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A Daytona Beach, Florida teen is causing strangers to freeze and stare because of her uncanny likeness to Queen Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen.
Her real-life sister Lexie often accompanies her dressed as Elsa's sister Princess Anna from the movie, and her best friend steps in when Lexie isn't available.'We of course do the appearances for free,' Carlson said.
Zack und Miri kennen sich seit Ewigkeiten und wohnen fast genauso lange in einer WG zusammen. The embarrassing incident appeared to be scripted as Giamatti crossed his arms in a cinematic show of defiance towards the masked superhero.

The red and blue costumed vigilante had dis-robed his opponent with a flick of his wrist, utilizing his signature web-slinging powers to humiliate Giamatti's comic book villain The Rhino.But the school yard prank failed to impress the Eastern European thug, who was clearly taunting the agile youth to resume fighting.
The rising star wore a black windbreaker in between scenes to stay warm and dry in the chilly, wet New York weather. Anna Faith Carlson, 18, became an online sensation when she posted a picture of her posing next to a cardboard cutout of Elsa a few months ago. Right now, she's focusing on her modeling career, but also hopes to branch out into acting. Impulsive character of Make It Happen movie is going to take your attention while watching it online with your girlfriend or alone.
Keith Jordan, Ian Buchanan, Wyatt Fenner, Alison Arngrim have made this movie terrific to watch. The Wall Street Journal reported the landmark agreement could set a precedent for Netflix's dealings with other broadband providers.The news comes after Comcast agreed to buy Time Warner Cable Inc. It's kind of creepy.'But now she's using her storybook looks for good, dressing up as the character to entertain children and cheer-up cancer patients.

Since then, she's been marketing herself as a Disney dead-ringer, making appearances at schools and hospitals and even attending a prom dressed as Elsa. Carlson may have found the perfect opportunity as well since ABC show 'Once Upon A Time' ended it's current season with a teaser, hinting at an upcoming Elsa appearance.
The aspiring actress is also hoping her online following will secure her an audition to appear on ABC show 'Once Upon A time' which is adding Elsa as a character next season.
Carlson's mother Karen says they've tried reaching out to ABC but 'haven't heard anything as of yet.' She is currently asking her online followers to helped her get an audition by re-posting her picture. In an interview with the Sentinel, Carlson recalls how she found internet fame by posting a picture next to a poster of Elsa she found at the mall.

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