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RefScout is currently a free service that will screen databases covering life and medical sciences for the key words or the combination of key words you specified and will automatically update you with any abstract that has come up during the last seven days. If you are unable to access the Ebsco Host, you may be able to search full text articles and abstracts by subscribing to the EBSCO database.
APA Formatting RequirementsSites that show you how to get Microsoft Word to produce the hanging indents you need for your references. Steps for stopping Microsoft Word from coloring and underlining the URL you want to put in your reference page. Uncheck the box titled "Internet paths with hyperlinks" (it is at the bottom of the second block of boxes). APA Lite for College Papers is a concise guide to crafting research papers in the style of the American Psychological Association (APA). FBI Warning?  You are welcome to print, link, or distribute APA Lite for not-for-profit educational purposes. Bargain Sixth Edition!  The latest edition of the APA Publication Manual has cut a total of 166 pages of text over to the last edition. The basic features of APA style for final manuscripts are illustrated in Figure 1, along with the corresponding section in APA Lite where they are explained. The APA uses nonstandard symbols in presenting statistics--just a few of the more common symbols are presented in APA Lite.
The old APA Manual (2001) noted: "If the paper is to receive masked review, also place the author note on the title page, following the bylines and affiliations. Margins must be at least one inch on all four sides of the page, wider left if the paper is to be bound.
Indent all text paragraphs--except the abstract and the first paragraph in a block quote--one-half inch. This section explains what to keep in mind as you write: the use of abbreviations, required capitalization, adding emphasis to words and phrases, and presentation of quotations.
Explain what an acronym means the first time it occurs: American Psychological Association (APA). If an abbreviation is commonly used as a word, it does not require explanation (IQ, LSD, REM, ESP). To form plurals of abbreviations, add s alone, without an apostrophe (PhDs, IQs, vols., Eds).
Use hr for hour or hours, min for minutes, s for seconds, m for meter or meters (all in plain text, no period, no bold font). Do not use the traditional abbreviations for subject, experimenter, and observer (S, E, O). The general rule is to capitalize terms if they are highly specific--in effect, used as proper nouns. Capitalize nouns before numbers or letters that indicate a specific place in a numbered series, but not before variables (Chapet 4, Table 3, Trial 2, but not trial x).
Capitalize specific course and department titles (GSU Department of Psychology, Psych 150).
Capitalize the first word after colon in all titles in references and in the text and in headings.
Sentence caps capitalize the first word and the first word after a comma or colon when the phrase is a complete sentence. Use italics (or underline) for the titles of books, species names, novel or technical terms and labels (the first time only), words and phrases used as linguistic examples, letters used as statistical symbols, and the volume numbers in references to journal articles. Add emphasis to a word or phrase in a quotation with italics, followed by the note [italics added] in brackets. Note a word used as a word, or a foreign term, with italics, for example, hutte means hut in German.
Introduce a keyword or technical term (the neoquasipsychoanalytic theory), or identify endpoints on a scale (poor to excellent) with italics. Block quotes, quotations of 40 words or longer, double-spaced from the text, single-spaced within.

The first line of the first paragraph in a block quote is not additionally Indented; the first line of each paragraph after the first is indented (see Figure 5). Block quotes may be single-spaced in research papers, but must be double-spaced in copy manuscripts submitted for publication or review (see APA, 2001, p. When the author is introduced in the text the page number follows the quotation, but the date follows the author's name.
Spell out common fractions, common expressions, and centruries (one-half, Fourth of July, twentieth century). When numbers below 10 must be mixed with numbers above 10 in the same sentence they should be written as numerals. Use combinations of numerals and written numbers for large approximate sums (over 3 million people). Use numerals for numbers 10 and above, for exact statistical references, scores, sample sizes, and sums (multiplied by 3, or 5% of the sample). Use metric abbreviations with physical measure (4 km) but not when written out (many meters distant).
Use numerals for all numbers "that denote a specific place in a numbered series, parts of books and tables, and each number in a list of four or numbers" (APA, 2009, p. SI numbers have three parts: the numerical value, the prefix (multiplier), and the unit symbol (abbreviation). Common prefixes are k (kilo-, multiply by one thousand), M (mega-, multiply by one million), and m (milli-, multiply by one-one thousandth [0.001]).
Units of measure are always abbreviated when presented with numerical values, but written out when noted in the text without a numerical value. Descriptive statistics give summary information about a sample or population, such as the average (mean) or standard deviation of some characteristic. Inferential statistics reason from a sample to the characteristics of a population, often expressed as a probability.
The first number in parentheses is degrees of freedom of the analysis; "95% CI" stands for 95% confidence interval.
Place tables close to where they are first mentioned in your text, but do not split a table across pages. Label each table beginning with the table number followed by a description of the contents in italics. General notes follow the word Note: (in italics) and are used to explain general information about the table, such as the source. The bar graph illustrates quantitatively the episodic character of this very lethal disease (the mortality rate is about 40%).
The captions in APA Lite show the title in a bold font, a useful touch though not part of the APA instructions. Of the 146 screened potential participants, 104 met eligibility criteria, and of those, 59 agreed to participate in the study. To our knowledge, this is the first placebo-controlled trial of H perforatum in children and adolescents. Almost all sources fit one of three basic reference formats--as periodicals, as books, or as edited volumes (which are an amalgam of article and book formats).
Name of the Journal, Newspaper, or Other Periodical in Heading Caps and Italics, Volume in Italics(issue number), [pp.] page numbers. It is typical to cite the specific content being referenced in an edited book or compilation, the article or chapter, not the entire volume.
Use an ampersand (&) in references and parenthetical citations only; write and in plain text, for example, Smith and Sarason (1990) explained . Disregard apostrophes, spaces, and capitals in alphabetizing; D'Arcy comes after Daagwood, Decker comes after de Chardin. E-mail and other "unrecoverable data" are cited as a personal communication, for example: (A.
Annual smoking attributable mortality, years of potential life lost and economic costs: United States 1995-1999.

The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) should be added to a reference whether you use a digital version of the article or not.
Reference the URL of the home page of the journal, not that of the specific document (APA, 2009, p.
The retrieval date should be added when referencing other than the version of record, such as an updated copy after publication. Add the issue in the volume (in parentheses in plain text) to these reference after the volume number. A title notation in brackets, [Perspective], follows the title to indicate this is a regular feature of the journal, and an opinion or observational comment rather than an empirical study.
In addition, there is a special database, epsyche, which is specifically designed to search records related to the psychological and behavioral fields of study. It is based on the current edition of the APA Publication Manual (corrected printing, 2009) while incorporating guidelines for "Material Other Than Journal Articles" found in the last edition. An unjustified right margin is called a ragged right margin for its appearance on the page.
If there are errors, introduce the word sic (thus) italicized and bracketed—for example, "the speaker stttutured [sic] terribly"—immediately after the error to indicate it was in the original.
A total of 59 participants were enrolled in the trial, and 54 (27 per group) were randomized (Figure 9). The results of this study suggest that administration of H perforatum has no additional benefit beyond that of placebo for treating symptoms of child and adolescent ADHD. Spaces or punctuation precede letters after last names, Smith comes before Smithson, but note 2 below.
A note is added to a reference to help identify a source when it is not a conventional article or book.
Note: "Author" is used for the publisher's name above when the author and publisher are identical, an APA quirk.
The title pages shown differ significantly from that shown in the APA Manual for copy manuscripts. Do not hyphenate words at the ends of lines, do not justify the right margin, leave it ragged. This picture has been edited to show a safe descent line (bold), the crest of the glacier (thin gray line), and the dangerous north side of the glacier marked with the universal no-go sign.
In our study, those in the H perforatum group experienced neither more nor fewer adverse events than the placebo group.
Do not use "Anonymous" for the author unless that is the designated author expressly given in the source. The site of origin of the 1918 influenza pandemic and its public health implications [Commentary].
On the surprising longevity of flogged horses: Why there is a case for the significance test. The picture in Figure 8 would be difficult to describe in the text, and would likely require a specialized language to do so (cornice, fall line, glissade, grade, talus, tarn) that would also have to be explained. Italicize titles of books, reports, working and conference papers, dissertations, and similar documents. John's Wort) in alleviating the symptoms of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Lack of airborne transmission during outbreak of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 among tour group members, China, June 2009.
Weight loss with self-help compared with a structured commercial program: A randomized trial.

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