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Using your "Merry Christmas" stamp (or some other greeting), stamp and emboss on your white strip of paper. Before you glue this whole piece down to the front of your card, glue it down to white cardstock (or even printer paper). Remember when I was a kid, I like to use alphabet stamping kit to create cards and bookmarks. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books.
Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Whether you hand craft your Christmas cards, digitally render and deliver your Kwanzaa cards, or just print off a family picture as a postcard and slap a stamp on it, we want to hear all about your holiday card creation tips and tricks.
Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to.
Now I don’t have that much time anymore, so I use a digital photo of the family and throw that in PaintShopPro to see if something decent can be made out of it.
PS: for a couple of years, I sent both digital and physical cards so people could get used to receiving the digital versions.
Living in Hawaii when most of my friends and family are in the New England area, I started out finding Hawaii based cards and doctoring them, usually by glueing sand (regular sand from Waikiki Beach or black sand from the Big Island) to the card and send them out. This year’s card was almost 100% computer based using Adobe Illustrator with a landscape fold, 4 panels of a cartoon on the front in black and white and a color drawing on the inside.
Inside each card I write out Christmas and the year and do a personal message to the individual or family. JT sounds a bit like my brother a real saddo who does not give any presents or cards to anyone.
Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe…co$ts a few bucks, but saves me a ton as my wife no longer hangs out at the expen$ive Hallmark Card store.
And hey, be easy on JT, he has the right to his beliefs, I tell everyone have me over for dinner or give me a card, keep your presents …. But in order to contribute meaningfully to the conversation, I’d say that using GIMP is the best way to go. She uses a whole galaxy of techniques and materials, appliques, glitter, stamps, metallic thread and paper, you name it, but not the computer.
I use publisher (saved as a jpg) have a template set up which I use every year, I just update the pic of the kids with Santa, all my family love the photo cards with a magnet on the back so they can put it on there fridge.
DID YOU KNOW?Istanbul is separated by the Bosphorus (or Bosporus) Strait, which also divides the European and Asian continents. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Simply cut a standard 8 A?" X 11" piece of blue card stock in half width-wise and then fold one of the sides in half.

When you are happy with where it's at, glue it down and trim both sides so it is flush with the blue scrapbook paper. Stick a wooden shape directly onto a plain card, or add a loop of string and stick the string to the card so the shape is hanging free.
I almost forgot this is a great way to create a unique Christmas card until I found my stamping kit in my drawer. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). Everybody got a unique card because I allways put something on it that had to do with the person it was addressed to. The back had lyrics to a song with a rubber stamp and hand signature showing the card came from me. I’ve been told that my card is the card they really look forward to receiving and the one they hold onto after the holidays are over. Fold paper in half, glue the cutout centered on the front, and trademark the back (optional; she uses her initials signed a certain way), and you can do this in bulk too and store the cards.
My fav way to make my cards, be it Christmas or any other occasion to commemorate, is to use a Cricut machine. The printed cards, I work in Photoshop, ujsing pictures of our kids in surreal surroudnings (they’ve been swinging from ornaments on the tree, wrapping giant packages, inside stockings, etc. Making a bunch of different cards for the people I care about is loads of fun and a great break from a hectic schedule.
It is very inexpensive and very simple to use and you can use your own photos or use the templates on the program. This part is a little tricky though, because you want to position the stamp in just the right place so that when the strip of "snow" is glued to the bottom of the card, it looks like the reindeer is standing in the snow (and not floating above it or otherwise!). The online application allows you to upload a photo and set it as the background of the card. I have to do that now to let people know that I design and hand make each card putting my effort into it after my origami card people thought I bought them. I shy away from ecards because the perceived value is a lot cheaper and I want to make the effort for the personal hands on touch as this might be the only communication for the year in some cases.
Design a cutout on your computer, hit cut, and the machine will take your paper and cut the exact image you requested. 14th, and I am probably going to do no animated piece… unless I can seriously cut some corners! I send out cards every year depicting a spider and or web on the cover from my own photos with the Christmas Spider Legend inside. Once she decides on what she wants to so she gathers all the material she’ll need and cuts all the stock to size and starts assembly.
She typically shies away from the traditional red and green in fact a couple of years ago she made some that were brown tones.

So just do your best to judge where to stamp the reindeer so it lines up with the snow later.
I usually find this song is playing on almost every street corner a month before Christmas. You can use one or combine any two font types you like to stamp the word “Merry Christmas” on your card.
Wintertime, red sleigh, sleigh with reindeer, sleigh in snow, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and so on. My mood is happy because Christmas is coming but on the other hand I always feel headache when I can’t find a special Christmas card for my family members. There is a preview function at the website where you can view the card before print it out on a plain card using your own printer.
Second, you can use the tool line at the panel to adjust the thickness of each line you draw on the card.
Many years I’ve used the computer to help design the card with the layout and where folds or cuts should be. Anyway, the two galleries she hits up have these magazines from which you can order fine art. If you have a long list, you need to think ahead and order by the box on the net, preferably in the summer.
You can hit the edit button and modify the design as many times as you want if it is unsatisfied. When you calculate the total cost of making the card including my time, they are WAY more expensive than if I had purchased cards.
If you dutifully send cards to ol’ friend Joe but he never reciprocates, cross him off.
Well, we have many more homemade greeting card ideas for the other holidays too, so be sure to check them out. If you have been looking for a way to make your own Christmas cards, these amazing ideas may be useful for you. You can go with other light colors if you prefer, such as yellow, but my mother uses white exclusively. Another thing to keep in mind is that these cards are all thrown out or deleted by new years (even the pretty hand-made ones).
Last but not leasth, put in your own message and then you can print it out with a color printer.

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