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Through the MaKey MaKey, we took everything in sight that conducted electricity and turned it into a keyboard key. Through FLPa€™s Maker Jawn Initiative, Maker Mentors would run workshops in neighborhood libraries on anything from creating a cardboard loom to soldering for total newbies.
Initially it seemed like a crazy idea that was too difficult to be prototyped and implemented. As the project has developed, wea€™ve seen a surge in our Makers taking ownership of their hardware, taking better care of their tools, and even engaging in some deconstructive activities. Ultimately, oneKey is an open source hardware project working within the constraints of on-the-floor programming. Be respectful, and do not attack the author, people mentioned in the article, or other commenters.
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We accept clean XHTML in comments, but don't overdo it and please limit the number of links submitted in your comment. Final testing took place in a meadow, with the cannon inside a metal box mounted on the front of a tractor – just in case.
The East Riding Koi Co have had so many enquiries about the spud gun piping that you can add the whole kit to your cart at once! Most of these creations would leave at the end of each day, but the coveted $50 MaKey MaKey kit would make its way back to the supply closet. The MaKey MaKey was a go-to for young Makers during after-school programs, and, as a result, our little fleet of them took a beating. We needed something inexpensive and fun to make and easily replicated in different workshops.
At FLPa€™s A­Kensington Library branch, countless LEDs were tragically blown out in order to hack an LED to blink on input.

You need a barrel (long and thin)and a combustion chamber (shorter and wider) – PVC pressure pipe is light, strong, and easy to cut and glue. At least, I think it was only a couple of hours; the fumes from the solvent cleaner and glue are very strong, and you can, like, wow, man, find yourself, like, tripping. First firing was with hairspray only: a quick squirt through the threaded cap into the chamber gave a nice whomp when the button was pressed. It’s possible to get rifled PVC pipe, which will work wonders for projectile stability. If you’re a leather-clad biker loon hurtling along the A272 at max volume, keep an eye out for a grey pipe protruding from the hedgerow.
The biker hating freak is probably one of those Tards that drives his oversized monster Dear John penile replacement combined wuffle plough in the middle of the road at mach 3. I’m a biker and countrified, you will often catch me screaming down the country lanes on my Italian 1000cc v twin hyperbike,with my shotgun slung over my shoulder! In the mind of an FLP Maker Mentor, it would never be considered a consumable and would be locked away after programs. The USB ports would be ripped off, connectors would be bent and brokena€”little things that could be fixed by cooling down tempers and heating up a soldering iron. We were already fixing them, creating complex circuits, and tinkering with old broken electronics. Coincidentally, we had purchased a vinyl cutter for designing stickers and had already been using copper tape rolls that worked perfectly with it. The project is quick, easily scalable, and accessible enough for other Maker spaces to implement with a little technical know-how. Young Makers also figured out how to crash a frenemiesa€™ 30-minute computer session with the use of a rewired USB cable.
Actualizing this project as a kit is not yet a priority, so expect to fail, troubleshoot, ask questions, and learn from the experience of creation. For months now, hundreds of leather-clad knights of the road have been mounting their silencer-free steel-and-chrome stallions and setting off at first light into the countryside in search of suitable stretches of Tarmac.

On the side of the road, attached by a long rope to a tall pole, is a road-kill badger – the riper the better.
You need some propellant, something that will ignite easily and provide the explosion within the chamber.
They were also keen to hear whether my project was successful – they want to control the pigeons in the warehouse. When it comes to ruining the rural dream then, farmer boy; its you that rips out hedges, poisons the habitat, drives 40t vehicles on a car licence, and destroys the road surfaces. Once complete, they would program it and in minutes would be using it to play anything from Minecraft to a Scratch creation.
All seemed well, so the spud was rodded down the barrel and the hairspray given just a hint more squirt – but still not much more than a second.
And if I should find myself on the A272 be assured I shall unscrew my very legal silencer and give it full beans. The difference now was that they had fabricated their own tool, had an understanding of how it worked, and had the ability to make changes to it. A way of igniting the propellant is needed – an adapted barbecue lighter is just the thing. This plan has been abandoned, not least because the supply of badgers seems to be diminishing. My latest fantasy weapon is the potato cannon, a tool much discussed by teenage-minded types, but never actually seen in these parts until now.
Thanks to the wonders of the internet, and video-sharing websites in particular, any fool can find instructions on how to build one of these legendary weapons of mash destruction. At least five times I came away empty-handed because a six-metre length would be a bit awkward in a VW Lupo, and I haven’t a clue what aggromulation is.

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