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If you take closer look at this quick sketch youa€™ll notice that all lines are sketched very approximately.
Yes, there is still lot of work to do to make this picture a good drawing, but the purpose of this exercise is to capture the shape of a dog. When the rough body contour is ready you can go back to the head, where you began and outline the features of doga€™s face. Every time you repeat the same sketch over and over, youa€™ll find new things to improve, and you are getting better which is good. What is it on Mickey Mouse that almost everyone gets into a hypnotic trance when seeing him?
Being very honest, it is not only the kids, but also adults who want to go to Disneylanda€¦,yes, including me of course. Every time I cross the gates of Disneyland I become totally a€?crazya€? - just as if Ia€™d enter into another realm.
There are thousands of anime, manga characters but Mickey Mouse is and probably always will be The Mickey Mouse. Today, we have him beautifully computer-graphic colored but in 1928 when it was released for the first time as Steamboat Willie Mickey was only black and white.

Now, I will show you the process of how to draw Mickey Mouse in few very simple and easy steps. Hold your pencil tilted and just without any deep thinking, simply draw the head, prolonged neck (body), belly and the limbs. OK, so this initial sketch looks like nothing, almost grotesque, yet it will be a very important guide to draw Mickey Mouse. Put a piece of paper under your hand that holds the pencil, in order not to blur the drawing when your hand rests on the paper. When drawing smaller body parts like palms, eyes, mouth, etc, you can hold your pencil as usual a€“ writing grip. Here you should erase all excess pencil lines, so that only one thinner and firm pencil body-outline shall remain.
Graphite of ordinary pencil will remain shining, which is not always nice so make a graphite pencil test on a separate paper first, to see how it shines. I did the coloring by colored pencils but you can color it with pastels, water or acrylic colors as you wish. It is a good exercise because youa€™ll practice to apply different pressure on the pencil so that the lines will be of different intensity a€“ and tonal value.

The back of the body is relatively small because it is diagonally behind what makes it look very natural. This cute character was born in 1928(!) and I would not exaggerate if I say that Mickey Mouse is the most famous anime character in the world. The legs are also not exactly straight but oriented backwards to form a reversed a€?Ca€? character. I think you instantly feel how easy it is now to draw when you have ready the basic body position guidelines. It is a wonderful feeling while you draw Mickey Mouse, to see, how it comes out gradually on the paper. You will do a lot of erasing work from now on so make the pencil strokes soft and weak to erase them easily later.

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