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Many think this way of making money is for poor people or people who can’t get a job or not smart enough to get a good job.
Well that’s my story for today and I will be setting up a scrapping blog shortly were I will be posting my videos on the subject and will also be posting other video I find interesting on the subject. In an effort to restore some faith to all of you that are experiencing traffic drops and conversions, we might have a few things that can help. I will be the first to admit it can become frustrating when sales take a dip or traffic drops for what appears out of the blue. New staff hours – while appeared great on the balance sheet –was simply not conducive to an online global sales operation. We could argue for days about the first two things (even internally about the other 2), but in truth the only thing that matters is that realistically the first two things are out of our control. When consumer spending is down or traffic is down this is a great time to source products and scrape the bottom of the barrel deals you will find.
We currently have very few auctions running right now as we are working on a new idea to test on our customers.
I received the following article from a friend and also noticed a nice email from eBay stating the same thing. They’re enforcing some new picture rules like no borders, writing and size minimums but the big thing is fees.
So this post is a little of topic then the usual stuff I talk but I thought it was an interesting way of making money. Your real store insertion fee, or your cost per store listing isn’t as simple as you might think. Your real store insertion fee, or your cost per store listing isn’t as simple as you might think. Taking this a little further, you might also want to work on figuring out the average time it takes your items to sell. All of the above is just my way of doing things, and I’ve talked about this before, but there are so many new sellers nowadays. Recently, I noticed some sellers on eBay have been having trouble selling in qty because of selling limits eBay has put on sellers, specifically new sellers. Today I just wanted to make a quick post about how important it is to ship with signature confirmation when dealing on eBay and using paypal.
The buyer started a dispute against this seller that they did not receive their item even if tracking showed that it was delivered. Now this seller didn’t send the package with tracking and they will lose this dispute because of this. The simple Answer is that, YouTube belong to the Google Which Earn Money from the advertising on it’s videos.
Then How these people can earn money from YouTube videos, if Google gets all the money from advertising on the videos? Another Method many people prefer is of Google adsense which pays more then any other company till now, this company has some terms and condition you should have to follow before you apply for this program.
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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Speaking to VideoGamer, technical director James Therien said making female characters is just too much work.
At this point VideoGamer quite rightly pressed the issue, mentioning the resources at Ubisoft’s disposal. I personally never thought like this but I never gave it a though and just didn’t think it would pay.
I know personally that I’ve had about 5 or six DSRs removed on my account for whatever reason. Mostly because I didn’t really have anything new to talk about and because I was short on time. As a seller they could be really good, they could not have any effect or they could kill you.
I was on a message board talking about making money and I feel upon a topic talking about making money by uploading videos to YouTube.
When I first got a store, I forgot to figure my store subscription fee into my initial prices for awhile. I have some that sit for a year or more before they sell, and some that sell the first month out the gate. Others in between.
For those I forget all about my costs of listing, what I paid for it, the whole shebang.  I just start reducing the price every month until somebody takes the dang thing off my hands. The bad news is there is nothing you could really do about it if you’re a new sellers. This includes shipping  for example, you sell an item for  $249 + $2 shipping for a total of $251. I’m going to start sharing the best places I have found to order supplies for your business. They’re really good for people living in the east cost because you could receive your stuff the next day in some cases. There are many sites which provide link shorten services, but some of them will pay you the number of time people click on that link.
You first need to have 5000 video views to apply for this program, but once your application is approved then you can earn more than You just need to do is sign up for that and shorten the link for your video which has been uploaded to your YouTube account and then share that link with others to have some Traffic to your videos. Well about month ago I had an offer I couldn’t pass up and pretty much stocked a good chunk of a warehouse with big bulky inventory that towards the end I was dreading to work with and just liquidated everything as quickly as I could.
If you don’t deal in electronics like I do, then you need to drive around on garbage day to pick up scrap.
I ignored it for a few days because I though it had to do with getting an google adsense account and getting paid pennies for every click you would get on the ads shown around your video.
For single item listings, you probably tend to list similar types of products, so they may have simililar sell thru time. This week I needed to get myself a new router because my old one was just not doing the job speed wise and range wise.
For sellers that have older accounts and have monthly activity, you could give eBay a call and talk to someone there and they might increase your limits depending on what your selling, how much your selling and of course what your feedback & stars look like.

As usual, this morning I wen’t on the eBay message boards and a fellow seller wrote about how they sent a package worth $2500 to France without any signature confirmation.
I personally don’t sell heavy valuable items overseas unless buyer is will to pay the high shipping with UPS or FEDEX so I could have the protection of signature confirmation.
If you did not send this package with signature confirmation then you will lose any none receipt case against you because the total is over $250. The update seller protection which was a good thing but didn’t really fix the issues. I also upgrade my internet speed with the new cable service offer with ACN and wanted to take full advantage of it. They also look at if you follow what they want you to do like offer free shipping and 14 day returns. It would have doubled the work on those things,” he said, and I hope he was wiping sweat off his brow as he did it.
Well never doing that again but it allowed me to find new source of revenue that I was just throwing away for free. I personally don’t going around on garbage day and pick up metal scrap but what I do now is I hold on to what ever is metal that I was going to throw away anyway send scrap out to different locations. They also gave sellers a better way to weed out bad buyers by reporting them (all sellers should).
They also took our the tiered system of final value fees (FVF) and now charge a flat FVF and they also reduced FVF to a minimum of 4% up to 10% depending if you  have a  store or not  and depending on the category too. Not bad if you only sell 100 pieces but if you sell 2 or 3 hundred then were talking about $2000 plus a year in extra fees. Pretty much companies are looking to get people to upload the companies videos and pretty much promote their products. We had discussed channel creation methods in our previous issue, but it can only be done through a computer as currently this can't be done in the Android or iOS YouTube apps. Since the launch of the enhanced Report a Buyer feature, we’ve had more reports submitted by sellers.
I deal in electronics the majority of the time so I have so much e-waste that in the past would just leave on the curb and a scrapper would pick them. I wonder how much money I have given away like this in the last 8 years since I’ve been dealing in electronics. The more Sellers report bad buyers the easier it will be for eBay to boot them off the site and they do kick bad buyers off the site. I don’t have the time to go in-depth with this but if you click HERE, you will get a bunch of info. When you do call them and they ask you what you need, ask for a little more than what you need so you could get what you actually need. Flash Sales, Daily Deals, and Weekly Deals are all the rave right now with Big Box Retailers and e-tailers.

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