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Before marrying GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, Melania Trump was an extremely successful model who took tons of glamorous photos.
For much of the last six months, Donald Trump has been the frontrunner of the GOP presidential race, meaning that Americans everywhere are already preparing for his wife Melania to become our next first lady.
Liberals are doing everything they can to derail these plans, however, by releasing a series of raunchy photos from Melania’s modeling days.
Do the public (and the advertising agencies!) a favour and please make sure we don’t hate the brand by the end of your flight run.
My name is Emma (obv) and I like to call myself a Digital Media Enthusiast - what that really means though is that I like the internets. Opinions and comments expressed in posts on this site are fully mine alone and do not reflect the views or policies of my employer. In the advert, the 'California Gurls' hitmaker wears various color of wigs including purple, pink and blue to match her colorful eyeshadow and nails.

In the advert, Katy wears four kinds of wigs including a blue short wig styled in loose curls, a purple wig, a pink short pixie wig and a brown long wig with bangs. On Sunday, Katy performed a medley of some of her biggest hits at the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show along with special guests Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott. I don't care what they say in the brief, the whole purpose of the campaign is to promote awareness via shock value.
Now, liberals are trying to use these sexy images to destroy her husband’s presidential campaign.
Unfortunately for them, however, all they seem to be doing is making the Trumps more popular.
Unfortunately for them, however, these images appear to only be making Melania more popular! You really do have the power to take what could be a very thoughtfully crafted strategy, a creative vision, a nice execution and essentially pour acid all over it!

The "Teenage Dream" songstress, who was chosen as the spokeperson of the brand in 2013, shows off her colorful side with various color of wigs, make-up and nail arts. She adds pink eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, pink lipstick and yellow nails for her overall look. As promised, she brought a lion and sharks to her performance during the halftime of the game between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.
Every time I see this ad (you know, like every 2nd YouTube video I watch) I just start raging.

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