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Pixar films have been known to feature a lot of Easter eggs containing characters from many of their movies. One of the Easter eggs includes Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled making a small cameo in Disney’s Frozen. More and more it seems we are all getting tired of false portrayals of humanity. Whether movies or dolls, toys or toy stores, people are pushing back harder than ever to see themselves reflected in the culture at large.
Check out the image above and you can see the two in the bottom-left corner during Elsa’s coronation.
They’ve started the This Could Have Been Frozen tumblr to demonstrate to Disney what a missed opportunity this has been.

However, the blame is not on star power but Disney’s lack of advertsing and poor programming. The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. No matter what the routine of my life is ongoing I still fetch time to watch my favorite animated movies.
The 10-epsiode comedy-fantasy mini is based on the short Tome Of The Unknown, which hails from Cartoon Network Studios’ shorts program and won the best animation short film at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival last month.
The characters look so tangible and close to reality, jumping around, playing here and there, roaming in & out, walking to and fro, enjoying like maniacs, teasing each other as if  there is nothing left behind, plotting pranks, screaming in childish voices, making us laugh over their silly movements, cracked words and silly dialogues.

Minions are the cheery, jolly, wild and insane entities of Despicable me, that become the center of gravity for the fans. Their awesome scenes are so magnificent that would make us fall flat for this American 3D movie sequel again.
Today I am unleashing Despicable me 2 Minions’ pictures, movie wallpapers and adorable Facebook cover photos.

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