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Learn how to draw a Birthday cake so you can Make your own Birthday Cards, birthday banners or make your own birthday invitations. In this online drawing, lesson, you will learn how to draw a traditional round birthday cake.
You can use regular copy paper, but if you have card stock or construction paper, that will work great too.
Now that you have established the top of your Birthday cake, extend 3 lines down from the oval to help your place the bottom edge of the cake, The lines should be roughly equal in length. All that's left now is to finish decorating you beautiful birthday cake and outline it in marker or pencil.
This birthday card features the Make a Cake and Itty Bitty Banners stamp sets and Patio Party Designer Paper, all coming in the new catalog.  And I got them all for FREE!  You just can’t beat that! Disclosure of Material Connection: I have an “affiliate link” with a few various supportive companies. To make your own greeting cards is fairly simple; all it takes is some paper, pens and embellishments. Make Your Own Free Printable Cards, Greeting - Invitations is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution. You can imagine it to be white cake, yellow cake or dark chocolate cake because we will only be drawing the outside. If you need to add a lot of candles, you may Want to consider drawing 3D Numbers on top of the cake. To keep the cake looking dimensional make the curves of frosting narrow as you approach the back edges of the cake.

This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Cardstock (or scrapbooking paper as many people refer to it) is readily available at both craft and department stores. Make Your Own Free Printable Cards, Greeting - Invitations is part of the popular collection wallpapers. She uses her creative talents to make personalized stationary and cards for her friends and family.
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. A store-bought greeting card is certainly something special but nothing beats your original artistic masterpiece when it comes to Moms and Dads! Trust me, It may look good enough to eat, but all you'll end up with is a mouth full of paper if you bite into it! If their grandparent has an upcoming birthday, a handmade card will be a nice gift in itself. Cards are also given to those who have lost a family member; these may be a little harder to make due to circumstances but will express volumes.
Here you can find some new design about Make Your Own Free Printable Cards, Greeting - Invitations for your current screen resolution. Plus, if you make your own greeting cards you also may wish to save money by making your own invitations. Items such as scissors, punches, cutters and markers can be reused hundreds, even thousands of times.

You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.
Craft stores will have a bigger selection, but for the purpose of being frugal and saving money, the department store is a better bargain.
The best part is if the cards turn out great, selling handmade cards may earn enough to at least pay for the next pack of paper.
Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. Another place to buy cardstock, stickers, punches and other embellishments would be a dollar store.
Anyone who has any knowledge of crafts (and even those who don’t) know it takes time to make a card. Next holiday or occassion, go for it, and make your loved one a card that can’t be bought at any price, make your own greeting cards. Some very nice wedding invitations have been made using cardstock and ribbon; the only major investment was the time spent.

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