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If you have a job that you’re lucky enough to receive year end bonus, then I’m sure you can hardly wait for that bonus to be deposited into your account. You’ve made your gift list, checked it twice and OMG, and are there really that many people I know?!
Retirement is a massive deal to most people and if not successfully prepared for, it can literally turn your world upside down. HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU MAKE GIVING PLASMAshort choppy layered hairstyles with bangs Guys ever donated plasma collection center near you. Some, clearly the children who have been especially well-behaved this year, are deeply heartfelt, requesting gifts for family members before themselves. And Yvette, who wants nothing more than a Droid 2610 smartphone, helpfully informs Santa that it is available at Verizon.'Please text my Dad. Wishing upon a star: One extensive list includes requests for a puppy, Shania Twain CDs and a colouring book (left).
But, she adds, it is up to Santa to decide whether Mitch would be deserving of such a gift, given that he is bad-tempered, messy and doesn't like to read.Other letters among the site's selection, it would seem, were penned by grown-ups venting their own frustrations about the Christmas period.

Well-researched: Yvette wants a smartphone, a particular one, and even informs Santa where he can find it (left). Threats: A very professionally produced ransom-style note (left) includes a picture of Rudolph's red nose in a jewellery box. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Follow our top tips to help you make the most of your Virgin Money Giving page and see your fundraising rocket. If the info you need isna€™t on their website, dona€™t be afraid to get in touch with your charity about your fundraising a€“ theya€™ll be really pleased to hear from you.They might be able to tell you how your donations will be used and their hopes for the future of the charity. Once youa€™ve told your story and made people aware of your fundraising, keep updating your Virgin Money Giving page to give them a reason to come back. Dona€™t forget to keep on fundraising and asking people to sponsor you after your event has finished.
Others are rather more demanding - even threatening, with one even taking the form of a ransom note.

In addition to the usual dolls and bicycles are requests for 'five-feet-long hair and a real elf' and 'a coloring book, crayons and a new swimming pool'.One seems to have developed a penchant for hunting, asking for a full kit as well as an iPod, and another writer even wants to be turned into a dragon.
Treat your fundraising page like a blog by adding photos and progress reports whenever you can.You could also send an email when youa€™ve updated your page, to let everyone know there are new things to see. A large amount of money is raised this way, and people who havena€™t sponsored you already might be persuaded when they see how much effort you put into your event.When you set up a fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving wea€™ll ask when youa€™d like it to close, so feel free to leave it open for a few weeks after your event so that people can continue to sponsor you and your charity can carry on benitting from donations. People who have already sponsored you will be interested in how youa€™re getting on, and ita€™s a reminder for those who didna€™t sponsor you the first time around to make a donation. If youa€™ve got a fundraising page up and running at the moment you can change the end date whenever you like.

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