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PC went down the drain and was recently purchased by a new company called Ad Click Xpress (3). To top it all off there is another company called Click Paid (4) which leads to Ad Click Express and is founded by the same person who started PC & Just Been Paid. All of these companies basically follow the same business model which as you’ll find out have MAJOR issues and I believe are ponzi schemes. In addition, you can also promote the company to others and earn money from each referral as well as people they refer, meaning secondary referrals.
This explanation is very broad, but in all honesty, it is a difficult system to explain without going into numbers and that may very well end up confusing a lot of people.
Originally, there was a program called Just Been Paid, but with a lot of technical issues, it went down the drain and was purchased by Profit Clicking. In addition, after PC went out of business, it’s owner magically re-appeared and said a new system is out that will be better than the old one. Anyway, the point of this red flag is to show that there is a VERY questionable history with PC, before it was called that and I’m sure there will be the same issues with the new company that purchased it. There is also speculation that they are just trying to keep the ponzi scheme running for as long as possible so when the previous companies began to¬†accumulate¬†too many complaints, they would switch over to a new company and try to keep the same model running. If you haven’t heard, that company was shut down by the SEC for being a $600 million dollar ponzi scheme. In my experience, any company that doesn’t use PayPal should be one to stay far away from.

Withdrawal issues began when too many people wanted to take their money out which caused PC to impose a limit on how much people could withdraw and when.
This caused the bucket option to close citing there were too many withdrawals and that people who couldn’t take their money out would have to try again later.
Basically now people instead of waiting for the bucket to open up, would see a green light which would indicate they could take out their funds. In my opinion any kind of company which has a referral program where you get paid not just through direct referrals, but through referrals your direct referrals make is just a system founded on the traditional pyramid scheme model. You could make money with this program, but it will likely be at the expense of others (ponzi scheme).
Some would argue that I am being presumptive in that I am considering Ad Click Xpress to be a bad company just because it’s associated with PC. If you’ve already been scammed by PC, I doubt complaining will work, at least until the company gets shut down. I would advise you not put too much energy into this because the truth is, it’s going to be VERY difficult to get your money back. In fact, the longer, fuller eyelashes seen in each image were actually created using artificial inserts.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Having said that, there are A LOT of red flags with this company including the SEC warning against it.

You could apply this credit in one way or another to receive further credit within the system. Frankly, I had issues understanding the system because it didn’t actually make sense from a legitimate point of view and the fact that I have 8+ years in internet marketing, I can see holes very quickly.
This happened all the way back to when PC was still Just Been Paid, all the way through to when it was purchased by Profit Clicking and will probably have the same issues now that it’s called Ad Click Xpress. This plan also went down the drain because many members claimed this didn’t even work! They would be partially right, but I think in the end, this company will probably fall apart JUST LIKE the other 2 did before it and be renamed something else.
You could also invest your own money into the program and basically receive a % back, anywhere from 1-2% daily & on weekends for basically doing nothing but viewing ads (smells fishy already). Whenever it would be open, members of PC would literally swarm to get their money and rightfully so.
In this case, focusing on finding legitimate ways to make money online, if that of course is your major goal.

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