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Henry's birthday present arrived in the mail from Pint Size Productions, and, as promised, I'm here to share my thoughts about it. Montessori educator (via Teach For America and KIPP), traveler, writer, grower, list-maker, dweller in possibility, and mother-in-the-making. Would it be okay if I sold the finished products I made like at a local craft fair or on etsy as long as credit is given to you from where I learned how to make these?
Shara has a background in early childhood, education, freelance, small business ownership and nanny work.
Imagine my joy in seeing this “easy-to-make” book template continuing to be replicated!
I learned this very quickly when went I spent a few hours on a recent Sunday afternoon chatting with local book artist, Judith Jankowski. Serious book makers use sharp tools like paper cutters and awls and don't having any trouble, so it was no surprise that Jankowski got through our meeting without injury. As I was preparing to stitch some colorful paper into a three signature, mini-book I pierced the paper AND my finger. Read more about Jankowski below, check out pictures of her artwork and get the directions for a fun notebook journal embellishment project.
On this milestone, Jankowski treated herself to a day of collage-making and gave herself a chance to let her creative spirit flow.
Her decision to spend the day surrounded by color and paper is what led her to discover her passion for book arts.
The stars aligned for Jankowski when Stamp On It, a craft supply shop specializing in paper and book arts, opened at 2455 29th St. Soon, Jankowski was making books out of fabric and paper and making fantastic use of all the paper scraps she had been collecting for years. Many of Jankowski's books are blank, in hopes the recipients will fill the pages with their own stories, book lists, favorite quotes or poetry. Most of the time, Jankowski has no idea what people do with her books, but she did hear what a neighbor who bought one for his wife did. At age 55, Jankowski is a married mother of two and full-time psychology instructor at Grand Rapids Community College. A perpetual student, Jankowski has studied holistic health and art therapy as well as jewelry making, book making and woodworking.
Jankowski is an avid reader and has kept track of every book she has read for pleasure since 1976.

She averages about two books per month, and the collection of book titles is more than a list to Jankowski.
When it comes to her own journaling, Judy Jankowski likes to write in cheap composition notebooks found at most office supply stores.
Step 1: Cut pieces of aluminum foil tape in a variety of sizes and begin applying them so they overlap and cover the surface of the notebook, creating a patchwork effect. January 10, 2013 by howtonestforless 13 Comments Did you know that my full time “real” job is working as an Art Director and graphic designer? Well today I thought I would show you one of my favorite little tricks with your family photos… make a personal Kids Coloring Book! Pretty cool, right? Just make sure you adjust each photo separately since the darks and lights are different in every photograph. Sorry I don’t know anyone, but you can download GIMP for free that is basically a free version of Photoshop.
I was thinking we would actually plan a story before working on this, but her enthusiasm could not be contained. Julie–When I went to the last homeschooling conference I found a vendor who has SUPER cheap art supplies, including make your own books (all sizes, even board books) and they are DIRT cheap!
I so want to try this, it looks really simple with your clear instructions, but looks so professional!
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It didn't hurt that much, but I could have done without the bloodshed at Jankowski's kitchen table. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I took Jankowski up on her generous offer to lead a free book making workshop for the Grand Rapids Craft Club at 2 p.m. To jazz up the covers, she creates a shiny canvas for doodling out of aluminum foil tape from the hardware store. You also can use metal stamps to spell out words or repeat impressions of a single letter to create a patterned effect. Yep, along with painting, sanding and crafting, I spend most of my days playing around with Photoshop. Some ideas might be photos of your kids on vacation, your pets, your kiddo’s favorite stuffed animals or toys. This will help all your pages be in unison and give you a nice, clean quarter-inch border around each page when you print on letter-sized paper.

Also, if you have a little gray spotting that you’d like to get rid of, just use an eraser to clean it up! I’m writing about these books because I think they are cool and my daughter loved them. The idea of getting these fabrics at IKEA is also a good one; I never thought about buying my fabrics there before but they indeed do have some pretty patterns! Shara is especially interested in social emotional development, literacy, play, nature, fostering community and cultivating creativity. She worked for Godwin Heights Public Schools for about nine years before joining the community college faculty 22 years ago. You also can use this technique to cover day planners, address books or anything else with covers that could use an artistic boost. The day after my daughter received this she was tearing into the box before I was even awake. Congratulations to you and Henry for the journey you have been on - it's been so fun and helpful to follow!
When I taught literacy workshops at a local bookstore, I often used these books with the kids. In addition to writing for her own sites, Shara currently writes for Wikki Stix, Southern Sitters and Nannies, Market Mommy and more. Thankfully, Jankowski was not rattled by this and quickly hooked me up with a band aid and continued to coach me through the completion of the tiniest book I've ever made. We bought a couple different sizes but I’m saving them for when Lukka is a self-directed writer (as opposed to now, just doing dictation). Instead, it's slightly raised and dull.Wow, this gift was the perfect thing to get for Henry. My own children later saw them in our garage and my daughter remembered the books from my workshops (even though she only about two years old at that time – she did recall the books to some degree and knew they had a story-telling purpose). I suspect this one is going to fill up fast, so please respond ASAP for the best chance to attend.

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