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Enraged and frustrated players of Sony’s online Star Wars role-playing game, Star Wars Galaxies, have launched a petition to try to save the game from being shut down on December 15. Other online games have had a lot of success converting from a subscription-based model to a free-to-play model.
I argued that the death of Star Wars Galaxies was basically a tragedy because it came at the hands of the game’s own publisher rather than the popularity of another game.
But if you look at the recent decision by Lucasarts to shut down Star Wars Galaxies, you might be inclined to think we are both of those things. No matter how hard you try, you can never apply any sort of label or definition to the players of Star Wars Galaxies. The world is obsessed with trying to apply labels to groups of people, and will often do so on the basis of pure assumptions and hearsay. Just the other day I learned that a great player on my server of Starsider was once the mayor-elect of his city in Canada.
Your Torchlight product key has been emailed to your Arc registered email address, you can redeem this key in game. CaptainGeko here, and wow am I excited tell you about a few new features heading your way in Star Trek Online – the new Ship Management, Load-Outs, and Quick-Equip systems. This system will allow you to set up pre-set load-outs for each of your ships (two slots are provided for free on each ship, and additional load-out slots may be purchased in the C-Store). To make setting up load-outs even easier, we are introducing the brand-new Quick-Equip system.
Finally, with the release of these new systems, we will be raising the cap on starship slots to 50! The above features are still a work in progress, so with testing, iteration and your valued feedback, details are subject to change. Click here to learn more about Legacy of Romulus, our free-to-play expansion for Star Trek Online. Check out highlights from some of your favorite Arc games, including Neverwinter, Star Trek Online and Livelock. 123Peppy offers free Do It Yourself handmade craft projects online with a wide range of quality craft projects, crafting ideas, craft patterns and various seasonal projects, organized by category. Children really love making things on their own and we give you simple, easy to make Crafts Project Ideas that will delight them. Follow the instructions and try it yourself to create an inexpensive popsicle stick blackboard craft.
Here are a step by step instruction and video tutorial for you to learn how to make Woman with Pot.
See the pictured instructions with video tutorial and make a craft of Dinosaur out of color paints and thermocol plates. We show you how to make an interesting football craft out of thermocol plate and acrylic color. Here are a step by step instruction and video tutorial for you to learn how to make My School Bus. It seems that everywhere we look there is something Star Wars related to grab our attention and now there is a make-up collection. In shades that are perfect for the party season, Max Factor are releasing two limited edition Colour Elixir Lipstick shades and a False Lash Effect Mascara at the end of the month.
And the False Lash Effect Mascara, ?10.99, which is always a winner, has a new Star Wars inspired makeover. Apart from being totally desirable stocking fillers, you'll want to buy these for yourself. OIE (Online Image Editor) is a web service that provides Gif Maker to make animated gifs online and you can edit your animations by adding text, border, glitters, stars, resize and much more.

OIE Gif Maker is a simple service where you can create animations by uploading images from web or from your computer. Working with OIE Gif Maker is an easy task where you need to upload images like the above screenshot. Once you have done these adjustments, you can hit the Create Animation button and it will generate your animated gif showing you preview on a pop up window (see the below screenshot). While editing your animation, OIE provides two tabs: Basics and Wizards (like the below screenshot). Add multiple animated gifs to merge them or add multiple images of different formats to create an animated gif. Online Image Editor service is a handy service to quickly create animated gifs and it provides more features than other similar services.
It asks Sony to convert the game to a free-to-play game that is maintained through the sale of virtual goods. Revenue from Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online doubled and its player base increased by 400 percent when the game went free to play in October. Many successful smaller online games — like Maple Story — that have a smaller player base and might not be viable with a subscription model have used the freemium model.
World of Warcraft, currently the top online role-playing game, played a role in reducing the game’s total subscribers. It’s just one example of the ridiculously devoted community the game has constructed during its eight-year run.
Lucasarts thinks that we are a non-perishable commodity that can be shoved into a shipping crate and moved down the road to their next project. I remember once talking to a member of my guild and having him tell me he was logged into Star Wars Galaxies from his base in Iraq. Remember to not share ac- count information as the site you are attempting to reach is not affiliated with Arc Games.
These systems are really going to change the way you play the game, and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you. When you swap to a different ship, it will remember the load-out you left it in, and you can immediately swap to a different saved load-out if you choose. Simply click on any gear slot in your ship’s status screen and you will see a list of all available gear that can go into that slot.
The system will be hitting Tribble soon, so lookout for Feedback threads that will be posted and make sure to try it out for yourself and leave your feedback. Like Star Trek Online on Facebook for more exclusive content and follow us on Twitter – tweet us your questions! All our DIY easy to make crafts, origami art activities in this site requires least amount of time, materials and hardly costs anything to make. Our craft making step by step picture instructions and video tutorials are easy to understand and available on how to make easy paper crafts, patterns, homemade gifts and more new simple learn Crafts Project Ideas. 123Peppy offers a collection of simple and play crafts projects ideas online for kids to make dolls, balls, animals, etc to do it yourself fun crafts to play in home or school.
One more in our series of crafts with thermocol plate and things available around the house.
The Max Factor Star Wars Limited Collection includes two new Colour Elixir Lipstick shades in Berry and Gold and cost ?7.99 each.
It is a very useful service which allows you to create animated gifs as well as edit other images or animations. The petition also asks Sony to consolidate players onto a smaller number of servers and facilitate character transfer to reduce operational costs in order to keep the game running. Revenue for the company’s first experiment in going free-to-play, Dungeons and Dragons Online, jumped by about 500 percent after the shift.

We are not some geeky group of people who simply want to log into a video game and shoot battle droids and fly spaceships with laser guns. I have known a concert violinist, a fireman, a surgeon, a newspaper editor, an EMT, a helicopter pilot, and on and on and on. You simply select the ship you want, your old ship will warp away, and your new ship will warp in.
You just didn’t want to invest the 30 or 40 minutes it can take in setting up your new ship build? The system will even tell you where that gear is located – whether it is in your inventory, your bank, or on another ship.
Also, as mentioned, some of the above features may release shortly after the launch of Season 8.5 on the 30th of this month. You can actually sit on the bridge of your ship in Star Trek Online!It appears Cryptic has decided to add the infamous setting to STO for players to enjoy as a social destination -- a hang out for bridge officers and visiting captains from other vessels. Learn from our step-by-step pictures and video tutorials to make your own crafts in a short matter of time. Unique feature present in this service is that you can merge two or more than two animated gifs. But if you want more enhanced animation, then you can use Image Editor to add more effects to your animated gif. Add multiple photos with different formats or animated gifs using Choose File button or upload photos from web.
Star Wars Galaxies, which once boasted a unique progression system, trading and crafting features, was basically converted to a watered down version of World of Warcraft through a number of updates. And a community is not a commodity, so don’t be surprised when we want nothing to do with the people who are trying to force us to give up our community just so they can make a few extra bucks.
Well, the new Ship Management System can help you there too as we are introducing another new feature we are calling Load-outs.
If you are at a starbase, Quick-Equip will allow you to move gear freely from bank to ship to ship. This is a cute simple origami paper craft suitable for preteens, kindergarten and preschoolers. The Associated Press has reported that the game will feature 20 bridges at launch, giving even the most discerning captains their own pick on bridge design.Regarding the addition of bridges, Craig Zinkievich, the executive producer of Star Trek Online, told the AP, "We didn't want to have interiors at launch. Thus it is a handy service that supports all popular image formats such as: jpeg, gif, bmp, png, jpeg, animated gif.
If you are not at a starbase, Quick-Equip will restrict you to the gear in your inventory and readied small craft, but it will still show you other potential gear you have stored in the bank or on another ship – that gear will just be grayed out. Using this tab, you will be able to add stars, glitters, floaties, overlay image, blinkytag etc. Load-outs can also be set up to remember your Bridge Officers, and soon after the initial implementation of the system is released, load-outs will also remember your Duty Officers and even your Power Tray layout. After uploading photos, you can set the animation speed (see the above screenshot) and transition effect for each image. The Quick-Equip system also works when equipping your Captain and Bridge Officers in their status menus. Once you have applied the effects, then you can save your animation with the help of available button.

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