the first to distribute native applications to mobile phones, but they proved it was a viable model, and launched the concept into popular culture.
As a consumer, it’s more appealing to go to one trusted online outlet for stuff than to waste time searching the web for the same thing, and putting yourself at risk of being hacked. First, it’s easy to find apps when they are indexed, categorized, and searchable in one place.
As a business or developer creating web apps, a centralized web app store provides benefits over doing it solo. Another challenge in the ‘deploy anywhere’ scenario arises when you look at how a given design translates across devices with varying resolutions, form factors and input methods. Last but not least is the problem of providing consistent, quality user experiences in this new application space. Web applications as ‘the next big idea’ might never happen — but in the coming years, more and more websites will have mobile incarnations that look a lot like applications. AppPresser v200 Easily Make a Mobile App From Any WordPress Website is available on a new fast direct download service with over 2,210,000 Files to choose from. In this guide we'll go over all of the above and cover some integrations that instantly connect your MailChimp account to apps and services like PayPal, Magento, Amazon, and Google Analytics. MailChimp is a web-based application that works in most web browsers, which means you dona€™t need to download or install any new software on your computer.
The foundation of great email marketing is a clean, up-to-date list of subscribers who have opted in to receive your email campaigns. When you create a list in MailChimp, we will automatically generate a hosted, customizable, mobile-responsive signup forma€”along with an entire series of other forms and response emailsa€”for you.
In addition to the MailChimp-hosted form, you'll also have several customizable embedded form options to choose from as well. The subscriber popup is a highly customizable form option that automatically displays a MailChimp signup form in a popup modal on your website shortly after someone visits the page. Social media can be a vital tool for keeping in touch with your customers, and MailChimp makes it easy to add a signup form directly to your Facebook page. Once your Facebook and MailChimp accounts are connected, you can customize and assign signup forms to your Facebook pages directly from the Facebook section of the Integrations page. If you have a Twitter Ads account, you can use Twittera€™s Lead Generation Card to create an easy way for your followers to sign up for your MailChimp lists directly through Twitter. Even if your digital signup form is present on all of your websites and blogs, it's still a good idea to collect email addresses at trade shows, your brick-and-mortar store if you have one, and any public events your brand may be present at. Each list in MailChimp is completely independent from any others that you might have within your account.
You probably have a lot of different customers on your list, who may all be interested in different kinds of content and products.
You can use segmentation tools to send campaigns based on your subscribers' interests, location, or interaction with your other campaigns. Note: For even more testing flexibility, check out Multivariate Testing, a feature exclusive to MailChimp Pro. Plus, if you have eCommerce360 set up in your account, you can even send automated emails based around the buying behavior of your subscribers.
Wea€™ll talk more about eCommerce360 later, but to learn more about Automation workflows, visit our Working With Automation guide. Once youa€™ve chosen the type of campaign youa€™d like to send, youa€™ll begin the campaign builder process. In the Setup step, youa€™ll name the campaign and enter general information like the email subject line, From name, and From email address. From the Template step of the campaign builder, you can upload your own custom templates, build a new one from scratch, or take advantage of our Basic and predesigned template Themes that can be used as a starting point for your campaign. If you need help choosing a template, our Email Template Reference will walk you through the process.
Basic templates provide you with a highly-customizable blank layout, so you can easily add your own styles and content using the drag and drop functionality of our Email Designer.
In the Confirm step, youa€™ll review the details of your campaign, send one last test email, and if everything looks good, send or schedule your campaign. Send a quick, photo-based message to your subscribersa€”to announce the arrival of a new product in your store, for examplea€”from your iPhone or Android phone with MailChimp Snap. Once youa€™ve downloaded MailChimp Snap and connected it to your MailChimp account, take a photo (or select an existing photo from your camera roll or Instagram account) and add a quick link, title, message, and call to action button to your campaign.
If you need to send your customers one-to-one messages like password reminders, order confirmations, or receipts, check out Mandrill.
Social networking can be an excellent medium for promoting your content and connecting with your audience. Quickly share any previously sent campaign, or integrate your account with Facebook and Twitter to automatically post your campaigns as they are delivered to your subscribers. Use merge tagsa€”along with the Social Share and Social Follow content blocks in our Email Designera€”to give your subscribers an opportunity to share, like, or follow your content and activity across various social channels. Social Profiles is an optional paid add-on for lists that gathers publicly available social data about your subscribers that can be used to send targeted emails to them based on their age, gender, or their presence on social networks. MailChimp's Google Analytics and eCommerce360 features will help you keep track of all the traffica€”and moneya€”generated by your campaigns.
In order to use eCommerce360, you'll first need to install a shopping cart plugin on your website.
Now that you've got eCommerce360 set up on your account, there are a couple different ways you can view the stats. Using Google Analytics is easy, but by installing Analytics360, you can view all your campaign stats within MailChimp. In your MailChimp account, click Account, then Integrations, then Google: Analytics, Contacts, and Docs.
Once your account is set up, you'll need to check the box to enable Google Analytics link tracking in the Setup step of the campaign builder each time you begin a new campaign.
For a lot of email marketers, the best part of sending email newsletters is watching the stats accumulate after a campaign goes out. MailChimpa€™s standard reports use informative, easy-to-read graphs, tables, and maps to show you things like opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes. On the Overview page, youa€™ll find valuable at-a-glance information about the performance of your campaign, including details about opens, clicks, social engagement, unsubscribes, and bounces.
Links will help give you a better idea of how well each tracked URL performed in your campaign. In the Social section, youa€™ll learn who has liked your campaign on Facebook, who your top influencers and referrers are, and see a map of all your clicks from around the globe. The E-commerce page of your reports is where youa€™ll find all the data generated from the eCommerce360 plugin. The Conversations tab shows replies to your campaign when conversation tracking is enabled. Campaign ROI is a percentage based on the cost of the campaign versus the revenue created by the campaign.Campaign cost is the only value we calculate within MailChimp. Comparative Reports, a feature available exclusively in MailChimp Pro, offers you the flexibility to interact with your data just like our own research team would.
MailChimp integrates with hundreds of popular web services and platforms, making it convenient for you to sync data, import content, and analyze how your newsletters are affecting your business. Goal is an optional campaign tracking feature available for paid MailChimp accounts that lets you trigger Automation workflows based on subscriber activity from your email campaigns to your website. While accepting payments via PayPal, you can automatically add customers to your MailChimp list.
If you sell your products in a Shopify store, MailChimp for Shopify helps easily connect that store to your MailChimp account. is a social dashboard that gives customers an overview of their audiencea€™s content and activity across channels like Twitter and Facebook. Explore our Integration Directory to see many more of the tools that are available for online sellers.
From designer temporary tattoos to knitting supplies, vintage clothing to stylish kitchenware, MailChimp's e-commerce users sell all sorts of interesting products. Best Made is a high-end retail brand that uses MailChimp to help track demand for out of stock products and to let customers know when a specific item is back in stock. LoveKnitting is an e-commerce company that sells patterns and supplies to folks who, well, love knitting. In this guide, we've discussed many of the features and tools that can help online sellers get the most out of MailChimp, but there are a few more important things left to cover. When you create a MailChimp account, you agree to comply with all anti-spam regulations and MailChimpa€™s Terms Of Use.
Email marketing offers a tons of opportunities for you to connect with your customers and generate revenue for your business.
The online market is fierce; there are too many competing businesses with good products and solid services wanting to win this race.
Along with an understanding of digital best practices, a good marketing specialist needs to be creative as engaging an audience is what acquires and keeps customers in today's very competitive marketplace. Most of them are trashy and have no valuable information in them, but somehow they attract a huge audience. Marketing is not only about attracting people to your site but it’s also about ensuring you capture the lead. When it comes to online marketing, tactics change all the time as new trends appear and people’s preferences evolve. William Sarto is a content strategist at GoHunters, an English essay and research paper editing and proofreading service for college students and academics.

You can directly share the picture across whatsapp,wechat etc and many more messaging apps. We're back again with another fabulous set of games more than worthy of gracing your Android screen.
You can quickly add a website shortcut to your iPhone homescreen so that it is easy to access the website whenever you need to.
When you do this, the iPhone will use a favicon, the small picture that you often see on a tab on your browser, as the shortcut icon. Open Safari on your iPhone and type the website you want to make a shortcut to into the address bar. Once this is done the iPhone website shortcut will be on the home screen next to your apps. Insurance ProgramThe Knights of Columbus has been recognized as a 2016 World’s Most Ethical Company® by the Ethisphere® Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ethisphere and its World’s Most Ethical Companies® designation, which recognizes companies that align principle with action, work tirelessly to make trust a part of their corporate DNA, and help shape future industry standards by introducing tomorrow’s best practices today. The Knights of Columbus has been recognized among the world’s most ethical companies since 2014 and is one of only two in the life insurance category, underscoring the Knights’ commitment to leading ethical business standards and practices. Mobile web apps offer a good number of advantages over native apps; and though they face some design, development and deployment challenges, they are a powerful cross platform, scalable and affordable solution. There are a slew of startups targeting the iPad, countless entrepreneurs hacking together the next killer iPhone app, and it seems as though every big company has released an app of some sort.
Who wants to study yet another SDK, learn another language, and go through yet another app submission process?
But why invent a new solution, when it already exists on every device out there: the Web. But for all other apps that don’t need these features, using the mobile web frees developers to use their web technology of choice, so long as it will render on mobile browsers. Google has been pushing in this direction for years, creating a broad suite of online tools, primarily for the desktop, with an increasing focus on mobile.
It’s this same model that would be necessary to make a mobile web app ecosystem successful. Second, a robust community of users exposing app popularity, contributing ratings and writing reviews makes it easier to evaluate your choices. The HTML5 family of technologies allow for refined typography, animation, streaming video, offline storage, and the list goes on. We’ve seen how the Android’s app offerings often leave much to be desired in terms of visual design and usability while Apple has been more successful in defining quality experiences.
You’ll be swiping through articles, pinching photos, and flicking pests off your Farmville plot — all in your mobile browser.
Whether you're a brick and mortar looking to supplement your business online, an online-only enterprise, daily deals site, or retail giant, MailChimp can help you scale your online business.
To make sure that MailChimp works properly in your browser, you should enable cookies, pop-ups, and JavaScript. If youa€™ve been collecting email addressesa€”on your website or after a customer makes a purchase from your online store, for examplea€”just visit the Lists tab in your MailChimp dashboard, click Create List, and walk through the importing process. You can share the link to this form on your website, across your various social media channels, or even with a QR code.
Use the Build It tab to determine what information you collect in the form and the Design It tab to change the colors, add a header image, and more.When the form is finalized, copy the Subscribe form URL located in the middle of the page, and link to it from the website you choose. Creating the code is easy, and it will provide a quick way for customers and fans of your brand alike to sign up for your newsletter directly from your website. The form can be designed, previewed, edited, and updated directly though the Form Builder, and all of your changes will be reflected in real time. Do you want to integrate with Wufoo or CoffeeCup for an even more robust set of form design options? MailChimp integrates with many popular services and platforms, making it easy for you to capture customer data and sync it to your mailing list. If you choose My List's Theme (default), your signup form will look like the MailChimp-hosted form youa€™ve designed. MailChimp Subscribe, a free app available for iPad and Android tablets, collects email addresses and stores them locally, even if you're not online. This means that bounces, unsubscribes, and abuse complaints are tracked on a per-list basis rather than globally across all lists. You might have wholesale customers, VIPs, or subscribers in different locations around the world. MailChimp offers a variety of options for creating beautiful email campaigns so you can stay in touch with your customers and provide them with your latest updates and information about new products. You can design and customize the designed HTML and plain-text versions of these emails, and choose whether to send them right away or schedule them for later.Plain-Text Campaigns are the simplest form of mass email you can send.
Multivariate Testing allows you to create up to 8 different variations of a single campaign at once, testing any combination of subject line, send time, from name, and campaign content.
Perhaps youa€™d like to send welcome emails to new subscribers, offer special discounts, or automatically follow up with your best customers after they make a purchase. If a customer hits a certain revenue threshold, perhaps that indicates they're a super fan, and maybe they should be rewarded with a refer-a-friend discount.
Youa€™ll also have the option to set up Conversations to help manage replies, review the tracking options, automatically share your campaign on Facebook or Twitter, and personalize the To: field of your email through the use of merge tags. If you're looking for a few custom design tips and best practices, our MailChimp for Designers guide is the way to go. Themes are predesigned, preconfigured templates that dona€™t require any programming or design knowledge to get started.
Here, youa€™ll use the drag and drop functionality of the email designer to add, rearrange, duplicate, and delete content blocks to create a campaign thata€™s fully customized to your needs. Access Preview Mode to run an Inbox Preview and see how your campaign will appear across more than 40 different clients, send a few tests of the campaign, test out your merge tags, or use our link checker tool to make sure all the links in your campaign are valid. Then, select one of the available layouts, choose your recipients, and youa€™ll be ready to send the campaign.
Mandrill is a delivery API for MailChimp users who want to send transactional emails, and will help you manage and monitor your transactional messaging through advanced tagging, webhooks, and more.
Through the use of our sharing features, merge tags, and integrations, MailChimp makes it easy for email marketers to use social networks to their advantage.
You can use this information to see what is and isn't working in your campaign and to identify your most popular products or target your best customers. Using that information, you can segment your list to send targeted emails based on your subscriber's purchasing behavior. Each time you begin a new campaign, simply check eCommerce360 link tracking in the Setup step of the campaign builder as you're creating your newsletter. For campaign information, navigate to the eCommerce360 tab at the top of your campaign Reports page. If you have more than one Google account, youa€™ll need to select which account you want to connect to.
When you check the box to enable Google Analytics link tracking, we display the campaign title as it will appear in your Google Analytics account after the campaign is sent. Maybe a particular subject line enticed buyers, or perhaps time of sending affects your reader click-throughs. Review this information for every campaign you senda€”ita€™s full of clues and feedback that will help make your next email more successful than the last. To access your reports, go to the Reports tab from your MailChimp dashboard and click on the name of the campaign to view its report. We even offer maps that allow you to see where in the world the people opening your emails are located.
From the Activity menu, you can view or export a segment of recipients that interacted with your campaign in a specific way.
On this page, youa€™ll find a list of the tracked URLs from your campaign along with the number of total and unique clicks for each one.
Here, youa€™ll find the total sales generated by the campaign, total number of conversions (orders received), and a breakdown of each subscriber's purchases. Conversation tracking offers more flexibility than a standard reply-to email address by allowing other account users to receive email notifications when a subscriber replies to your campaign. It takes into account the price of your MailChimp plan, the number of subscribers you have in your account, and how often you send to your lists. You can analyze your performance over time by aggregating and comparing campaign results, or discover hidden trends by creating advanced segments within your reportsa€”after sending a campaign. MailChimp Pro's Predicted Demographics feature uses data science to predict the gender and age range of your subscribers. The Goal integration can also be used to create segments of subscribers, allowing you to send targeted campaigns to your subscribers based on their Goal activity. Once your customers are migrated, you can take advantage of our eCommerce360 tracking data and quickly put together newsletters to promote your products. If you use Magento for your online seller needs, these integrations make it simple to sync customers and add signup pages. You can use and MailChimp together to find segments within your list that are interested in key topics or ideas that are also important to you. The examples below will provide you with some insight into how other online sellers use MailChimp to supplement their business, and be sure to check out our inspiration board for examples of the beautiful campaigns that you can create with MailChimp. They use MailChimpa€™s Automation features to send discounts to new subscribers who have yet to make their first order, and our segmentation and merge tags help them send relevant, localized content to their customers right when they need it. They segment their MailChimp list by geographic location to send two versions of their campaign, one in English and one in French, and use purchase data to send targeted emails and discount offers. Connect your list to Wavelength to find more publishers that your readers are interested in. These terms require that all lists be permission-based, consisting of subscribers who signed up through a mailing list signup form or gave explicit permission for you to add them to the list. More so than ever before, success relies on effective marketing to better position a brand in front of its competitors.

It is very important to make people interested, because even if they give you their email address, it doesn’t always mean they are interested.
You can make the interface more colorful and organize interactive communication with people in the form of games or other elements. For example, a company could offer a free course but require an email to sign-up or they could hold a social contest that requires them to Like their social page. The popular developer has just announced that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be the next ones to make their way into mobile.
Press down and hold on the bookmark until you see an action menu (UPPER RIGHT).   Select Add to homescreen.
This works similar to creating a favorite on your iPhone, but with this option you can put the website shortcut on your home screen like an app. This helps make your website shortcuts look like apps, and you can even put these in folders to keep a collection of your most used websites together. If you want to go to a specific portion of the website, go there before making the shortcut.  When you are looking at the page you want to make a website shortcut for on your iPhone, tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen.
Tap on this icon to continue adding the website shortcut to your iPhone homescreen.  On this next page you can choose to enter the name of the shortcut. You can long press on this shortcut to change where it is located, just like you do with an app. With the increasing penetration of Android phones, developers are scrambling to port their software.
Who will continue to keep the code up to date for all these platforms as each one splinters into new incarnations, releases new hardware and OS updates.
Webkit2 is gaining ground as the de facto standard for rendering web content, but even Webkit isn’t appropriate for every application. Third, when I’ve decided to buy a game such as Plants and Zombies, I want to be sure my purchase will be a safe one — something a robust app store from a recognized company should offer.
This is the key to driving adoption of a web app ecosystem, as without revenue, businesses and developers will stick with money-making native apps. Probably the most high profile web app to date is the Youtube mobile site, which delivers a comparable experience to the native apps they have built. Depending on what device an app is being run on, the design, layout and functionality may differ significantly. There are MailChimp signup form plugins available for these (and many other) programs that can help make integration a breeze. If you select Facebook-esque, your form will blend more naturally into Facebook's overall appearance.
Later, when you connect to a wifi or cellular network, the collected addresses will be automatically uploaded to your MailChimp list.
Wea€™ve pulled together a list of best practices to help keep each of your lists healthy in our Knowledge Base.
MailChimpa€™s powerful segmentation tools allow you to use the information you have about your subscribers to create and send targeted campaigns. After a customer makes a purchase, you can follow up a week later to make sure everything is working correctly, offer tips for their new product, or remind them to review their transaction.
After youa€™ve sent your test, Multivariate reports will compile all of the data for you and help you interpret the results, so you can quickly identify the most successful variables and implement what youa€™ve learned in your future campaigns.RSS Campaigns allow you to automate your email marketing by combining content from an RSS feed with user-friendly MailChimp templates. Automation workflows can help you streamline your communication process and offer a customized experience for your subscribers. First-time buyers could receive a special thank-you note or a coupon, or you could send follow-up care instructions for products that need maintenance over time. If youa€™re on the hunt for a thorough walkthrough, MailChimp's Getting Started guide might be the best place to start. You can also set up Social Cards from this menu if youa€™d like to choose the image and text that displays when your email is viewed in Gmaila€™s grid view or shared on Facebook and Twitter. Your top customers might deserve a thank you for being loyal to your brand, or those subscribers that haven't shopped in a while might need a little push to get them headed in the right direction. You can also look at subscriber profiles and see what products your customers buy, and from which campaigns they purchased. A detailed look at the data provided in the Analytics360 report can be found in the next section of this guide.
Therea€™s even a MailChimp Mobile app so you can view your reports while youa€™re on the go. If youa€™d like to view a list of all subscribers who opened (or didna€™t open) the campaign, for example, youa€™ll find that information here. If you're viewing the report for a Regular or RSS-Driven campaign, we also populate a click map to give you a visual representation of how each link performed. MailChimp does all the heavy lifting for you, eliminating the need to export and combine all of your data manually.
Then you can sync those segments back to MailChimp to create micro-targeted campaigns with content thata€™s especially relevant to that audience. Get a well-rounded look at your audience's habits, pick up design and e-commerce tips from like-minded publishers, find new outlets for advertising, and more. You must have tangible, confirmable proof that the subscriber wants you to communicate with them.
If you fail to evoke their curiosity, they may not open your letters, make an order or simply come back to the site. For example, you can offer your visitors an interesting test and, thus, turn them into your clients. In most cases you will need to create a shorter name, or possibly abbreviate the name so it fits on your iPhone home screen.
It wouldn’t be recommended for experiences that need complex graphics rendering, require hooks into specific hardware such as camera or accelerometer, or have hefty media requirements.
With smart design and code, a single web app could render appropriately on differing resolutions and screen sizes, and respond accordingly to touch, 5-way or cursor. Even with Apple promoting mobile web apps as the next best thing on their 1st generation iPhone in 2007, the focus is still squarely on native apps. And since a web app is cross-platform, you could play it on your Android phone, your iPad, and your desktop — all with a single purchase. Visit our Integrations Directory for all the details, as well as download & installation instructions. Like the other campaign types, you can control when these campaigns are sent and who will receive them. You can choose to send to the entire list or use our segmentation tools to send targeted content based on subscriber information, campaign or e-commerce activity, group membership, manual selection, and more. Themes come in two varietiesa€”a€?drag and dropa€? and a€?classic.a€? Drag and drop themes offer functionality similar to that of Basic templates, while only the color and content of the classic templates will be editable within the Email Designer. The style and content of each content block can be modified with the Content, Style, and Settings tabs in the editing area. Segment by your most-engaged customers, learn where their interests lie, and delight them with special offers, videos, or coupons. The title and date format makes the campaign easy to search for in your Google Analytics dashboard.
This allows you to see which customers make a purchase (and what they buy) after opening your campaign. When youa€™re done, you can share your findings with the whole team and schedule your reports to automatically regenerate as new results come in. You'll have more information about the makeup of your audience, and greater insight into the ways that specific demographics interact with your emails. We recommend including a link to your signup form on your purchase confirmation or receipts, or sending your customers a reconfirmation email to make sure they want to hear from you before you send new marketing content. Consider keyword research when developing content to understand what is currently popular or what topics could need more content. And the primary reason for this is due to the overwhelming success of Apple’s (native) App Store. Another potential benefit of using a web app storefront would be the APIs to help developers deal with authentication, licensing and other technical hurdles of digital distribution.
After the connection has been established, the MailChimp form can be added to any Facebook a€?pagea€? that you administer. We're big believers in reducing irrelevance, and segmentation is one quick, powerful way of doing precisely that. This tutorial article discusses building segments and provides a full list of the segmenting options available in MailChimp. The template type will be displayed below each Theme, so you can easily differentiate between the two.From the Code Your Own tab, you can paste in your own custom-coded design or upload your templates from an existing HTML or ZIP file. By carefully segmenting, you can also avoid annoying readers who may not want specific emails. You can then use this data to refine your marketing strategy and send more relevant content to the customers who want it most. You can also explore our selection of guides and the latest research reports from our data science team. You can also set up Automation to send specific content to customers based on clicks or special days like anniversaries. If you choose to code your own templates, take a few minutes to review our Email Design Reference. It catches and holds your attention while providing leads for its company and standing out in its niche.
For online sellers, it's even more exciting to see if your campaigns result in sales of your featured products.

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