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Putting on make-up not only requires time, but also effort– something we are so not up for at 7am on a Monday morning. Clothes, phone, basically anything you touch becomes a mess of beige residue once the foundation migrates from your face to your fingers.
Again, we’re not big on time wasting, or using industrial paint remover just before you go to bed.
Katy Perry is not afraid to be silly, funny and make a little fool of herself, so we are pretty much in love with her. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. The next logical step for Heineman was to figure out how he might re-create this experience using the technology of our century. Stereographs were used both to educate and entertain the public, as well as in reporting of the period.

The Stereogranimator makes it simple to create GIFs out of the images available, providing a constantly changing, refreshable selection of stereographs for users. It can be used to cover up blemishes, a multitude of sins, and generally emphasis all of your good bits.
This means that in order to re-apply anything you’ve got to be at a mirror or take one out in public like the vain, self-centred princess you are. There are actual fumes that we’re inhaling all night, and we never get it all anyway.
After a while your foundation will get a bit oily and people will soon be using your forehead to check their own make-up in.
Everything great that ever happens on a night out happens when you’re in the bathroom queuing for mirror space. A stray eyelash curlers will leave you lash-less and that mascara stick is just an eye injury waiting to happen.

With the Stereogranimator, the NYPL is letting users transform 19th century stereographs into GIFs, which lets people experience these historical images the way someone in the 1800s might have. They were a big hit with people of all classes, and could be humorous, startling, fantastical, or almost too realistic. On a similarly aesthetic note– it seems we will not be content until we char ourselves away with a set of straighteners.
Drawing on a collection of over 40,000 stereographs, the Stereogranimator is a project of the NYPL Labs, an experimental unit at the library using digital means to develop new tools for research.

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