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Trying to improve upon classic comic and cartoon characters is like messing with Mother Nature. Artist Tim O'Brien drew his more worldly version of Charlie Brown and named it Chuck Brown.
Movie makeup effects artist Rick Baker designed Popeye as a real, as in really scary, person.
Toronto artist Adnan Saleem of Destination Creation pictured what The Simpsons would look like in a three-dimensional style. Photoshop artist Mata Leone untooned Stan Smith of the show American Dad, among many other cartoons, comic book characters, and even paintings. Other artists have taken the abstract South Park characters and redrawn them more realistically.
This is just a small sampling of the many cartoon and comic characters getting the realism treatment. Behind bars hilarious jokes funny cartoon picture of criminals making fun with police and these behind bars cartoon jokes make you smile and laugh.
With your imagination you can come up with so many cartoon characters, however, basic drawing skills and knowledge of some sketching tips and tricks is also important.
Close your eyes, and just imagine what you want your character to be or rather what is your character and whom do you already have in mind. The second step is to get your ideas flowing on the paper, or on a computer in case you are using a tablet and pen. Here is a simple character designing project I worked on, that will guide you on the project.
In this stage you need to be precise and draw a front profile sketch of the character standing properly, in one single neat line.

Now that you know how your character exactly looks, start drawing different drawings of your character. Now either you can scan your drawings onto your computer, and use software like Flash or Photoshop to color them. In case you wish to learn make a toon character of yourself, then follow the above guidelines. The above set of family portraits is by Deviant Art member NorthernBanshee.And another version of the same boys from Deviant Art member Kuroi-Tsuki.
She is also the managing editor at Neatorama and keeps a small humor blog called Miss Cellania. Keep doodling around with different proportions of the character, different hairstyles, expressions, etc. Add different kinds of expressions like happy, sad, depressed, angry, annoyed, nausea, love, etc.
You can do some basic animations using simple animation software like Flash, create gifs or animations for your site, or make a short film out of your character. However if you aren't good at drawing then just scan your picture in the computer and use a filter like sketch in software like Photoshop to get a cartoon like picture of yourself.
Tools like Photoshop make it easier than ever to give texture and shadow to plain line drawings, so converting our favorite cartoon characters into a more realistic style is too tempting to pass up.
The Teletubbies are costumed characters instead of cartoons, but a painting still makes them look more real! Saleem later redid Homer Simpson in a manner that was a little more faithful to the cartoon. It is a bit jarring to see a drawing that looks more true-to-life than the actual characters, especially right there on the show!

In her spare time, she is raising a frightening number of children in a small Kentucky town. Keep adding details like props and expressions to the character but it would be a good idea to keep your drawings rough at this stage. But before you add them to the character, make sure you practice drawing these props separately and then add the props to the drawing of the character.
Keep sketching different body postures like pointing hand, sitting, laughing with hand on stomach, etc.
Another way of making a character on the computer is to look online for sites which convert your picture into a cartoon. Some of the characters are difficult and complex to draw like the cartoon character of 'Spiderman'. These sites have options where you need to submit your photo, and the site processes it into a cartoon-like image. There is a long procedure called 'character designing' which is done while making these characters.
However, if you wish to learn serious or advanced character designing, then a lot of hard work and dedication is needed. For advanced character designing lessons, you can look for books online; some of the best ones are by Christopher Hart.
Note down on a piece of paper, as many characteristics of the cartoon character as you can think of.

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